Team America Meets Avatar: Special Guest Appearance By Matt Damon

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Avatar, a film produced by JamesI found the tomb of JesusCameron, is being spoofed by the people over at Big Hollywood with clips from the low-brow film Team America.

(Biretta Tip: Big Hollywood)

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  1. Too Funny. I won’t see the movie and hate movies that put our military in bad light. I mean come one they are going to get this precious cargo for the knd and gental natives. I can see that is how hollywood sees our involvement in Iraq.

  2. Absolutely agree Robert.

    Even Cameron isn’t disguising the fact that this movie is an indictment on our military.

    There is so much hate for our great country, it’s disturbing to see itself manifest in movies now.

    Hopefully it will bomb like every other anti-American film that has been released since 9/11.

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