Planned Parenthood Funds Axed in New Jersey

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Worse Than Murder Inc, aka Planned Parenthood, has a nightmare, and his name is the newly elected Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has taken a second step in his bid to cut state taxpayer funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business. He first proposed a state budget that cuts the funding and now he has eliminated a federal waiver that was used before his election to give it more.

The state has rescinded an application put forth by former Governor Jon Corzine, to apply for a federal waiver to reimburse Planned Parenthood 90% for Medicaid services.

Christie’s decision eliminates $7.4 million in Planned Parenthood funding and has it joining seven others such as Mississippi and South Dakota that have cut off funding to the abortion business even for non-abortion services.

Though the money doesn’t pay for abortions directly, anti-abortion advocates argue that the state budget has essentially allowed Planned Parenthood to be refunded for doing them.

The proposed budget has seen cuts to everything from education to libraries to prisons. Last month, Mr. Christie, the first Republican elected governor of New Jersey in 12 years, unveiled a $29.3 billion budget that relies almost exclusively on spending cuts to reverse the sagging fortunes of a state he sees as battered by the recession and choking on its tax burden.

Elections do make a difference.  Defeated Democrat Governor Jon Corzine was a fervent supporter of Worse Than Murder, Inc.   Remember this the next time someone attempts to tell you that political involvement by the pro-life cause is a waste of time.

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  1. Could it be that he is using fiscal responsibility and smaller government as a pretext for his search and destroy mission of Planned Parenthood?

    I’m having a hard time wiping the smile off my face.

  2. Don,

    “Remember this the next time someone attempts to tell you that political involvement by the pro-life cause is a waste of time.”

    I hope they do. This is better news than TN’s notification law.

  3. If I remember correctly, before the election, some pro-lifers were complaining that Christie wasn’t pro-life enough for their taste… good thing the perfect didn’t become the enemy of the good in that case.

    I sure hope that Bill Brady, GOP candidate for governor of Illinois, is taking notes 🙂

  4. I am betting Elaine that the Democrats in our State lose the Governorship, Obama’s Senate seat and four house seats. Mr. Kirk, the GOP pro-abort nominee for the Senate, will not get my vote, I will abstain in that race, but I think he will win nonetheless against Mr. Banker to the Mob. 🙂

  5. The roll back has started.
    What happens in the US is followed around the world in this arena.
    There is presently a challenge in the NZ courts regarding the application of abortion law in this country.
    Prayers, that the right decisions will be made.

  6. Your bet is on, Don.

    I agree that the Dems will lose the governorship barring some really spectacular screw up on Brady’s part combined with some really heroic action on Quinn’s part. Public Policy Polling yesterday said they show Quinn’s approval rating statewide at 25 percent and disapproval at 53 percent… comparable to Gov. Corzine’s numbers just before he lost to Christie, and approaching Nixon/Blago territory.

    Kirk is now polling ahead of Giannoulias, and although he will probably win I think it will be pretty close up to the end. Some Illinois political junkies with too much time on their hands think Giannoulias will be forced off the ticket and replaced by none other than Rahm Emanuel… but that would probably be an even more disastrous choice for the Dems.

    As for the Congressional seats, I think IL-11 (GOP’s Adam Kinzinger over incumbent Dem Deb Halvorson; this was Jerry Weller’s old seat) and IL-14 (GOP’s Randy Hultgren over incumbent Dem Bill Foster; this was Denny Hastert’s former seat) will go back to the GOP, but I’m not so sure about any others.

  7. Those two seats are in my total Elaine. I also think Phil Hare will lose to Bobby Schilling in 17 and that Joe Walsh will take out Melissa Bean in 8.

  8. If Schilling does take out Hare, it would be a minor miracle given that IL-17 is one of the most ridiculously-gerrymandered-in-favor-of-Democrats districts ever. Squeezing the Quad Cities, Quincy, and Decatur into the same district took some truly amazing sleight of hand on the part of the map drawers.

  9. Proof Elaine that we are both right on Quinn:

    That was a brilliant move on Quinn’s part taking on Paul Simon’s daughter, Sheila, as the nominee for Lieutenant Governor rather than Art Turner the black representative who came in second in the Lieutenant Governor primary. Nothing like taking on a complete political neophyte while angering the most loyal part of the Democrat coalition. Quinn has the political survival instincts of a lemming.

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