Penguins, Butterfly and Open Thread

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We haven’t had an open thread in a while, so go at it.  Be charitable and at least as amusing as the penguins chasing the butterfly.

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  1. I haven’t been following the Republican primary in Arizona closely, but I’m mystified as to McCain’s reelection.

    He disgusts me in his faux anemic conservatism.

    Hayworth isn’t all that, but he certainly has better conservative credentials than McCan’t.

  2. What a penguin would have done if he/she caught the butterfly?

    I think it would have been a snack.

    At least penguins don’t eat their children as do conservatives and republicans.

  3. Since this is an open thread, what do you think of Mozart’s Divertimento K-138?

    Are you able to listen to it and not be lifted up? Such bliss.

    I am so grateful that our eldest daughter reinvigorated my taste for classical music.

  4. Don – Great Idea LOL… But Then again Peter Sanger may be upset with that idea. Speciesism and all that…

    Don Kiwi – Awesome 🙂

  5. “But Then again Peter Sanger may be upset with that idea.”

    I like the idea more and more Robert!

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