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Orwell’s two minute hate from 1984 is brought to film in the above video.  Below is a video montage of tweets calling for the death of Sarah Palin which went out after the Giffords shootings.  (Strong content advisory:  many of the tweets are very vulgar and obscene and all of them are examples of congealed hate.)

This week many Leftists, and members of the mainstream media, disgraced themselves by making a malicious concerted effort to blame Sarah Palin in particular and conservatives in general for the Giffords shootings.  Most sentient individuals now realize that this accusation was baseless and that many of the people making the accusation had to know that it was baseless at the time that they made it.  Sarah Palin, according to reports, has seen a sharp uptick since the Giffords shooting in death threats made against her.  If, God forbid, some loosely wired Leftist down the road decides to take the constant Hate Palin mantra of the hard Left seriously, and launches an assassination attempt against Palin, I think there will be small doubt that quite a few people on the Left  actively fostered an environment in which some deranged person could think that he was performing a public serving in murdering Palin.  What they falsely accused conservatives of, they themselves are setting the stage for.  Time for responsible men and women on the Left, if any there be, to step forward and rid their ranks of the hate merchants who have flourished on their side of the political ledger.

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  1. Gibbon “Decline and Fall . . . “ paraphrased:

    “An educated, well-informed populous, possessed of arms, tenacious of property, and collected into constitutional assemblies form the only balance capable of preserving a free constitution against enterprises of an aspiring prince (despotism).”

    Remember in Nivember.

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