Compare and Contrast: Which Video is Funnier?

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The above video is the Republican parody launch video for the Obama campaign.  Below is the real launch video for the Obama campaign.  Which is funnier?

Well, I give the palm to the real campaign launch video.  Normally when a President is running for re-election he touts his record.  This surreal video consists of Obama true believers who are excited about the 2012 race for no discernible reason other than that they are in love with Obama.  Weak, very weak, and very telling.  Come on Team Obama, when you have a disastrous record, there is always something good to say about any administration!  Here are some suggestions:

1.    President Obama:  He has kept the nation safe from having President Biden.

2.    President Obama:  No ten buck a gallon gasoline on his watch.

3.    President Obama:  The Nobel Committee hasn’t asked for the return of the Peace Prize yet.

4.    President Obama:   He hasn’t gotten us involved in four wars simultaneously yet.

5.    President Obama:  He has kept Americans from being overworked by keeping unemployment high.

6.    President Obama:  The Fed hasn’t had to purchase all of our new debt yet.

7.    President Obama:  He is a strong believer in a robust two party system, which is why his policies have greatly strengthened the GOP.

8.     President Obama:  He has taught Americans to treasure those golden days of yore when annual deficits could be counted in billions.

9.     President Obama:  Finally, a President who appreciates arugula.

10.  President Obama:  There have been worse presidents.  (James Buchanan, we are looking at you!)

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As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. My gold position loves the Won!

    10. Happiest man in America: Jimmeh Carter. He is no longer worst prez in US history.

    11. Coming soon 8.8% unemployment plus 11% inflation. No way, man! We remove food and fuel from the equation; just like we dropped 2,300,000 out of the unemployment equation denominator. Way!!

    Obama-worshipping simpletons . . . A nation of “You want that super-sized” burger flippers, i.e., MA’s in clown suits.

    Since 2008, Jason Matera has termed them Obama-zombies . . .

    Maybe Obama can start that fourth war with Belize. Let’s fight one in the Western Hemisphere (is that one of the 57 states?) for once. Yeah, it’s close to Cozumel for R&R!

  2. 12. President Obama: He’s kept the oceans safe from the dangers of off-shore drilling.

    13. President Obama: Teaching America there’s no problem so great that a beer summit can’t solve.

    14. President Obama: A staunch supporter of freedom, should you happen to live in Libya or Egypt.

    15. President Obama: Singlehandedly saved the teleprompter industry!

  3. Obama: Maybe born again, but the question is where?
    Obama: Dope and mange,
    Obama: The race card is better than the Trump card.
    Obama: He ain’t no peanut farmer.
    Obama: Ready for the Final Four!

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