How Not to Be Accused of Being Islamophobic!

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Right you are Klavan on the Culture!  Principles are all well and good, until upholding them places us in physical danger.  Then the only reasonable reaction is to make endless excuses for those who view murder as a means of debate, and to exercise canine like eagerness to capitulate to their demands.  Comdey Central, which finds much humor in spitting upon Christianity, capitulated quite quickly when the sensibilities of muslims was offended, right after they began receiving death threats from some adherents of the religion of peace.

It might take a while learning how to live comfortably on our knees, but I am sure many members of our culture will prove themselves quite adept at it.

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  1. Quite on target to say the least.
    It should be clear to us by now that the obvious results of capitulation and compromising in the face of a religious culture that willfully uses the sword to protect its philosophy or advance its theology among those within Judeo-Christianity are and will be the same as the going along to get along with progressive liberals by freedom loving conservatives within politics. At some point the insanity and intellectual suicide must stop.

  2. Linked below is Robert Spencer writing about a joint appearance he had with Akbar Ahmed on C-Span in 2006:

    I would highly recommend David that you put David Pryce-Jones The Closed Circle: an Interpretation of the Arabs on your reading list:

    An excellent book for beginners in learning about the modern Arab world is David Lamb’s The Arabs:

  3. What is humorous?

    Does it ease your anxiety to conclude “we had it coming to us” (like Rev. Jones in Detroit yesterday) in Feb 1993 and September 2001?

    We are overdue. Next one: I’m outta here.

  4. Klavan is indeed correct. David W., please stop kidding yourself that the only reason people have a negative opinion of Islam is because they don’t read. On the contrary, some of us read all too well – in the decade since 9/11, I have read about Thai schoolgirls beheaded, many thousands of Christians killed in the Sudan, bombs exploding at Passover seders, Pakistani Catholics murdered while at church, “honor” killings of young women in Canada and England, etc. (I can go on). And ONE religion is at the heart of all that murder and it’s not Catholicism or Buddhism or 7th Day Adventism. Are there good and decent people who are Muslim? Yes, just as there are good and decent individuals who are atheists. However, just as I believe atheism adopted wholesale by humans would be disastrous and would result in a world resembling a charnel house more than a Utopia (and the historical evidence backs up my statement) , I think a world governed by Islam would be almost as cruel, ugly and bloody. Again, history backs me up. There is a reason why democracy and the whole concept of human rights developed in the Christian West and nowhere else, even if the secularists wish to pretend that all was darkness before the Enlightenment.

  5. Donna V., thanks for clarifing our position along with a good dose of history past and present. Here’s my tribute to you and all women who are willing to (as a recent post here suggested) “fight like a girl”.

    In the beginning the superior “deceiver” wanted to unravel paradise but he also wanted to inflict as much damage as possible to God’s plan. His attack was aimed at the very “heart” of mankind, the woman. This is why, as a result, God spoke to him in no uncertain terms of the “woman” who would in time, with the Holy Spirits help, ultimately triumph over him and “crush his head with her heel”. Having heard this, instead of centuries of finger pointing submission, I think “the man” huddled back there in the corner of the garden, should have been cheering his head off for the “woman” God made perfectly for him. I suppose his ability to envision the promised confrontation and the role planned for her, was a stretch for him. It would be a while before he and the world would come to see and understand the foretold “triumphant” woman’s true capabilities.

  6. Apropos to Bill, Sr., above.

    Today, is May 1. Here May is a lovely month dedicated to our lovely Blessed Mother.

    On this bright morning, I remember another bright May morning in 1957, as a first grader in procession in the courtyard of St. Eugene’s Chapel, Sacred Heart Parish the Bronx singing,

    “O Mary we crown thee with flowers today!
    Queen of the Angels! Queen of the May!”

    I desire greater love for the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  7. Of course, I suppose it is easier to blame “teh liberalz” for whatever you view as capitulation.

    Why not view Mr. Klavan’s video for some rough insights into why people might be inclined to blame “teh liberalz”? I will give you some hints:

    1. Reflexive denial of personal responsibility (in this case of Afghan tribesman);

    2. Reflexive assignment of culpability to those more proximate (in this case Terry Jones);

    3. Self-aggrandizement in the form of odd and perverse judgments (as explained by Fr. Neuhaus, “what is the point of intellectuals, but to tell us that things are not as ordinary people perceive them”).

    4. Self-aggrandizement in the implicit comparison of one’s enlightened self with the sort of rubes who are partisans of their own culture and who are such simpletons as to think that violent people are actually responsible for their violent acts.

    You people have been producing this sort of cultural white noise since around about 1962. It has gotten to be an utter bore. (And, yes, superciliously admonishing Bill Sr. to ‘read a book’ is part of the act.)

  8. Thanks to T. Shaw, yes this is OUR mothers month let us in honor add..
    OUR Mother Mary…….yes, that Mary….
    ….who was Immaculately Conceived and living a simple life dedicated to serving the God of Israel from her very early childhood.
    …who was full of grace and said “yes” to the angel’s salutation to share a child with the Holy Spirit and carry our Lord in her womb for nine months that He might carry the Cross of Salvation for all of us.
    …who, in union with God’s plan, willfully in true charity and sacrifice accepted the prophecy, announced on her son’s first visit to the temple by Simeon, because of this child that her heart would be pierced like non before her.
    …who cared for and nourished that child sharing house, home, and daily family and personal exchanges of love and devotion with Him for thirty years as He grew to manhood.
    …whose mutual love had so entwined its trust in her young son that it would allow Him leave of her for nearly two days journey in their humble land (a preview of his passion and burial) until she would become aware of His absence from friends and her own loving care.
    …who, as His closest companion and confidant over many years, knew exactly where to look for Him upon her return to Jerusalem.
    …who would accept His decision to “be about His Fathers work” but with a mothers love guided His youthful ambitions to a more proper time and place for fulfillment where at her wish and petition He initiated His ministry with the miracle at the wedding feast of Cana.
    ,,,who faithful to words of God to Simeon had to watch with a bleeding heart the horrid brutality thrust upon her child during His powerful passion.
    …and finally that Mary, who though weeping in sorrow would be so willing to lovingly listened to and carry out her son’s dying request along side the disciple whom He loved well that she now take John under her wing in place of Him and that John in turn protect and defend her among men until she rejoined her son the Prince of Peace in heaven.
    This Mary, the world’s very first “Christian”, is my mother and should be recognized in faith as truly the mother of all Christians.

  9. It has gotten to be an utter bore. (And, yes, superciliously admonishing Bill Sr. to ‘read a book’ is part of the act.)

    Well said. The assumed air of intellectual and moral superiority is telling. Mr. W, when you stop presuming those with different views will practice your form of goodthink once they grow up, you’ll be worth listening to. Until that happens, you’ll simply be a source of mild amusement.

  10. Mr. Price et al. More of the usual from the conservative crowd.

    From taxes being seen as some sort of forcible taking to a rejection of CST to ignorance over the Church’s teachings on the common good to attempting to argue that “union” as historically supported by the Church are not our modern unions to Obama is “not an American” to lumping all Muslims together as “the other”, it’s quite clear that this website is not devoted to American Catholicism, but an American Conservative Catholicism steeped in ignorance both of the world but also of the Church’s teachings.

    On the Islam issue, I note that there is not one reference in the above or comments to what the Church said in Vatican II (Nostra aetate) or what the now blessed John Paul II said in a number of places.

    Upon further review, I don’t have the time to refute the tremendous ignorance and close-mindedness exhibited here. Therefore, goodbye.

    Again, I would urge you all to read more from authors who do not agree with you and be more open minded in your dealing with those who think differently from you. I’m guilty of this myself, but at the very least, I am aware of my fault and try to correct it.

    To the editors of this “publication”, I would suggest recruiting a greater of diversity of viewpoints if you really wish this to be for the “American Catholic”.

  11. “Upon further review, I don’t have the time to refute the tremendous ignorance and close-mindedness exhibited here. Therefore, goodbye.”

    Life in an ideological echo chamber is a waste of time David. Judging from your abrupt retreat when your views are challenged, I suggest you could benefit from listening to conservative views and seeking to understand them rather than rejecting them out of hand. Whenever you wish to engage in real intellectual give and take, The American Catholic will be here.

  12. Well, David W., since you did not refute even one point that I and other posters have made and your only purpose in visiting this site appears to be to insult others and behave like the santimonious Pharisee praying in the temple (“Thank you, Lord, that I am not like these others!”) rather than to debate in good faith, yes, I agree – you’re wasting your time here.

  13. Art, et al above make (what we NRA Life Members/target shooters) call 10-X scores (dead center, pinwheel) on target.

    DavidW like all liberals, and 99% of the lying, liberal-demo-journalist complex/media, has no use for facts or truth that do not support the agenda, opinions, specuations or nightmares of how they wisht reality would be.

    And, books they suggest others read (whom the “write off” as ignorant b/c they won’t read) are replete with lies, unsupported opinions, utter revisionisms, and wild-eyed speculations.

    The motives for the lies are pure. The results are comprehensive ignorance and intellectual incompetence.

  14. PS: Note from Ben Franklin for Obama-worshipping intellectuals: “Admiration is the daughter of ignorance.”

  15. Again, I would urge you all to read more from authors who do not agree with you and be more open minded in your dealing with those who think differently from you. I’m guilty of this myself, but at the very least, I am aware of my fault and try to correct it.

    And you know I don’t do this because…what, I comment here? You have no idea what I read, yet you assume I need to read more. Stop digging–your hole is about to collapse. Given that I said nothing that could be construed to be “more of the usual of the conservative crowd,” I’m left with little but to regard your comments as an unusually difficult case of projection.

    Lord, that you would have at least a hint of insight into your worst fault….

    P.S.–it’s pride.

  16. I don’t have the time to refute the tremendous ignorance and close-mindedness exhibited here.

    Translation: I live in an ideological bubble and am not used to having my views challenged. Having to defend my positions with logical arguments and persuasion is hard, therefore I am going to go away in a huff – but not before insulting everyone else here as my moral and intellectual inferior.

    Yeah, a real model of Christ you are.

  17. “Upon further review, I don’t have the time to refute the tremendous ignorance and close-mindedness exhibited here. Therefore, goodbye.”

    Somehow I missed that in the fellow’s litany of self-regard. Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

    Donna–nice try, but his pride is impervious to the Pharisee analogy. No doubt he thinks in terms of Jesus not working miracles in Nazareth. The prophet without honor, etc.

  18. Hey–greatness like DavidW’s should be honored in some way.

    How about you have a “DavidW Award” here at the blog? Issued periodically to a commenter whose top-flight arrogance suggests he has a history of shoulder dislocations from patting himself on the back?

  19. Perhaps Dale, although there might be other commenters who might have a claim to have the award named after them. I will put it to our readers. Do any other commenters come to mind?

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