Mel Gibson and Beaver Bomb

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Mel Gibson’s latest flick, The Beaver, opened to dismal ratings.  Go here to read the details.  The movie stars Mel Gibson and a beaver hand puppet (no joke, although it should be).  Jodie Foster is also around for the downhill ride and she directed the picture.  Maybe Mel should have had the Beaver direct it.

Son of a gun I guess it is possible to overestimate the ability of the American public to pay to see anything, no matter how wretched, if it is packaged as entertainment and has a few stars in it.  Mel, next time you want to star in a film that is a thinly veiled commentary on how you took an axe to your own life, please don’t.

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  1. Don,
    First, Kyle Killen wrote the script, not Gibson. Second, at least two other big name stars were originally set to take the starring role. I know of know evidence at all that the film is a commentary on Gibson’s own experiences.
    And to be honest, I’m surprised you would view box office success to be a proxy for anything. I fully expect “There Be Dragons” to bomb, but it is a fine film. Same for “Jane Eyre.”
    Gibson did indeed take a axe to his life, and it is true that “The Beaver” is bombing at the box office; neither of these facts sheds any light on the merit of the film in my opinion.

  2. This is a rare occasion when we will have to agree to disagree Mike. I defy anyone to see this piece of tripe and not think that it is a bizarre look at Mel Gibson’s own estrangement from his family, and I rejoice in the failure of this film since the entire concept is monumentally stupid, except as the blackest of black comedies. In this case box office failure is a sign of the film going audience rejecting true rubbish.

  3. It got mediocre ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Not great but not terrible. Surprisingly, the reviews universally praise Gibson’s performance and unsurprisingly mock the premise.

  4. I’ve read a number of reviews; all agree Gibson’s performance is brilliant…given the premise, I find it hard to believe the guy with the hand puppet coudl be brilliant. And given Gibson’s relationship with critics post-Passion, I find it even harder to believe that critics were going easy on him. There must be something there.

  5. From Peter Rainer’s review in the Christian Science Monitor:

    “Foster seems blinkered and tone-deaf to what’s actually appearing onscreen. When, for example, Walter is reunited with his family – which includes his unconditionally adoring young son Henry (Riley Thomas Stewart) and the unforgiving 17-year-old Porter (the adept Anton Yelchin) – there’s a quick sex scene where we see Walter, Meredith, and, yes, the beaver, frolicking together in bed. He addresses his toy-store workers, as he does everybody else, almost entirely through the hand puppet, and there are precious few reaction shots of them looking anything more than agreeably amused.

    When Walter turns the company around and ends up on the cover of national magazines, and, puppet in hand, appears on “The Today Show,” Foster’s fable enters the realm of blithering unbelievability.

    “The Beaver” never even makes it clear if Walter knows his puppet is just a puppet. He passes out cards to people explaining that he is utilizing a “prescription puppet,” but that could just be the beaver talking. When the puppet becomes increasingly uppity and malevolent, I guess we’re supposed to think that Walter is healing himself by separating himself from his alter ego and becoming whole again. But we never get a sense of what Walter was like before his personality fractured, so his impending wholeness doesn’t have much heft.

    The story line involving Porter is comparatively conventional, which, under the circumstances, is something of a relief. Even before the beaver shows up, Porter already hates his father so much that he papers his room with Post-its notating all of Walter’s many traits he wants expunged from himself. He’s the sole person who barks at Walter about how crazy he seems. Only when Porter becomes involved with a brainy cheerleader (a fine Jennifer Lawrence) with her own pack of troubles does he begin to register the compassion necessary to reunite with his father.

    Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. I’ve rarely seen a movie about severe malcontents that ended on such a note of unearned uplift. Who knows? Maybe it would have all turned out better if the beaver had been a bunny rabbit. Grade: C-”

    The only thing brilliant about this film is if the lights are turned up at the end for the audience to flee for the exits.

  6. Strange – very strange; but that’s the way Mel has gone recently, and a departure form his previously relatively sane life is now manifesting itself.

  7. Hmmm…. clearly you did not see the movie yourself and are using others’ articles to try to form your own. That leaves me doubting anything else you write. I did see the movie, liked it, and would recommend it to anyone.

  8. “That leaves me doubting anything else you write.”

    One does not have to eat garbage Jennifer to recognize it as such. There is enough floating around on the internet about this cinematic trainwreck that I do not have to cast my money down this particular rathole in order to condemn it and the beaver it slouched in on.

  9. you admit you haven’t seen this! I’ve wasted 5 minutes of my life on your blother…see ya!

  10. What part of the concepts of bomb and garbage are difficult for you to comprehend Jennifer? Let’s see if I can sum up the film for you: Gibson is a deeply depressed man who has alienated his family (a classic case of bad art imitating bad life); he uses a beaver hand puppet to speak for him in a bizarre attempt to mend his broken life; instead of Gibson’s character being committed to a loonie bin, the hand puppet becomes a mechanism to get back together with his family, and inspires a hit new toy for his toy company that the puppet beaver now runs; when he and his wife have a tender moment in bed the puppet is present. Gibson ultimately breaks free of the need to use the puppet. Have I missed anything salient from this beaver’s breakfast of an insult to the movie going world?

  11. Makes me think of “Larz and the Real Girl” which had a similar premise and was actually very good. So I’m withholding judgment on this one.

  12. I would note in case any of Mel Gibson’s fans think that I am carrying on a vendetta against Gibson, that I have liked many of his films, including the Mad Max trilogy, Gallipoli, Braveheart and The Patriot. His The Passion of The Christ moved me more deeply than any film I have ever seen. Gibson has talent as an actor and a director. However, his career is also littered with films that have proven to be both artistic and money making bombs. In the case of The Beaver he has made the blockbuster of all such bombs.

  13. I’m curious to see it, myself. But given how little free time away from our squad my Much Better Half and I get, I’ll probably wait until this is available “On Demand.”

    I think it’s safe to say that one’s position on Mel Gibson films/performances are de gustibus, which makes Mr. Bob’s reaction a puzzler. This is much different from the effect of one’s position on whether or not it is safe to root for the New York Yankees. Which, according to the 23rd session of the Council of Trent, it is *not*–anathema sit.

  14. Donald you are most certainly an ignorant and an arrogant hypocrite, as it is to be expected, and a liar!
    One do not make a review of a movie one has not seen, and in worse without even mentioning that “detail” in its review!
    thats both couardise and hypocrisy of the highest degree!
    You do not dare to watch the movie becausie oyu know it is good nad your hatress of mel Gibson stop oyu form doing that.

    Name one single movie that was a artistic deisaster or a finacial disaster n mels career???
    All Mel Gibsons movie are fantastic even the most dubious script and even as secodn role or thrisd like in umer city or Gallipoli, Mle Gibson simlly master it and elevate it to a higher degre and he do the same wiht his co actors and actresses, so to make them do a better performance even they are mediocre ot begin wiht, than they will ahve been if it iddnt hd been him in the leading role.
    Youa re an idiot.
    Hamlet with Mle gibson n it is the alone one used in english class and universty when teachign about Shakespear and this alone says it al
    together with the fact that Mle Gibosn made 4 movies, all blockbusters, bakc to back that same year!!
    you are jsut deeply jealus.
    That movie was made in august to novemebr 2009 and can hardly reflect mel Gibson life.
    and as real painfull and embarrassing part of your gratuitiuous criticism, coems the fact tha tthe ovie is ABOUT DEPREESSION AND MENTAL DESEASE which oyu completely forgot, or shall i said totaly ignored as oyu never saw that movie!
    People sufferign form depression are often shun fom society cause its a difficultdesease ot cope wiht, explain an dhsow and the family having to live wiht it, either they are parents of a child suferign form this condition or husbands and kids, arre also ignroed,
    Cancer or a broken leg or other vidible desease are more easily accepted as wella s not sovisible ones like diabets 1, but the tem of depression and how it occur and affect peoples life is seldomly debated.
    this movie shed light into it and has the adavantage to dont falliot the trap to mkae it into an entertianment movie wiht a pupet..
    Your sarcastic review is laughable and scandalous at the same time
    you dont have sen it but oyu surely want ot influence everybody else on not going to se it.
    You are certianly not a christina but a pantomime of it.
    This movie is fantastic and its sale also show it.
    It was show in 21 theaters and made as much as Thor, a bokcbuster, taken inot acount that THor was shwon in all theaters alos aborad and since april, and whos entrance price is much higher oftne the dobble, because it is shown in 3D, and people wihsing to see it in 2 D had huge porblem ot fod a theater that show it that way.
    take a calculator and see for yourself.
    The beaver made 1659 dollars per theater per day, meanig it will ahve made 28 million dolars nation wide ahd it been pned like thor was, and adding the extra by 3D ticket, thats 50 Million dolars!! agaisnt 66 Millon dolars ofr THor who is a blockbuster and not a artistic mvie as the ebaver is.
    peoplebring their gf to weathc thor but not to go watgch a mvie about depression.. specialy on mother day..
    Add to it that Thor was show form thursday while the beaver only form friday and only in 21 theaters, while Thor was hwoed nationwide and in eurpe where its premiere started in April.
    So after runing for 3 weeks, Thor made 66 millions dolars, with overpriced 3D tickets, and on Mother days weekend.
    after running for 3 days in limted theaters, and only in USA, The Beaver made over 50% comparativly, to Thor.
    It means that when the Beaver will open nationwide on May 20, and then internationaly from june 1st, it will gross 200 to 300 milion dollars, whihc is what spiderman, a huge marvel blockbuster, grossed in 2002.

    Eat that and eat yoru hat, pal!
    btw thor grossd a lot of money, but people who saw it idnt like it. i saw critics form the people in europe and they said the movie die 20 minutes after it started. very impressive for 20 minutes and then it dies. like the movie was over and turn into a regu’lar rose water romantic flick.

    On “the other hand”, maybe you actualy suffer form depression and need to get yoruslef a beaver!!
    could be why oyu feel so challenged to go see it! it wil confront your inner deamons.

    The movie is planed to be shwo in Cannes festival ad was put out of competittn as a sure winner.. so ot let a chance to the french movies..
    its a fact.
    read what the director of Cannes Festival hjas ot say about that movie.
    its revoew for th american SW festival were fantastic!
    The reception of the movie is overwhelming.
    They all hope to can see Mel Gibsn in Cannes,a nd i9f it was in the competition it wil win the Palmes d’Or!
    All movie reviews with enough seriousneess to actialy see the mpoive befroe taling about it, have aclaimed it and declared it was in for 2 oscras, one for directign and one for best acting for Mel Gibson!
    Your posts are baised and your article is cynical and hatefull, and has nothing to do wiht reality.
    It simpy reflect oyur dark imaginary, and yoru inner fears.
    You do worse than judging a book by its cover, you lie about its contain.
    Do you do the same about the Bible?
    Did oyu read the New testament before judging it negativly?
    Are you sure?

    i said it earlier, and i say it again: SHAME ON YOU!

  15. I like Sound of Music.

    I don’t expect to make it to Mel “What are you looking at, Suger T**” Gibson’s latest.

  16. Oh, I let that one go through Paul. Sophie had obviously expended a lot of energy, not to mention spittle, in the preparation of it, and it seemed to be less than generous not to share it with the world! 🙂

  17. Her oeuvre is almost poetic, really. The ambiguity ensures that you could mine it for hours and come up with different possible meanings each time.

    In the meantime, I’ll be defining spam to myself.

  18. Actually, RR, I kind of liked Signs. Considering how awful every subsequent M Night movie has been, it almost qualifies as a masterpiece in comparison.

  19. Don – I get it. But I am still hopful that Mel with see his name is written on the back of his belt – someday. (Old Military folks will get that). I will not see this movie and the reason is two old – not interested and I want to see some kind of change in Mr. Gibson before I support one his movies again. As far as his work – i have always been a fan. We were soldiers was a great film IMHO. But I will pray for mel – again tonight. I love this website and the comments from everyone. God Bless.

  20. Thank you Robert. I enjoyed We Were Soldiers Once, a gripping retelling of the battle of the Ia Drang in the Vietnam War.

    In regard to Signs, I have to confess to enjoying it, but only as a comedy. The scene where Gibson comes home and sees that his kids and his brother have donned tin foil hats has to be one of the most screamingly funny bits in an American film in many a year.

  21. Oh, and I liked “Signs,” too. A reasonably effective spiritual thriller, almost (but not quite) derailed by the achilles heel of the bad guys. Still, that was the warning sign of much worse to come from MNS.

  22. Roger Ebert couldn’t quite get his thumbs up on Beaver, gave it 2 1/2 stars, said he was constantly reminded of Señor Wences.

  23. I think that Mel Gibson is a fine actor and director. His skills in this area have historically been very underestimated. He also, unfortunately, clearly has mental health and substance abuse issues that have not been properly addressed. Both of these illnesses are progressive in nature and without intervention, his mental state and health will both deteriorate. We need to pray for this man.

    Aside from the above, I believe that a movie can be successfull with a good premise. People want to go to the movies to escape reality and to be brought into lives that are not theirs for a couple of hours. That being said, I doubt that this movie, even with a less notorious lead actor, would probably make more box office receipts than most other “indie” moves – not much. The topic does not appeal to most people, such as the premise of the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”, which although good, never made much money at the theaters.

    Couple this unpopular topic with an (albeit fine) actor who obviously has severe mental health issues, and you have a stinker. Most people do not want to pay 10+ dollars to see a mentally ill man play another mentally ill man who indulges his mental illness through a dissasosiative proxy (hand puppet).

  24. NOPE i didnt prepared a i wrote as i thought directly with no correction, ad very fast too.
    I am not lke oyu, I can think on my own.
    I am glad ot see i shut oyu up.
    No contra argumentation coming form your side, only personal atakcs, whihc is the prove that i won the argumentation.
    When the oposit part cant argue agaisnt oyu, they ressort to personal attacks.

    I didn tused much energy nor preparation at all. iot took me the time to type it, and i type very fast.

    Joe Green, its clal Spell checker and not spelchecker..
    and i have never used one in my life.
    But we all can se that yours is not working or that you are the one in need to work on yours..
    dont thorw stones when oyu live in a glass house..

    Kurt. mel Gibson NEVER said “sugar tits” to any woman in his life.
    As Mle Gibson stgated in ferbuary 2009, at the kjjimmy kimiel show, (on youtube) he never said it it was attributed ot him buit was a lie, and as can be verificated in the internal affair police report on the police station, publicly published in february 2009, and mentioend in 2 newspapers, Mel Gibson never called any female officer for “sugar tits”, it was the arresting officer James Mee, who used ot clal ALL female officers at the station for “sugar tits” and on a daily basis whihc got him lot of comlian for sexual harrassemnt since a very long time and severla warnings by his superior, about bereaking other police rules too, and made him in seriosu conflict wiht his boss. he wasnt promoted for 15 eyars and had been fried form 2 police stgations prior ot coming ot LA..
    It was most obviously as a revenge to hsi superior, that he knew were in good terms wiht Mel gibson, who genrously contributed finacialy to the staton to, that he arested, in solo, agaistn police procedure, and did a car chasse, when he was officialy ouit of duty that night, just to can arest Mle gibson that he was taging for his stunt since a while, and then was ocntactged by harvey levi, by phone, privatly and at the station, on his celphone and at his phone at home, as the police koreport show, to make up a DUI report with stuff about Mel gibsn that harvey levi form tmz could use to make a scoop.
    The entire stuff was a fake, it doesnt mention the name of mel gibsonanywhrre as oyu can still see it at TMNZ, as it wil have represented a legal danger to TMZ if it had been foudn out that it was a fake, and ahervey as a lawyer knew so.
    that report cointain stuff that this polcie officer often say himself but that he put in the moughth of mle gibson. beside the fact of coure, that nobody in police history, ever wrote down what a guy arested for DUI ever said durign his arrest..
    the fake report also mention a temtative to escape, form Mel Gibson which is fauklse and nevr occured. mel Gibson was never charged for it whihc he wil have been oif htis had take palce as its a felony.
    the report alos state that mel gibson was angry, and shouting alos when he came ot the station and while being interfogated.
    well an officer filemd mel gibosn arrival at the station and shwo him very quiet, low profile, and saying helo to a police officer and oyu can hear that he was very polite and never said sugartits whihc was alos confirmed by both feale police officer at the station and make who often heard jamees mee call the women for sugar tits there, and had went into fight with soem of his collegues because of that.
    A secodn police officer took a video of Mle Gibson when he made his declaration and here oto mel gibson was very quiet and politge.
    TYhere was a third video, in the cell, as there is cams in al celss, but that is no longer avialable as it is regulary deleeted unless they need to for something specific, and thats of course that one that james mee aledged prove tha tmel gibson was mad and angry and so on, and aledged in his new lawsuite agianst the state of california ofr antisemitism (against CA!! LOL) contained proves tha tMle Gibson behaved as he did. Og course he waited 4 years to claim that video.. knowing it was gone since a long time.

    Harvey Levi also stated in an interview in Novemwebr 2009, that the whole story was a hoax, and that he was about to close TMZ and needed a scoop fast, so he contacted james mee to get one..
    So that hoax of pseudo antisemitc sentence saved harvety levi and TMZ form bankruptcy.
    In the immediate months after it, in 2006, TMZ was bought by Warner Bros and harvey levi confessed in that interview in november 2009, that he was stil living in the aftermath of it and enjoying the gush of visits that story gave him, but that he will not redo that kind of things as he wanted to make a more serious tabloid website.
    Ironicaly that interview didnt recieved much echo in the other media and one can only ask why..
    The same goes for the internal affair report that Mel Gibson never said sugar tits but that it was a typical expression of the arresting officer james Mee, whihc pretty much sign his report to TMZ as well as prove that he was the source.
    Same goes with the source to the recordings endingin radar online we all know its that russian grifter but none theless its left unpunished, In both case a felony.
    and in both case a tampered criminal evidence.
    Mel Gibson had already been stmapled as antisemite since he made the passion of the Christ, so it was easy fro a tablod ot have that story pass for a real story. Alan Nierob recommanded ot Mle Gibson ot apologise publicly about it and ot dont mention that he never said it as it wil only make matter worse.
    It didnt helped much since 95% of the psots about it on the internet as wella s articles form journalists mention it without refereing to his excuses even mentioneing that he never apologize and that if he had done so it wil be much better…
    Ignorance prevailed.
    Mel Gibson stated in an interview with REubin in ferbuary 2010, together with Winston, while promoting Edge of Darkness, that he never refered to jewws while he was arrested, and added “those rants who were attrributed ot me but that i never made”. hallas, instead to be quoted on this, and for that journalist instead to try to depen the interview on what Mle gibso jsut stated and who was a scoop as the very first time that Mel Gibson publicly declared that he had never made any antisemitic comets when he was arrested, that journalist and all the othe rmedia after hm, chsoe to make an extravagant scoop of that interview titled “do oyu have a dog in this fight?” and that all wil remember for that and not for the korte important stuff that transpired and were nveiled in that interview.
    and this thus the fact that the entire segemnt of that interview was largely publicised n al tv network and on youtube.
    Talking of blindness and refusing to see whats in front of them!

    So the sugar tits story as wel as the pseudo rant about jews were both made up and a lie, an hoax that profited their maker, the officer who got his revenge on his superiors, and ahrvey levi who saved his business, received national recognition, and got a very lucrative deal with warner bros as wel a a TV chanel (!!!) and the applause of the jewish comunity as wella s any detracotr of Mel Gibson and still does.
    At the exception perhaps of the owner of radar online who also field for bankrupcy last year, witht he consequneces we know on Mle Gibsons personal life.. becomig very public with edited and tampered fake digital recordings, of which nobody, not even oksanas lawyers, ahve seen the roiginal off.. but we can assure wiht confidence that boith her and her lover jimmy hoyson, audio engeneer, with her on the 18, 19 and 20 of february when those recofdings took place, heard the originals before they transforimed them.
    Jimmy Hoyson told in his declaration to the police in spetemebr 2010, that he was wiht oksan in february 19 and 20 2010.. which the date of the recording on oksanas computer, available on TMZ, show that they were made on those dates..
    whic alos imply that she couldnt be in fear ofr her life since she wasnt alone when she made them, and that she therefor had no legal rigths to recortd those phone convrsation, but she wasnt arrested nor charged for felony.

    Donald, its not called “expended” but “spend”.
    To expend is something else, like the expension of the universe.

    To dont let oyu feel like marthyrs being preached agaisn toyur will, i wil add that Mle Gibson is not the father of Lucia, the child that was attributed ot him,and thsat Oksana is ntits mother either, but that the child was bought in ukriane and imported to california in best human traficking manner, and that urkiane is known by all speical agencyies in the world working agaisnt human trafiking, like the federal bureau of invesitgation, and its plice dptmt in the Major Crime Bureau (MCB) who also invesitgsate Mel Gibson’s case form july to december 2010, as being the country who export the most babies towards western contries, and the most specialiosed in it.
    We wil alos notice that oksanas sudden interest in thcernobyls orphanges ocured right after the aledged birth of lucia by her and that the childs was alegedly born 1½ month to ealry, yet looked like a normal 1 monht child when it was 4 days old..
    and that oksana ttraveled solo to london on novmwbr 5 2009, less than 5 days after having alegedly given birth, to give an interview ot an unknown russian tv chanel.
    At that time she had no nany and at that time her mother ahd not yety landed in CA but was stillin russia
    yet, in a phone interview oksana gave to the pravda in decemebr 2009, she hapend to confess that her moter was at ehr place since ocotber 15, 2009, 2 weeks before the aledged birth who formher wn word occured unexpectedly and suddendly and wasnt expected before mid ot end of decemebr.
    her due dates alos changed a lot during al her fake pregnacy, as wel as after her staged birth.
    Which is more peculiar.

    You can expect a decalraton from Mel Gibson very soon on that matter.
    He already told in his first interview since this case started, given to Deadline, that he had many legal matters still pending, and that it will all come clear to all very soon what really happened.

    RR. Sign was a very good movie and we can only blame nick shamalan for being such a screwed up director with a chldhod childish dream that he wished to make real in a perfect danish instructor’s style of DOGMA film. Tho less succesfully than Thomas Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier

    Sign was a major economical succes world wide, and a newbie in his genre of makng a sci fi wihtout special effects. More realistic and closer to home.
    I will say he used more of the Hitchcok way to create tension and fear by using the audience own imagination and showing vdery little of the creatures.
    Oh and witha antihero as leaidng role who do not save Earth at all, but his soul and his fanily.
    An Ante-Matrix.

  25. christine, who told oyu that Mel Gibsons alcohl abuse and mental health have not been properly adressed nro treated??
    your little finger maybe??

    Mle Gibson dont have drink since 2006, and undergo AA meetings and checks ofr 3 years after his arest. As for mentla issues, he sees sepcialists since his 30’es.. so oy know.
    is under treatmenet since 2009 and see a shrinks too since 209, which proves that he was better off untreated!!
    or that he do not have anything worng and oyu know the sayiong, dont try to fic what aint broken!
    his helath certianly deteriotrated and so wil yours if you were under cosntant stress and heavy one, ofr years and had alos ot dela wiht hwavy critixcism and beign ot fel paranod while the critcism often unjustified increase..
    same oges ofr public internviews serioes, rigth as he was being blakcmaild and extorted by that russian grifter.. ba timing or mayeb done in purpose
    ade him look washed out and dead stressed in al interviews, fearign the next quesiton, asif they were goig ot ask him about the tpaes any time or like oksa was goig to release it next day…
    i speka of winter and spring 2010..
    he was living wiht a gun on his head hold by that woman.
    and 2009 wasnt beter either in that regard.

    I disagree about what oyu think what poeple want to se.
    or not
    the life sotry of Stephen Hawkin was alos about a disabled man it was a success.
    de niro alos played a mentaly diabld man sufferign form a selfdom disease whose cure was yet to be found.. it was a succes.

    i certainly donot appreciate that oy refer t Mister Mel Gibos as a mentaly ill man!!
    who are you? his doc??
    Nor the tune oyu emply an dconvey when refering to mental disease.. I supose that using the word retard is not out of oyur vocabulary?

    Scuse me but that kind of statement chock me and offend me.
    Maybe you should go see “Mifunes last song”.
    Mel Gibson is fine, and if you eman he is mentaly ill, then better be as him, than thining as you do, and as so many poeple think, and who seems to becoem the normality in society thus its totaly sick!
    When to behave crazy has becoe the normality you know what that mean? that normal people are stampled as sick.

    So i hope that I am as mentaly ill, and retard, and crazy as Mel Gibson.
    This way only I am Blessed!

  26. Joe Green, who said i was priceless?
    Dont take yoru understanding so cheap.
    I dont warranty i can cure you, I say i have already done it.

  27. “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    –George Bernard Shaw.

    A man yelled frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!”

    “Is this her first child?” the doctor asked.

    “No!” the man shouted, “This is her husband!”

  28. Mat Mle will have ot work on his little Weapon to can make a new Lethal one..
    the rigths of the franchise are i the hands of Warenr Bros, who id darn after Mle Gibsons butt since he cut the ombilical rope wiht them an dmade TPOC solo.. they never came ofver it. went banan whne he bought icon distribution in august 2008, tha threy had their friend lev, russian bilionaire, to buy him bakc in novemebr 07, 2009, 7 days after the fake baby birth, and 2 days after oksanas solo trip wihtout premature-baby-with-her, to London for unknown reasons.. mayeb to pay soem mroe to the guts who came wiht that baby..

    making a new one means little money to him comapre ot how much warner will be able to harvest form it alone
    and since they love tmz and eonline tha thtey own to, and hwo have been bashig mel gibson and broight in apiedestal oksana, since 20o9, he isnt going to bend over.
    thats the alone reason why thee is no lethla weapon 5.
    Mle would like , Richard Donner beg on his knees to get it every 5 ot 6 months, but WB want its cake and eat it.
    Give it a few and it will come.
    made by Icon 😀

  29. Dale, stick to spam! BAHAHAH!!

    shawn is an overated idiot.

    communication depend of wach peros levelof develop,ment and background and knolwedgre and of course culture.

    it also depend on the wether, the season, Mercury, and wether or not your on the rag, or cheating oyur wife.
    Beside that, all is fine.

  30. If you look up the word “illegible”, not “ilegible”, you will find the definition.

    Also, sometimes you can just tell a person isn’t right in the head by the way they communicate – in verbal and in written forms. I’ll pray for you as well. It seems to me that you are vehemently, and unfortunatly, illegibly, defending a man you don’t know.

    You perhaps need to see a mental health professional as well. Take care, and try not to take these blogs so deadly serious. It would also help you if you would slow down a bit, so that others could understand you. God willing, when you speak to a mental health professional, please show them your comments this blog, because there is a mania to your communication style. This can be helped with counseling and medication.

  31. All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.

    And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.

    Entire ignorance is not so terrible or extreme an evil, and is far from being the greatest of all; too much cleverness and too much learning, accompanied with ill bringing-up, are far more fatal.

    Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.
    Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.

    For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories. Good nurture and education implant good constitutions.

  32. “You perhaps need to see a mental health professional as well. Take care, and try not to take these blogs so deadly serious. It would also help you if you would slow down a bit, so that others could understand you. God willing, when you speak to a mental health professional, please show them your comments this blog, because there is a mania to your communication style. This can be helped with counseling and medication.”

    Christine raises a good point, one I hadn’t considered. As a result, that is the end of the Sophie show. I found her posts amusing, but if they are evidence of some sort of mental problem, than it would be cruel to post anymore of them, and so I will not.

  33. Aw, crud–I was going to post even more quotes from Greek philosophers to see if Sophie would call them “overrated idiots.”

  34. You may be correct, Christine. I guess I’ve seen so much strange behavior online that it’s increasingly hard to tell. My impression of her was that she was an unusually obsessive fan who did not have English as a first language.

    But it’s certainly better to err on the side of caution.

  35. Hey Don.

    You should invite Sophie Sweetheart to be a guest poster -in the comedy section.
    Her comments are hilarious – but obviously spoken from the heart. 🙂

  36. I don’t think I have to watch the movie to be entertained . . . these posts are entertaining enough!

  37. Donald;

    Do you need to see a XXX rated film to know it is junk?

    I think there is no need to watch to know it is junk.

    Can you review a XXX rate film without seeing it?

    I think so. You know the plot and the major themes of the story so what else is needed? Trash is trash no matter who stars in it.

  38. Donald
    It was very disappointing your sarcasm about Mel.
    He has given a heroic legacy for Catholic media with the Passion of the Christ
    for which we should all be eternally grateful to him for.

    Anyone with the gifts he has, including faith, will be attacked by powers and principalities. As for me, I ask everyone to join me and pray for his healing.

  39. A good act does not excuse future sin PC, neither does a great film excuse an abysmally bad one. Mel is a public figure who made what I consider to be a very poor film. Public criticism goes with living a life in the limelight as Mel “Beaver” Gibson has chosen to do. By all means pray for Mel, although I think he could also use a good swift kick in the hind end.

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