Ambassador to San Marino?

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Richard RichDoug Kmiec, who betrayed the pro-life cause in 2008 by endorsing the most pro-abort President in our nation’s history, is back in the news.  Following his resignation from his Malta ambassadorship, his 30 pieces of silver from Obama for his support in 2008, after being criticized in a State Department report for spending his time on private writing instead of his ambassadorial duties, Kmiec announced yesterday that he is 98% sure he will endorse Obama next year:

Kmiec told the Sunday Times of Malta that there is a “98 percent chance” that he will endorse the president, adding “I think that the president is doing a great job.”

“He’s someone who has made good on his principal promises against substantial headwinds,” he said. Kmiec cited the president’s response to economic troubles, the extension of health insurance coverage and his work in international affairs.

Kmiec, a law professor at Pepperdine University School of Law and a former official in the Reagan administration, endorsed President Obama in the 2008 election in an effort to win over some Catholic and conservative votes.

He resigned as ambassador after the State department criticized him for neglecting his duties in Malta and spending too much time writing.

He said that the State Department never really understood his mandate to promote interfaith dialogue in Malta given to him by President Obama. 

After almost three decades as an attorney, few things shock me anymore, but this statement did shock me, and I will take this opportunity to speak directly to Mr. Kmiec:

Doug, Doug, Doug, I am disappointed in you!  You are selling yourself short.  Unless you have some new reward lined up, rule one in the traitor biz is never to sell out cheaply, and you seem to be completely ignoring it.  There must be at least five, maybe even six or seven Catholics, who still think you have a shred of credibility and will consider your endorsement of Obama as something other than as an opportunity to spit.  That has to be worth something to the Pro-Abort-in-Chief.  Man up Doug, and after you leave Malta march into the Oval Office and demand a reward befitting your deserts. If he fobs you off with another ambassadorship make certain this time he gives you a skilled Foreign Service flunky to do the real work while you can spend your precious time writing.  Might I add, speaking for I think many Catholic bloggers, that we await your writings with keen interest and eager fisks.  Best of luck in your future endeavors.  You are an inspiration to turn coats everywhere!

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  1. Yes! America needs more and longer wars against muslims (the open-ended Gaddaffi cont. op.), higher food and fuel prices, more jihadi Mid East regimes, more job strangling regulations, more under-employment, more weak GDP growth, more people on food stamps, more falling home prices, more bureaucrat-rationed medical care, leaglized gay marriage, National Harvey Milk Day, more condoms for second graders, more abortions soon to be paid with taxes, etc.

    My third kid just graduated from a big name jesuit U. I was mildly impressed with at the first. By the third, the academics waned banal. Or, did I wise up?

  2. You do realize that it brings liberals nothing but glee to see conservatives devoting so much time, energy and emotion to bashing conservative dissenters? Conservatism 2012 — smaller and more orthodox! 🙂

  3. Considering the election results in 2010 Kurt, and the current dismal state of the economy, I think it is rather liberalism that will find its 20% of the population, as opposed to conservative 40%, diminished at the polls next year. In any case Kmiec ceased to be a conservative when he signed on to be a mouthpiece for Obama’s abortion-uber-alles agenda.

  4. I think it is rather liberalism that will find its [itself] diminished at the polls next year.

    And my hope and prayer is that conservatives will keep acting based on that assumption. Go Paul Ryan!!!!!

  5. Keep hoping and praying for victory at the polls of the Party of Abortion next year Kurt. While you are at it, you might consider sending Kmiec a fan letter. I doubt if he gets many of those these days.

  6. ” . . . glee to see conservatives devoting so much time, energy and emotion to bashing conservative dissenters?”

    KurKommie definition of “conservative”: One who actively campaigned for and voted for Obama; and vows he will do so again.


    Bashing Conservatives Talking Points:

    Vote for Obama!
    Vote for:
    more and longer wars
    higher food and fuel prices
    more bank bail outs – banks that gave him campaign $$$
    More money for Soros – gave him campaign $$$
    more jihadi Mid East regimes
    more job-killing regulations
    more under-employment
    more weak GDP growth
    more people on food stamps
    more falling home prices
    more bureaucrat-rationed medical care
    legalized gay marriage
    National Harvey Milk Day
    more condoms for second graders
    more abortions soon to be paid with taxes
    more tax $$ to PP

    November 2010 NEVER HAPPPENED!!!!!

  7. Maybe Kmiec could get appointed to Macedonia or Serbia and fill the spot that another notable Pepperdine Law School alumnus, Rod Blagojevich, had hoped to receive?

  8. Another reason for Kmiec to again campaign for Obama: the CST preferential option for the poor.

    May 2011 job growth mysteriously decelerated, the Obama Labor Regime reported today. Total nonfarm payrolls weakly increased by 54,000, 57% lower than the anticipated 125,000 Obama propaganda estimate. That is the weakest increase in nonfarm payroll since September 2010. Worse, the unemployment rate unexpectedly deteriorated to 9.1% from 9.0% in the previous month, despite additional obfuscation with the statistic’s denominator, i.e., removing people from the work force.

    Jeff Carter nails it. “The effects of the crony capitalism economy are being seen in unemployment numbers. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, huge unchecked runaway bureaucracy. Obama created ‘The Great Uncertainty’. We are seeing people get frustrated and drop out of the work force. If you are a history major, check out charts from 1937-40. They might repeat themselves.”

    Obama is making more people poorer!

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