Explaining the Money Facts of Life to Liberals

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I take off my hat to you Klavan on the Culture for making the effort, but it will take more than that to get through to people who believe that infinite wealth can be produced by government fiat.  Exhibit A is a plan to solve the national debt, read all about it here, which is quite popular among the people who call themselves “the reality-based community”.   Pixies, unicorn dust, Obama is a great President and the government is a cornucopia of infinite largesse: many leftists in this country would sooner see us do a replay of the Great Depression than give up such delusions.



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  1. I have believed for some time that only a crazy person tries to reason with another crazy person. And I would say trying to explain fiscal sanity to leftists (I refuse to call them liberals because there is nothing liberating about their minset) is the posterchild of such insanity.

  2. GM: Truth. If the people understood the facts about the non-sustainability of galactic volume of federal spending and its devastating consequences, they would demand “cut, cap and balance on steroids.”

    The dems and the lying leftist media have completely distorted every fact and feature of the issue. The dems cannot cut spending: it pays for votes. They only have tax rate increases, which will not be enough to offset long-term, high unemployment and unsatisfactorily slow GDP growth. All Obama, the senate, and the left-wing media (all but FOXNEWS) have are demonize, lie and polarize.

    Many people are aware. Sadly, probably not enough to save the country.

    Pray for the best. Prepare for the worst.

  3. Liberals, leftists or whatever one calls them, believe in their Messiah, Obama – that he can do anything and nothing shall dissuade them of that belief. I have seen otherwise very intelligent and knowledgeable engineers and scientists, some working in the nuclear energy field, who are under his sway and refuse to listen any evidence to the contrary.

  4. T. Shaw yes, if people who are honest and sane would demand CCB on steroids, which in fact much of the American public is. However, I was talking about leftists. Leftists don’t care.

  5. I can’t decide which is their most common trait. I’ve narrowed it down to dishonesty or hatred.

    You cannot negotiate with ideologues. Here’s their, Alinskyite definition of compromise: “My way or no way!” All they do is demonize, lie, and polarize.

    This time, the House again needs to send the senate CCB. And, when the reds table that, send them CCB-squared.

    Gallup Poll: Obama approval – 40% (34% Independents); Disapprove – 50%.

    There are many mysteries in life. Someone listed a few on Instapundit the other day. “Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Why are there no ‘B’ batteries? Who would pay to see a Fat Michael Moore movie? Why is the GOP afraid to call Obama’s bluff?”

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