Snakes! Why Does It Always Have To Be Snakes?

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  1. Okay, the snake was on the outside of the car, and the poor thing fell off and probably died. Yeah, that’s pretty icky. Glad I wasn’t the driver. The snake would have freaked me out.

    But what’s with the flip flops on dash?! That’s really bad. Imagine the smell!

  2. In June, I was at the Monster Bash, a film festival for fans of the classic horror, sci-fi movies of the 1910-1960 era, and this funny thing happened to me. My wife and I were in the back parking lot of the conferance center where the Bash was going to have their Drive In movie night. I was sitting on a parking lot divider when I noticed my wife gestering in a vigorous manner at my feet. I looked down, and lo and behold, there was a small snake between my legs! I was scared, for I didn’t know wheather the critter was vemonous or not. Thankfully, he crawled away before I had to answer that question! Oh, if anyone wants to learn about the Momster Bash, go to and tell them Stephen, the snake guy send yo!

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