Our Divine Pope

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Hat tip to the Midwest Conservative Journal for finding what might be the dumbest thing ever written by a journalist about Catholicism.  Considering the competition, that’s actually saying quite a lot.

Though most in the Coptic Orthodox community send their children to Catholic school, they are not Catholic themselves. The differences are slight — they use the same liturgies, though Orthodox Christians differ from Roman Catholics in their belief that the Pope is a human being, not a divine figure — which has meant Coptic Orthodox children most often are sent to Catholic school.

Approximately one-third of Toronto’s citizenry is Roman Catholic.  Even granting the large number of nominal Catholics, this means that Murray Whyte, unless he has truly lives in a sheltered environment, must encounter a decent amount of Roman Catholics.  Sure, this doesn’t mean that he’s going to know or understand the finer details of our faith, but are you kidding me here?

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  1. Paul, Whyte is a member of the liberal MSM. I think the MSM’ers are trained from birth not to understand religion. How else can you explain their continued stupidity? It takes training to be that dmb!

  2. “Orthodox Christians differ from Roman Catholics in their belief that the Pope is a human being, not a divine figure”

    Maybe I’m feeling particularly charitable today, but I wonder if this was simply the writer’s extremely clumsy way of trying to say that Orthodox Christians do not believe in papal infallibility, or do not regard him as a divinely INSPIRED figure protected from teaching error by the Holy Spirit. The Orthodox (for the most part, and as I understand it) regard the Pope as a fellow patriarch, the Patriarch of Rome who is “first among equals” with other patriarchs such as Alexandria, Antioch, Moscow, etc. — having no more and no less authority than they do.

    There are times when otherwise intelligent and conscientious people simply don’t know the correct terms to use.

  3. “There are times when otherwise intelligent and conscientious people simply don’t know the correct terms to use.”

    As always Elaine you are being the soul of charity. Assuming that he was bone ignorant of Catholicism, one would think that before making such a statement about a religion he knows little about, he would have spent a few minutes curing his ignorance by doing basic internet research. Bigotry, Ignorance and Laziness: the hallmarks of what we have come to expect from much of what passes for modern journalism.

  4. Contemplating the sufferings of Orthodox Churches in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Asia Minor, the Holy Land: were/are they being “punished” for the Great Schism?

    Are Armenians Orthodox?

  5. There is an Armenian Orthodox Church, but be wary of talking of whom God’s punishment falls: read the Book of Job, or the Parable of the Dragnet.

    Also: The Coptic Orthodox refer to the Patriarch of Alexandria as “Pope” (though without any claim to the authority of the Bishop of Rome). Actually, the Patriarch of Alexandria was referred to as “Pope” before the Popes (of Rome) had the title!

    So that might also have confused the author. If they were really, really stupid. And ignorant.

  6. Forgive the initial reaction, I thought folks might get a giggle from this:
    the Parable of the Dragnet

    …I should really not read just after waking up from a nap, Joe Friday figured rather heavily in my initial interpretation of that warning. >.< I think the author probably just didn't understand very solidly-- and none of the editors who saw his writing did, either. Would've been much better to say “they use the same liturgies, though Orthodox Christians do not share the Roman Catholic belief in the Pope’s special authority.“

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