And a Happy Labor Day to You Too Hoffa

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James P. Hoffa, current boss of the Teamsters’ Union, and son of former boss of the Teamsters, and gangster, Jimmy Hoffa, whose mortal remains no doubt reside in various locations around the country courtesy of his gangland cronies, took the opportunity yesterday to declare his Union members an army for Obama and to spit on the morality of the mothers of those who oppose Obama.

I look forward with eager anticipation to the civility police on the political Left in this country swinging into action and condemning Hoffa’s use of gutter language and apparent confusion of next year’s election with a war.

Obama got the endorsement of the Teamsters in 2008 by suggesting that he was open to less federal oversight of the Teamsters.  The federal oversight has been going on since 1991 as part of an ongoing effort by the feds to rid the Teamsters of mob influence.  The Teamsters’ Union has long been opposed to the federal oversight, for reasons that I will leave to the perspicacity of my readers.

President Obama, at the rally where Hoffa gave vent to his inner thug, immediately condemned the intemperate remarks and renewed his call for greater civility in politics.  Naah!  Actually President Obama praised Hoffa.

Oh well, I guess we should be thankful that Hoffa didn’t actually attempt to physically assault those who disagree with him, which has long been a tactic in the playbook of the Teamsters.



Yep, the signs are that the election of 2012 could be very interesting.

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  1. Anthony Provenzano was a gangster and Jackie Presser was as spurious as he was odious. The elder Hoffa was an unscrupulous man (in his work life) and co-operated with the Mafia in a mutual exchange of favors. He was, however, an authentic labor leader.

    In an act of bad taste and nostalgia, the Teamster membership put his attorney son in charge of the union. However, it was the Teamster membership that did that (and they have made worse choices on the local level). The Teamsters as a whole are likely cleaner than they have been at any time since 1927 or therabouts, and more democratic in their internal procedures.

  2. Oh yes it is. See David Witwer’s history of the Teamsters. They had a chronic problem with mob infiltration from 1928 onward, first in Chicago and then, from 1930, in New York. Nevertheless, there was considerable variation in the character of the men at the union’s apex and core. The rap on the Teamsters, ca 1988 was not merely the presence of the mob and general corruption, but the degree to which the union functioned as a dues collecting machine that did little for its members. Hoffa-pere was recalled fondly because he was unlike his successors in this regard. Both he and his predecessor David Beck were repellant characters in many ways, but they both were successful pavement level organizers in their day (one of warehouse workers, the other of laundry workers).

  3. Bunch of red raggers. Bring on the Revolution.

    How would you like that bunch in the workforce of your business?

    Not on your nellie!!

  4. Seriously? Disagree with the ideology of his rhetoric all you like, the speech itself was really pretty tame — one okay-for-daytime-TV off-color phrase notwithstanding. The intent was to get the core voters excited, not have a quiet and frank discussion of policy.

  5. Very seriously. If Hoffa had been a conservative the Lamestream Press would be shouting about this for days as further evidence of the violent proclivities of those dangerous right wingers. Obama set the rules of the civility game by his speech calling for an end to violent rhetoric earlier this year, and he sits tamely by as Hoffa calls his adversaries sons of female dogs. Hyprocrisy and irony competed for first place in regard to the Hoffa-Obama performance yesterday.

  6. Very, very seriously, the Obama propaganda machine went into full gear to advance “civility”, when a GOP judge was assassinated in Tucson, at the same time his evil minions were liberally lying about the dangerous tea party and calling anyone that disagrees violent threats to public safety. When you can’t win the debate you . . .

    PS: Obama on Labor Day – Should have said, “Sorry, I killed your jobs!”

    PPS: The Zero sounded like Al Sharpton.

  7. I’m going to regret commenting, but since the Teamsters were discussed, their Local 456 is the Union Local for the Security Guardforce at the Indian Point Energy Center for nuclear power plant units 1 (now decommissioned), 2 and 3. Units 1 and 2 were owned by Con Ed and sold to Entergy Nuclear, and Unit 3 was owned by the New York Power Authority and also sold to Entergy Nuclear. The International Utilities Workers Union of America provides union representation for operators, mechanics, electricians, and other technicals. Teamsters does for the Security Guard Force because regulations prevent the same union representing both sets of people. Anyone feel secure, now?

  8. In keeping with the “new tone:”

    Authorities are investigating a carjacking and assault that occurred Thursday during protests by union activists concerning their right to work at a Washington state grain terminal at the Port of Longview.

    According to a Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) press release Friday, law enforcement officials with multiple agencies were forced to back off from their defensive position during the ILWU protests over fears for their safety.

    “Our teams of four or five officers were confronted by baseball bat and axe handle wielding protesters.” Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson said.

    Oh, and another story has this little note:
    Scott Mason, president of the ILWU Local 23 in Tacoma, said some of his members have joined in the Longview effort, but he doesn’t believe they were involved in illegal activity. He blamed the company for provoking the response and warned that more activity could be coming.

    Only reason I heard about it was because the local talk radio this morning was complaining that our worthless Obama-chasing governor hadn’t managed to even respond to any of this. >.<

  9. I found it richly ironic Foxfier that the story involving the ILWU and the mass criminal activity they engaged in occurred so soon after Hoffa’s speech. None of this should be news. Violence engaged in by Unions is not a rare event and such incidents are rarely punished by the legal system:

    Too often the political powers that be are completely in the pocket of the Unions and look the other way. Hoffa may not realize it yet, but he may have helped stir up a reaction to this tolerance of Union thuggery.

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