The Manifesto of Edward T. Hall III-Trust Fund Recipient

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  1. As a retired working man, I find the antics of the trust fund brats to be quite amusing. These beknighted morons probably never had any actual contact with any member of the working class in their lives, yet they presume the right to protest in my behalf. I say to them: take a bath, use a toliet, not a police car to crap on, get a life, and get a real job to relieve my tax burden, since your damm trust fund consist of tax-free bonds!

  2. What my sainted father, who ran the steel shears at a truck body plant and who had little use for the “idiot rich” (his phrase), would have said about this fellow Stephen would probably have removed an inch of the steel he used to cut! I recall his comments about the hippies as one of the cherished memories of my childhood!

  3. It’s the drugs, stupid.

    This fellow appears to have an institutional address (title: ‘research associate’) in a subunit of Columbia University. It is not immediately clear if he draws a salary, or is stipended from grant funds, or is just allowed office space, a library card, and computer time. If his grandfather’s gift amounted to $100,000 in assets, that would provide him w/ around $3,000 in income, which will pay his grocery bills, more or less. The article contends he is making rent by drawing down his savings. I do not think he will be out of the labor force for very much longer unless he is awarded a fellowship by Columbia or his mother and father elect to establish a pipeline to him (which they sound the type to do).

    Look, he appears to have been sadly miseducated by circumstances and dinner-table conversation. He has made a compleat ass of himself in a manner that will likely remain accessible when he is an old man. Can we please look away now?

  4. That is one ugly girl.

    I often visit econ prof weblogs and am continually amazed at the “other-worldly” inanity. This imbecile evinces a bright future as a clueless professor.

    That is one of the hundreds of tantrums being thrown downtown. One of tens of millions of brain farts that empowered the Obama/Ayres/Holder wrecking regime.

    Bumper sticker that caused a Brooklyn man to be assaulted (he wielded an ax and chased the heroes of the revolution down the street) – “Need a job? Find a job.”

    In other news you won’t see on the state run media: Today, Sharpton, et al covered themselves in oratorical glories at the MLK Memorial “christening.”

  5. Micha,

    I think that is about employing sunbeams, unicorn farts and zephyrs to generate energy for 310,000,000 people enduring dire destitution.

  6. Don, these “lovers of the working class” can wax eloquent about our oppression, as long as we agree with them. However when guys like me express skepticism of their methods and goals, we’re told that we have false consciousness and need to be sent to a re-education camp. Where’s the love, Don? ROTFL!

  7. Emotion research as in ranging from a ‘sledge hammer to like a little tiny hammer’?
    Social psychology or behavioral economics as in screaming for unspecified help?
    Environmental economics as in cramped camping and creation of micro-landfills?
    Poetry of science – discovering truth and beauty in the movement, and also that of the above to more mountainous ecologic landfills while looking up at bldgs., and not verifying the identity or seat of the ‘poets’ who are dictating the epic of villains and heroes. The scientific method at work, by whom?

  8. Someone should create the legal papers needed for Eddie to sign over his trust fund to “The People”, then present it to him while tv cameras roll. Then step back and watch his head explode.

  9. Emerson, I don’t want Eddie’s head to explode. It’s bad enough he and his buds crap on cop cars! We don’t need the filth in his noggin getting on everything!

  10. When I saw the title of this post — I kid you not — the first thing that came to mind was that it was a link to a parody by Iowahawk, introducing a young nephew or cousin of T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII.

  11. Ha! Good connection Elaine. Iowahawk needs to write a column about Van Voorhees VII attempting to make common cause with Occupy Wall Street while having his Butler pitch his tent. Priceless!

  12. Just as priceless- the revelation that that there is a theft problem among the protesters in NYC. One young leftist complained about her $5,000 (?) laptop being stolen. Silly woman! It wasn’t “stolen” – only conservatives with a absurd regard for property rights think in terms of theft. No, the computer was liberated! After all, it’s not fair for some people to own $5,000 laptops (was it purchased at Tiffany’s?) when other oppressed souls (like me, for instance) have to make due with our old PC’s.

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