Big Bird Exposed!

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Well done Klavan on the Culture!  Back in the halcyon days of my youth we could get in three television stations, one of them fairly fuzzy, and radio consisted of about 10 stations that we could get clearly.  Why in an age of hundreds of tv channels and thousands of radio stations, internet access to endless sources of educational and entertainment videos, and internet radio does one thin dime go to National Public Radio or the Public Broadcasting system?  Politics.  Democrats know that NPR and PBS lean heavily to the left and find them useful auxiliaries.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn last March made the case for defunding NPR:



Anthony Weiner, prior to Weiner-gate, rose to the defense of NPR by praising Cartalk, a very atypical, and hilarious, NPR program, which I frequently listen to, that could easily succeed on commercial radio:

The House voted to kill NPR funding, but the Senate Democrats preserved the 445 million dollar subsidy for their ideological soulmates at National Peoples Radio and Peoples Broadcasting System.  A Congress that cannot bring itself not to fund anachronisms like NPR and PBS is a Congress that lacks all seriousness in regard to budget cuts.



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