Try, Try and Try Again Open Thread

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We haven’t had an open thread in a while so here one is.  Keep the comments charitable please, and, in the words of a judge at a hearing I attended recently, “Everyone is going to be nice!”.


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  1. I see a lot of infant girls with pierced ears among my Hispanic brothers and sisters.

    “Bottom line” answers please:

    “Who made you?”

    “Why did He make you?”

    “How will you get into Heaven?”

    I am looking (every time want something I cannot locate it) for my Baltimore Catechism. GRRR. My wife understands: the beatings will continue until my morale improves.

    I’m cheating. Father McCartney gave us the answer to number three at the 7:30 Mass.

  2. Open thread? – Well I need some counselling as a Jet fan watching this game… they may still win by why does the Sanchize always give me grief…

  3. So this is the old, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”.

    When I was doing roofing work in the hot Australian sun a few decades ago, I had my own version.
    “If at first you don’t succeed, give up in disgust, go to the pub, and give it another crack tomorrow!” 🙂
    Nothing like a couple of beers to solve the problem you are encountering. 😉 Always worked. I guess that wouldn’t work for the little dog though.

    Wouldn’t like to see the condition of the bedding after that little dog’s claws have been trying to get a grip on it!.

  4. “Cute-n-Fuzzy” my eye. That creature has “GET IN MY BELLY!!!” written all over it. What was that line in the old tootsie roll pop commercial?

    ‘Sibling’ rivalry… red in gum and claw.

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