Adagio for Brass

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Something for the weekend.  Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings performed with brass instruments.  It makes a fit accompaniment to the above video which reminds us of the veterans who ensured that we enjoy the freedom next Thursday to give thanks to God for that freedom and all the other blessings He has showered upon us in this land.  May we be worthy of their sacrifice.

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  1. ‘ “May we be worthy of their sacrifice.” and “Greet them ever with grateful hearts.” ‘
    Your lips to God’s ears.
    So many lives entangled, past and present, in the ravages. I pray that we sober up as a people and open our hearts before we lose what’s left.

    Don’t know why it’s at the top of my mind at the moment, but I remember from 9/11 aftermath a time sitting in church. A mother, always a quiet steady person, whose son was deployed to the desert, stood up afterwards and tearfully asked us to realize that her son among others needed toothpaste. He is home now teaching in the military branch.

    That’s about as upbeat as anything I can think of to say about the depths of the cost of our freedom. Thanks giving to God and His people for it.

  2. Indeed! Think of them on Thursday and on Christmas Day. Imagine Christmas Day in a COP in Afghanistan. Imagine the wives and mothers unsure if their husbands or sons are dead or maimed at any moment.

    At this moment, two young soldiers are in the next room watching TV. A third staying with us is attending a local college football game. There are at least five combat deployments between them. One told me his COP was hit with 200 rockets and RPG’s in the year he was there. My son spent a month in the Karangal Valley . . .

    One is a medic with the ranger battalion that is deploying this month. No complaining here.

    Merry Christmas!


    Uncle Sam!

    A month ago as I was dropping one soldier at the airport to return to Fort Benning, I thanked him for his service. He thanked me.

  3. May God keep them safe, body, mind and soul. We are indeed very fortunate to live in this free country. May we be worthy of their sacrifice.

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