Newt Gingrich: Receiving the Eucharist Brings Me Peace

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Just listened to parts of the Newt Gingrich tonight by Sean Hannity while I was working and Speaker Gingrich said in the most Catholic language imaginable how receiving the Eucharist brings him peace and comfort.

That was an incredible line.  As soon as I can find it on YouTube, I’ll post it, but I may begin budging towards Gingrich based simply on his faith!

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  1. I am glad Newt found faith, but he needs to find many more things before I would willingly support him. This is a pretty good Ron Paul ad, and I am not Ron Paul fan.

  2. Sounds likes he is against same sex marriage and has taken actions that follow his convictions. On the other hand, if a state decides to support same sex marriage, then that is their choice even if he disagrees with it.

    Ron Paul is not my guy. He is off his rocker when it comes to foreign policy. Nonetheless, his ad on Newt is good.

  3. I watched the same interview with Hannity and had the same response. I have never in my adult life seen such an open expression by a nationally known politician like Newt give such an embrace of the Eucharist as he did tonight. For me, if a person (Catholic) expresses himself/herself by speaking of the gifts of the Eucharist as he did tonight, it gives a good sense as to where he/she would be on most major issues of the day to our nation,party, and religion.

    Looking for more good stuff to come from his candidacy. The interview really woke me up to this guy who I have grown so used to over the last 20 years or so.

  4. And Joe Biden says the rosary daily.

    Newt is a scumbag. I wouldn’t say that about any other candidate. Looking at his personal life, you can’t reach any other conclusion.

  5. RR – so funny how far you are from understanding the thrust of this article and comments on this thread. First off, I could care less about what he did or did not do in his past that is already known. Our Lord did not come for the saved, he came for the sinner. I am impressed with Newt’s embace of our faith in the way he is doing. What he states now and his actions now are what should count. Second, your use of that foul term on this site indicates that you are far from bringing any valuable comments to inform anyone here.

    Thanks for the try but a place you might enjoy spending time would be titled soethin like the following …

    Thanks and God Bless.

  6. You raise an interesting question about expressions of faith in public life and I’m notsure where I come down on the answer you suggest.

    If there is something wrong with holding a man’s faith against him as he seeks public office, surely the opposite is true too? Yet, can we honestly say that we don’t prefer “our guy” when a candidate expresses himself in a way that taps into the core of our being?

    I think the opposite is true too for I cannot imagine how I could bring myself to vote for one who publicly declared himself to be an atheist. (I’m not alone in this regard and I think this is why candidate Obama worked so hard to establish “Christian” credentials – not because he’s a closet Moslem but because he believes in nothing and couldn’t say so for fear that it would be held as a defect by many.)

    Perhaps, then, the problem is with the underlying idea that faith isn’t a thing to be considered in candidacy. Perhaps it isn’t honest for the candidate to hide his faith or lack of faith and it isn’t honest for voters to pretend that faith isn’t an issue in elections.

    But, if so, how can a republic survive the resulting fracturing? If candidates were to declare themselves on faith matters, surely parties would spring up to allign those interests. What would be the difference, then, between us and, for example, Turkey or Lebanon?

  7. It is obvious that Newt has totally forgiven himself for his adulterous behavior and all his political profiteering. How honest he is in his soul with God, only God knows. But from what I can see of him that is public, he is a real snake. Watch out Church–Newt is a user of the first order. God can take care of Himself, but us mortals need to be on guard against this guy. Never enough sex, glamor, money or self-importance. If he gets to be president, he will sit on the throne like a pompous little king. He sure doesn’t have my vote.

  8. I know many of you don’t get any news that doesn’t come from Sean Hannity’s mouth so I’ll enlighten you on why thinking conservatives don’t think too highly of Newt.

    “Newt Gingrich will not be the nominee because, despite his daughter’s rebuttals to the horror stories of how Gingrich divorced his first of three wives, Jackie Gingrich told the Washington Post on January 3, 1985, “He walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was recovering from the surgery.” Gingrich went on to cheat on the second wife with the third. Regardless of the actual facts or even the spin, he won’t win women.” – Eric Erickson

    Richard Land says evangelical women will not vote for Gingrich under any circumstances.

    “He believes that what he says in public and how he lives don’t have to be connected.” – Marianne Gingrich, Wife #2

    And to top it off, he says he cheated on his wives because he loved his country so much!

    I won’t even get into the flip-flopping on everything from cap-and-trade to the health care mandate. He has a nasty attitude as evidenced by every debate. The exchange with Maria Bartiromo made him look like a fool. He complained about only having 30 seconds to answer so Maria said he can take as much time as he needs to which Newt responded, “that wouldn’t be fair to the others.” Yeah, that’s why it’s 30 seconds, idiot!

    How do you think he’ll work with John Boehner who led the eventually successful effort in the 90’s to force Newt to step down? Boehner, now there’s a Catholic I can get behind.

    I’m even skeptical of the conversion story. How convenient that he found religion while preparing to run for president.

    The moment I discovered he wasn’t even as smart as some made him out to be was when he released his tax reform plan. Few people even know about it because it really can’t be taken seriously. I’m not saying that I don’t take it seriously. I’m saying that NOBODY takes it seriously. He tried to one-up Perry before everyone criticized Perry’s plan. Newt’s plan is Perry’s super-sized.

    Then came the CBS foreign policy debate and I figured out why people think Newt is smart. He knows his history. Every answer he gave was a history lesson. The problem was that he doesn’t know how things currently work. He could only think in historical analogies. He doesn’t have coherent guiding philosophies unless you count political expedience as a guiding philosophy.

    If I had to vote, I can vote for any of the Republican candidates except Cain and Gingrinch. Cain because he doesn’t know anything about public policy and Gingrinch because he’s a horrible person.

  9. I have little use for Gingrich as I indicated in this post:

    If he obtains the nomination, and that he might just do that is a tribute to the strong antipathy most Republicans, including myself, have for Romney, I will certainly vote for him in his race against Obama. He certainly is far from my ideal of a Republican standard bearer, but compared to Obama, it is an easy vote. I am by no means convinced that Gingrich will get the nomination, since I believe he has a talent for political suicide, but we shall see.

    As for the Paul ad, attack ads by Paul (R. Pluto), are certainly preferable for his campaign than his attempting to defend his usually infantile, and always dangerous, foreign policy positions.

    However, politics is one thing and religion is another. Gingrich has given no evidence that his conversion is not sincere and whole-hearted. I am glad that the Eucharist gives him peace and comfort, and I pray that we all may feel the same.

  10. I have many concerns about Newt base on past behavior, but I’m more inclined to believe the eyewitness account of his daughter vs. the second/third/or fourth hand account of someone else.

    He definitely has baggage, but his ideas are very interesting and his ability to reason and articulate are second to none.

  11. More than once I have heard Newt described as half genius and half crazy. Normally I would not vote for someone like that but if he is our only alternative to a president who is ALL aggressively liberal, anti-life and anti-Catholic, I may just have to.

  12. I know many of you don’t get any news that doesn’t come from Sean Hannity’s mouth

    I think this one sentence pretty much sums up why I ignore most of the things you say.

  13. Since we, as Americans, appear to have lost our moral conscience, the Holy Spirit will play a major role in this election. God often uses “characters” throughout history to effect His Plan. Liberal or Conservatives will agree , we all need God to help this world through its current calamities

  14. I pray that he has found peace through his conversion.

    But, man–Gingrich’s record is a mess. Personally and professionally.

    This slate is really the best the GOP can do?

    Of the people who have polled more than ten percent during the cycle, I can’t see myself voting for Romney (Every person you need to be), Cain (remarkably inept on anything not brought to you by the number 9), and Paul (isolationism combined with naivete is a crap sandwich) or Bachmann (inexperienced at anything other than backbencher bomb-throwing).

    [Though in Paul’s case, I respect and understand the appeal of his candidacy.]

    I’m close to feeling the same no-go about Gingrich, even conceding his political skills and functioning wonky brain.

    I’m still most inclined toward Perry, though his implosion probably means he’s not viable any more, sad to say.

    “If God wanted us to vote, He’d give us candidates.”

  15. I know many of you don’t get any news that doesn’t come from Sean Hannity’s mouth

    I think this one sentence pretty much sums up why I ignore most of the things you say.

    Mea culpa, it was background noise and when I heard him mention the Eucharist I literally fell out of my chair.

    Mea maxima culpa.

  16. I echo Dale’s sentiments. I like the two Ricks, but combined they aren’t polling into the double digits. I think things will pick up for one or both of them as Cain continues to plummet and more conservatives remember Newt’s foibles. I’ve actually been a Perry guy, but considering Santorum is just about as viable now and he’s the one who I agree with on more issues, I might wind up backing him (though by the time the primary gets to MD, it will be a moot point). Newt is more palatable than the rest of the field, but that’s primarily due to the rest of the field’s weaknesses.

    But we are deviating from the post topic, and I do appreciate Newt’s sentiments. That said, is anyone else uncomfortable with the idea of a twice divorced, re-married man receiving the Eucharist? I know those marriages took place before his crossing the Tiber, but they still count.

  17. That said, is anyone else uncomfortable with the idea of a twice divorced, re-married man receiving the Eucharist? I know those marriages took place before his crossing the Tiber, but they still count.

    I am.

  18. I understand the repentant sinner requires forgiveness. Nonetheless, some damage caused by sin remains. The damage caused by his infidelities is for God and Newt’s family to work through.

    The worrisome part of Newt’s marriages, how they came about, and his infidelities is they are examples of a serious lack of judgment. It shows he possesses an impulsive nature, which might be okay when choosing between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, but not when it comes to maintaining a monogamous relationship, especially in the vows of marriage.

    This impulsive nature is intrinsic to Newt’s personality. It explains what so many have pointed out, his ability to commit political suicide. He says things without fully thinking the ramifications of them. He participates in ideas because they seem advantageous at the moment without thinking what long term messages he is sending. The words or ideas seem like a great affair to be involved in, so he marries himself to it and is faithful until the next opportune moment comes along.

  19. He is off his rocker when it comes to foreign policy.

    Yes -because billions of dollars and countless lives later, everyone else is so spot on.

  20. If he gets to be president, he will sit on the throne like a pompous little king.

    Not much different from the current occupant.

  21. Besides Kyle Miller’s response, it appears that other posters are willing to drag up events in Newt’s life from a “SIN” standpoint and are not willing to forgive and forget bout these acts as it relates to his run for the Presidency. How shallow a position – with all do respect – to have given how we should except the major premise of our faith which is Forgiveness and non-judgment of others.

    To form an opinion of ones abilities as president based on previous actions and what they say today is one thing. However, to flog someone in a public forum like this should tell us that we may have to review the foundation of our faith first before we are to pull lever for or against someone.

    Comments expressed here about someone receiving the Eucharist after a divorce seem to be ill informed comments at that. If the person has asked for gods mercy and has gone through the process (as it appears Newt did) of preparing themselves to receive the Eucharist with a clean soul, it would not matter how many times the person was “divorced”. That is what our faith is about….forgiveness of our sins by our lord..if we truly mean it. If we do not believe this for ourselves and others of our faith….what good is our faith. As St. Paul says…we are still in our sin.

  22. Good to see I’m not the only one who dislikes the Gingrinch. As for forgiveness, he didn’t wrong me. I don’t need his forgiveness. I’m not letting a former child molester, however remorseful, near my children and I’m not letting a horrible person, however remorseful, sit in the Oval Office. It’s not like, Newt was a child. He did these things as an adult including as Speaker. You can’t dismiss it as a previous life. You don’t change that much from age 56 to 68.

  23. Yes -because billions of dollars and countless lives later, everyone else is so spot on.

    They’re less wrong, which is pretty horrifying to think about.
    I can’t support someone who wants us to abandon those who have been good allies to us, and for us to abandon the commitments we forced on others– Hello, Japan– just because fully legal military actions didn’t turn out so great. That’s totally ignoring that the long-term effects would be horrific for our nation itself.
    It’s like arguing that because cops in LA are sometimes criminal jerks and haven’t managed to remove the gang problem, we should withdraw from LA entirely.
    (If one more person waives his being a military surgeon for a few years, decades ago, as a card to show that he’s automatically right on military matters– or brings up that worthless “he got more military associated donations than everyone else before the candidates were chosen”– of over $200, with less than a hundred total– I may scream. Right up there with folks “informing” me that Obama is all my fault because I’m part of the “youth vote.”)

  24. RR – that’s the point. He did not do anything to you for you to forgive him – it’s between he and God. And yes, he is not a child molestar -thank God. By bringing up that subject you show that you are comparing apples and oranges.

    I just hope you reflect on your own private life before posting how big a sinner Newt is. While you are reading this (right now at this very moment) remember God is looking at you….is your soul as clean as you expect of others? I hope so.

  25. “I believe in . . . the forgiveness of sins; . . . ”

    Who can say?

    Maybe Speaker Gingrich has trully converted to the Holy Catholic Church.

    Maybe Newt Gingrich has repented of his sins.

    Maybe Gingrich has Confessed for all the sins of his past life.

    Maybe Newt has done penance.

    Maybe he has resolved to amend his life and through good works glorify Almighty God through Christ our Lord.

    Maybe some commenters have lowered bar for detraction to new depths.

  26. RR – please know that I will pray for you today as well as the former Speaker of the House. We all need prayer and a true understanding of God’s love and mercy for all we do wrong in our lives. I will also pray I will not judge anyone involved in my life either publicly or privately.

    God Bless.

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