10 Differences Between Obama and Jesus

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Matthew Archbold started this meme over at Creative Minority Report, and I am going with it:

10.  Jesus cured the sick and the lame.  Obama is lame.

9.    Jesus walked on water.  Members of the Obama cult think Obama walks on water.

8.    Jesus drove the money changers from the Temple.  Obama squeezes them for contributions.

7.     Jesus said “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  Obama only got the first four words of that quotation.

6.     Jesus was a Jew.  Obama is a (fill in the blank.)

5.     Jesus rode a jackass into Jerusalem.  Obama relied on the votes of jackasses to ride into Washington.

4.     Jesus spoke with authority.  Obama votes present.

3.     Jesus was born in a stable.  Obama is doing his best with his economic policies to ensure that is where we all be living if he gets a second term.

2.     Jesus died to free us from our sins.  Obama tells us our sins are not sins.

1.     Jesus really was the Messiah.

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  1. 11. Jesus spent 40 days fasting and praying in the desert. Obama spent $4,000,000 feasting and playing in Hawaii for 17 days – while low-to-moderate income Americans fast and pray they can pay electricity and home heating oil bills.

    To be continued.

  2. 7. Jesus advised us to have filial Faith in Him like that of innocent children. Obama supports, morally and financially, the Planned Parenthood’s, the Slaughterhouses for our unborn babies

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