Christmas is the Time To Nag Your Relatives to Vote for Obama!

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Hattip to Verum Serum.  Sheesh, how more cult like can they get?  Nagging your relatives about politics at family get-togethers, especially over Christmas, strikes me as a good way to drive a stake through family good feeling.  One of the great things about family is that you are thrown in with people you do not choose.  If you like them great, but you tolerate and associate with them even if you do not because they are blood and marriage relatives.  Families help teach us how to get along with people we might not have chosen to associate with, but for the accident of being related.  This mandates tolerance for differences with relatives who interact with us because we are family.  Using a family relationship as an opportunity for political propaganda strikes me as completely wrong-headed, and having a campaign adopt this as an official tactic of the campaign leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

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  1. The folks that would listen to an ad that told them to drag politics into the holidays already were dragging politics into every family get-together they could, going off of my more obnoxious cousins.

    The delicate dance to figure out what political topics are safe is part of the fun of family!

  2. Whoever came up with this idea must be the same person who decided that holiday family gatherings are a great opportunity to confront overweight relatives with the health risks of obesity and the need for proper diet and exercise! Yes, I actually heard some self-appointed “expert” say this in a story on NPR last night.

    What next — using Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary as an opportunity to change your spouse’s vote?

  3. Gosh, this sounds like it is a “Do or Die” desperate strategy by the Obama Campaign Bunch to get him re-elected by whatever means – fair or foul .

  4. I dunno. I’d like to hear their reasons why we should allow that good-for-nothing’ useless scoundrel four more years to finish us off.

  5. I don’t know about relatives but has happened to me at two different jobs for years. The Dem shill comes in with the latest NPR or Dem talking points and starts his evangelizing.

  6. Since most of my family is Catholic (a few in-laws are not or are lapsed) this is not likely to happen. Political discussion usually centers around which GOP candidate is least offensive.

  7. Bleh. The tone of that video is so condescending. “Obviously our parents are stupid and old, so I need to educate them.” I wonder how many of those relatives who are coming around are just telling their pompous children what they want to hear so they will shut up.

  8. It’s unbelivable. Remember Al Gore telling kids not to listen to their parents because they were old and all that? This sounds the same. Telling young people to try to change their elders minds is not only unrespectful but tells me that since you are old you do not know what your doing. Mr Obama, We are too wise to be brainwashed!!!

  9. We have an ancient saying in our Native Language and Culture which can be loosely translated this way : “Young people THINK they are more intelligent than their elders. The Elders KNOW the young people are not intelligent and lack the wisdom gained over the years”. I believe American parents need to remind their offspring of this Wisdom of our Forefathers.

  10. Another beautiful Parable says: “An old man sitting on his stool by the door of his hut sees further than his young son sitting on top of the tallest tree”

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