Putting Their Mouths Where Their Money Could Be

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So much for the “patriotic millionaires” trotted out by the Democrats calling for higher taxes.  The dirty little secret of course is that the truly mega rich have elaborate tax planning to avoid paying one thin dime more than they have to in regard to taxes.  An increase in rates would have little impact on them.  If they were truly patriotic they would be calling for some variant of a flat tax on all income with the elimination of all tax shelters.  The poster child for this call by the very wealthy for higher taxes is Warren Buffet.  Gee Warren, maybe you could start by having your company pay the billion the Feds say it owes.

What all this folderol comes down to is a simple variant on the late Senator Russell Long’s description of what each group says when it comes to taxation:  “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree!”

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  1. I wonder if any others ask with me whether this topic is suitable for a CNS blog. The believer has a legitimate, necessary we can add, interest in how each person or group pays a just, fair and unselfish share of contributing to the common good in taxes and charitable contributions and establishing Foundations to promote charity and the arts and sciences. But is it our role to decide which, by whom and how much. Or do we vote for and lobby for a common set of Christian Humanist values and do end-runs to head off the greedy pigs at the Global Village trough?

  2. When the Church went “all in” for the welfare state, it ceded to the state its moral claim on my “charity.” Seems it’s the excuse for ignoring many evils the government works.

    Patriotic millionaires? How many, like Pat Tillman, enlisted in the Rangers or infantry after their country was attacked?

  3. they would be calling for some variant of a flat tax on all income with the elimination of all tax shelters.

    Would it be any less patriotic to have a progressive tax on all income with the elimination of all tax shelters?

  4. Perhaps Kurt, although I suspect the “patriotic millionaires” would be appalled by either suggestion. The only millionaire I suspect who ever actually wanted to pay more in taxes was the fictional Jed Clampett.

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