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When I am not practicing law, dealing with the joys and duties of family life, or blogging and browsing the internet, I can often be found playing strategy games.  I started playing strategy board games circa 1971 when my parents, at my request, gave me a copy of the Avalon Hill game Panzer Blitz for Christmas.  It was love at first sight, and I have been playing strategy games ever since, almost always with a historical setting.  Most of my gaming these days is done on the computer.

Recently I have been playing games on the Yucata website here.  Registration and play is completely free at Yucata, and they have some 77 games available for play.  One thing I like about Yucata, is that players do not have to be online simultaneously to play.  When you log in and go to the games that you are playing, you are prompted after clicking one of the games, to go to any game where an opponent has taken a turn.  You then take your turn, and when your adversary is online at the website, he will be prompted to take his turn, and the process repeats itself.  A fun way to play is to have several games going at once, so you have multiple turns to take when you log in.

A game I have been playing a lot of lately is A Few Acres of Snow, which deals with the struggle of France and Great Britain in North America in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Go here to read the rules of the game.  Below is a video review of the game:

Yucata automatically enforces all of the rules of the game, so the turns fly by very quickly.  No physical copy of the game is needed, and the rules of the game are available at Yucata.  No communication is needed between the players, although messages can be sent.  Often times you will be playing against a non-English speaker, since Yucata is a German company, but you will never know it, as everything you see is in English.

I play under the names of Donnie and Don60420. ( Two names allow you to play yourself if you wish, if you load the site through separate web browsers.)  I have enjoyed playing on Yucata, and I highly recommend the site.   If any of our contributors, commenters or readers join the site, simply invite me to play when you load the game you wish to play, an option to invite a player comes up when you load a game, and I will be happy to do so.  Yucata always has quite a few people available to play most of the games, so you should never lack for opponents.  Good gaming !

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  1. I notice Yucata also offers a Founding Fathers game. Maybe playing it should be a requirement for nominees to the Federal bench.

  2. We played Risk and Stratego growing up – quite primitive compared to today’s offerings.

    I’m partial towards Lord of the Rings Online, and I just installed WoW over the weekend. Each has free-to-play options – though I currently subscribe to LOTRO, and will probably get a short subscription to WoW.

    I’ll definitely alert a good friend of mine about Yucata, though – he loves strategy games, and would enjoy the site.

  3. Don,

    Have you read Robert Leckie’s book on the French – British conflict over North America, “A Few Acres of Snow?”

    I’m guessing you probably have, but it’s a great book from a Catholic perspective, and the account of the martyrdom of St. Isaac Jogues and Companions is enough to curl your hair.

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