The Only Conservative Left

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The 2012 presidential election cycle is truly one of the most depressing things to behold.  Neither of the top two candidates in the Republican field are particularly appealing, and the incumbent President has made Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan look like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Meanwhile, for all the bluster about the Establishment choosing our candidates (a charge not wholly without merit), conservatives have done themselves no favors by engaging in ridiculous character assassinations of any candidate who is not one hundred pure and good – meaning all the candidates.  Meanwhile, superficial bluster about being a conservative is taken more seriously than actual conservative governing records in big states.

To top it all off, the only conservative left in the race is barely gaining any traction, even when dismantling his opponent in exchanges such as this.

That was far from the only highlight for Santorum.  While Newt and Mitt were busy tearing each other apart for every perceived slight, Rick brought some common sense into the debate.

I don’t think Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have helped themselves with their terse exchanges on illegal immigration and Fannie & Freddie.

Apparently, Rick Santorum didn’t think so either. He said there was nothing wrong with Newt using his knowledge of Congress to help advise companies and then said there was nothing wrong with Romney making money. Santorum then implored Mitt and Newt, “Leave that alone and focus on the issues,” to strong applause.

Ah, but Senator Santorum is unelectable, according to the all the wise pundits.  There’s no way he could possibly be more electable than the guy who was once portrayed as the “Gingrich who stole Chrismas,” and who has a 2:1 unfavorable to favorable gap in the polls.  And he’s certainly not as electable as the guy who is so darn appealing that Republicans are climbing over themselves to pick anyone else but him to be the nominee, and who has an electoral record that makes the Detroit Lions look like a juggernaut.  Santorum lost his last election by 18 points, and as we all know someone that unpopular can’t ever recover.  No, we need to nominate the guy who left office with a 34% favorability rating, and who didn’t lose his bid at re-election because he didn’t even bother, knowing he was going to get destroyed.  Failing that, we can nominate the guy whose own caucus ran him out of Washington, DC.

But Santorum is unelectable.

We also know Santorum is also unelectable because he holds social views outside of the mainstream.  For instance, Santorum has this notion that marriage is an institution for one man and one woman.  This is such an insane notion that it is only shared by a majority of the American population and the current occupant of the White House.  You see, the problem with Santorum is that, unlike President Obama, he really means it.  As was discussed a couple of weeks ago at Creative Minority Report, Santorum is actually sincere in his beliefs.  So while he might hold policy positions that are identical with the rest of the field, he is the one being mocked because, well, he actually believes what he is saying.

One of the things that occurred to me recently that only augmented my political depression is that Gingrich does hold one electoral advantage over Santorum.  The fact that Gingrich is a twice-divorced man with a checkered past while Santorum is a faithfully married man and father of seven means that independents won’t fear Gingrich as much on social issues.  That’s right – actually being a man of unquestioned personal morality is an electoral disadvantage, because that just makes you seem all the more scaaaaaary.  Thank goodness our elections are decided by the sorts of people who think it’s just creepy that other people think that all life is precious, even lives conceived during rape.

So excuse me if I sit this dance out.

Update:  Great piece by Daniel Allott that discusses “Santorum Derangement Syndrome” and the problems that sincere politicians face.  H/t: Dale Price.

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  1. As I recall Bush versus Clinton Mr Zummo, Mr Bush gained some traction from his stable marriage over against Mr Clinton. The public mood has changed a lot in some ways but disdain for Mr Obama’s sexual and medical policies are very important now. They will become more-so if Cardinal Timothy Dolan – well, as of 28 February- as head of the NCCCB gets a fire lit under] the Conference and all its members and its constituents and their flock. The insurance issue in itself and the attack on conscience is a nuke ready for ignition against all that is wrong with the current group in charge of setting policy.

  2. Apologies Paul P for using a WMD image as a pacifist. David’s smooth stone might have been better as long as it hits forehead and not ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Santorum is getting a lot of positive buzz for his debate performance last night and people are beginning to pay attention to him. His takedown of Romney on Romneycare was memorable. Romney’s stuttering non-defense (Obamacare is nothing to get mad about) was a strong indication as to why the Weathervane is the weakest candidate to go up against Obama. As compared to Romney and Gingrich, Santorum seemed to be the only adult in the room. Santorum probably will not be the nominee this time around, but he is giving a good example of intelligent, articulate conservatism and people are starting to note this.

  4. “Donald R. McClarey: The soul of clarity” Or is that McClarity? kay sorry.. ButI love Santorum… I am praying he wins.

  5. While I’m definitely leaning toward Santorum (if only he hadn’t come out in favor of waterboarding…), the amount of sheer vitriol that’s already been leveled against him makes me fear the heights the Derangement Syndrome would reach if he made it to the White House. (If you thought the hatred of Bush was bad…) Then again, he’s been receiving that kind of backdraft ever since he was Senator, so maybe it won’t be so bad for his health…

    As for the majority of Americans opposing same-sex marriage, I’m not so sure how long that will last, as sodomy seems to have been accepted alongside divorce, fornication, and shacking up by society as something wholesome and worthwhile. (Have you ever tried to discuss the Catholic teaching on sexuality with someone outside the Catholic sphere? Or even tried to formulate an argument in a possible effort to – gasp! – try and win them to your point of view?)

    I dunno. (And then there’s conservatives’ sometime infatuation with Ayn Rand, which brings to mind the nightmare of an America divided solely between liberals and Objectivists…)

  6. Local conservative radio host here in Houston says Santorum is not a fiscal conservative. Tom Delay supports Santorum and stated he is a true all-round conservative. Have heard he is big on unions – I personally don’t care for unions.

  7. I kind of like 🙂 the moon colony idea of Newt….but we need the colony up and ready prior to the election not after… so that we have an alternative.

  8. HAPPY FEASTDAY today 28 JANUARY “Tommy Aquinas” -presume he is your hero ? i find myself drawing closer to Mr Santorum from my earlier views when he was good but not seemingly electable. I also operate on the Higher Side of our Humanness. The hatred spewed on him is Evil at work, as it is for any Good, witness what we did to the GOOD SHEPHERD Jesus. My prayer and hope is that the combination of positive Gospel of Life people, the disdain for 44 and his backers, and the other nebelous factors in any public debate will be swept up by the Holy Spirit who will see ” the good, the true and the beautiful ” voted to triumph. That could be Mr Santorum, or Mr Gingrich or Mr Romney. As I noted elsewhere we are not electing a replacement Messiah.

  9. “Santorum is actually sincere in his beliefs. So while he might hold policy positions that are identical with the rest of the field, he is the one being mocked because, well, he actually believes what he is saying.”

    This is the key to my support for Santorum and to the media’s–yes–conspiracy to ignore him. Every Republican is obliged to make pro-life noises. Once elected, he may throw pro-lifers a few bones, but for most part ignores them. I don’t think anyone believes Santorum would behave this way, whether they support his candidacy or not.

    I share your depression over this awful primary season, Paul.

  10. Santorum’s hometown newspapers – no, check that, they are disgusting rags and/or scandal sheets – have never stopped ripping into him. It seems that Santorum’s wife worked for an abortionist before she met and married Santorum. The key to all of this is to make the Santorums look like hypocrites on the pro life issue.

    These disgusting rags – the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (the socialist rag) and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (the libertarian/anarchist rag) point out Karen Santorum’s previous life, but ignore Dr. Nathanson and Norma McCovey. It does not fit their “world view”.

    I loathe the media. Actually I don’t like it enough to loathe it.

  11. PenguinsFan: We all struggle with the hate-forgive-let go struggle. I am learning to take Jesus’ advice. walking the extra mile meant that, by law, Jewish men were obliged to carry a Roman soldier’s equipment for one mile. Jesus asks them to go the extra mile, and take the sting, hate and resentment out of the forced march. We can write letters, get on the local radio talk shows if available and make our points positively to the general public and maybe influence advertisers. One never knows the effect of a simple gesture, the biblical leaven or the mustard seed that influence the end product. Prayer of course is indispensable to take on Jesus’ mind as expressed in in Phil. 2:6-11- emptying ouselves of the fasle self and take on the mind of Christ Jesus.

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