Face Palm Political Ad of the Year

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Courtesy of the Right Scoop  comes this political advertisement for Pete Hoekstra, who is challenging Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow.

“Your economy get very weak, ours get very good.”


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  1. As a person of Chinese descent, I don’t find the ad offensive. In fact, I think it’s kind of funny, which maybe says something about my sense of humor.

    I suppose if there’s one thing Hoekstra can be criticized for, it’s not giving sufficient consideration to the overcharged politically correct environment that we now live in. If Hoekstra had thought it through better, the ad would have had the gal speaking in Chinese with English subtitles running below her.

  2. Of course, if we do not get our fiscal house in order than the Chinese would be left holding worthless paper. I doubt if that will happen, although I do expect it to happen with most other non-American government debt. As for the Chinese, they have their own coming economic meltdown to worry about.

  3. It works for me. Only criticism is: she speaks better English than I do.

    You need to monitor default/troubled debt restructuring news out of Greece; and soon Portugal, Spain and Ireland (Italy may somehow muddle through). That likely is a harbinger of our future.

  4. Roger’s comment reminds me a of a Seinfeld episode in which his dentist converts to Judaism, and then proceeds to make a slew of anti-Semitic jokes. This upsets Seinfeld, who explains that he thinks the dentist merely converted for the jokes. Someone asks him, “This offends you as a Jew?” “No,” Jerry replied, “it offends me as a comic.”

    I think the poor production quality and the hackneyed way they tried to force the “Debbie Spend it now” nickname all contribute to make this an awful ad. The subtle playing to Chinese stereotype doesn’t help.

  5. If she had delivered her lines in Mandarin with English subtitles, as opposed to pidgin engrish, it definitely would’ve been better.

    Again, it’s not so much the message of the ad as it is the lame-assed production values that make this ad miss the mark.

  6. The girl does not look Chinese and the action appears to be somewhere in South East Asia. Who is about to begrudge a girl on a bicycle a few dollars more? But I suppose given sheer tackiness of the advertisement it might work.

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