Doubling Down

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The video above is a Democrat National Committee ad celebrating the fact that Obama is giving women “free” contraceptives and is doing so in a way which “respects” religious freedom, and those mean old Republicans want to take this away.  The Democrats are betting that the voters are both venal and stupid enough to allow them to reap a rich yield of votes in the fall on this issue.  My guess is that they are wrong.  A poll by Rasmussen found that 28% of Catholics support the government making rules that violate a church’s teachings while 68% oppose;  among the general public the numbers are 39-50, which I think is an accurate reflection of where the politics lie on this issue.  Here is Rasmussen’s commentary.

Every sports fan knows that close contests are often decided by mistakes rather than heroics. In this year’s Super Bowl, Tom Brady threw just one interception, but Eli Manning didn’t throw any. Manning’s team won.

What’s especially disheartening for fans are unforced errors. Right now, President Obama’s fans have reason to worry about a substantive unforced error that threatens his support among Catholic voters.

The Obama administration recently ruled that all insurance policies must offer contraceptive services with no co-payments required. In and of itself, that decision is neither positive nor negative. Forty-three percent of voters favor it, while 46 percent are opposed.

That mandate violates the beliefs of some churches. Normally, religious exemptions are granted in such cases, but not this time. Thirty-nine percent support the administration on this point, while 50 percent are opposed. Even worse for the White House, support for the ruling comes primarily from people who rarely attend church. That’s a group that voted strongly for Obama in 2008 and continues to support him today. In other words, no upside.

But, among Catholics, only 28 percent believe religious organizations should be required to implement rules that conflict with church doctrine. Sixty-five percent are opposed. This is true even though many Catholics disagree with church teachings on birth control.

The impact is stunning since 54 percent of Catholics voted for President Obama in 2008. Today, just 39 percent of Catholic voters approve of the way he’s doing his job.

Perhaps some strategists thought that Catholics would welcome government help in battling the church on birth control. But Catholics who disagree with the church deal with the situation in the privacy of their own bedroom. They don’t need federal help. In fact, it is hard to imagine any person of faith wanting the federal government to have any say in church doctrine and how Holy Scripture should be applied.

Go here to read the rest.

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  1. What blows me away is the claim that 98% of Catholic women use birth control. From what I have read this survey/study completely leaves out any women who are single and celibate such as religious or older women who are not childbearing age and also the young who are not sexually active. I know this is about religious liberty, but the premise that almost all Catholic women use contraception is totally based on a prejudiced study.

    This is truly built on lies. The truth shall set us free.

  2. Who do you think should make decisions about contraception………………….
    You, or your employer ?

    Exactly – your employer should not be involved in any way.
    It is a private personal decision, and a lifestyle choice – not a health issue.

    Do those who choose Natural Family Planning have their programs paid for?

  3. elm, that claim is based on a poll by… wait for it: the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which was founded by a former president of Planned Parenthood. Gee, do you think those results are just a wee bit tainted? It’s like being presented with a poll showing 98% of all Americans prefer poultry to meat or seafood and not being told the poll was conducted by Chicken Farmers United. And yet, the media keeps repeating it as fact – yet another example of how the Big Lie works.

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