Here is What a Pro-Life Democrat Looks Like

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Dan Lipinski (D.Ill) has always been fiercely pro-life, as was his father Bill Lipinski, a Democrat Congressman from Illinois for decades.  Lipinski voted against ObamaCare and he is not fooled by the President’s fake “compromise”.  Here is his statement on the “compromise”:

I am enormously disappointed by today’s announcement. All the facts indicate that the ‘new’ mandate is the same as the ‘old’ mandate. New words, same policy.
“Our understanding of the new policy is now limited to a Fact Sheet put out by the White House. This document says ‘Religious organizations will not have to provide contraceptive coverage or refer their employees to organizations that provide contraception.’ But the health care law says that all employers must provide health insurance for their employees or pay a penalty. And according to the White House these same insurance plans that employers must provide ‘will be required to provide contraception coverage to these women free of charge.’ So religious organizations have to provide health care coverage from insurance companies that are required to provide abortion drugs, sterilization, and contraception. What changed? This is the same policy.
“We need a rule that protects religious liberty by allowing employers to provide health insurance coverage that does not include abortion drugs and other services that violate their conscience and religious doctrine. Instead we got a so-called compromise that is no compromise at all and provides no options for those with profound religious and moral objections to providing these services. To say that the insurer and not the employer is required to provide the coverage is a fiction. There is no accommodation for religious liberty. The rule remains coercive and still violates the long-standing tradition of protection for conscience rights in federal law.

Future Democrats will be as ashamed of their support of abortion as they are today for their support, as a party, of slavery.  Their only solace then will be to remember pro-life Democrats like Dan Lipinski.

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  1. He looks fine. Haven’t heard any around this neck of the woods which is rife with higher education and closing churches.

  2. I still don’t get the request for a religious exemption. Why should only religious organizations be exempt from violating their consciences, while non-religious organizations (who may share the exact same religious principle) are required to do so?

    If you don’t like the coverage your employer is giving you, get a different job or buy the coverage on your own. What ever happened to the “if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one” mantra. What about “if you want an abortion, pay for it yourself?” Oh yeah, it only works one way.

  3. “Future Democrats will be as ashamed of their support of abortion as they are today
    for their support, as a party, of slavery”.

    I truly hope we see that day dawn. However, I would note that the Democrats have yet
    to issue any sort of mea culpa for their support, as a party, for slavery, for Jim
    Crow, or for support of the Klan. Rather, they have simply thrust such inconvenient and
    shameful facts down the memory hole. They appear to be embarrassed, yes. But
    ashamed? No.

    On the dawning of that glorious day when abortion is universally condemned, I rather
    think the Democrats will proclaim that they were against it all along, and trust in the
    public’s short attention span.

  4. Disagree Greg. Obama stands as much of chance of being beaten in Illinois, due to the Chicago incubus, as he does of being elected Pope. A pro forma endorsement by Lipiniski under those circumstances is truly meaningless. On the other hand his constant attacks against Obama on abortion, ObamaCare and the HHS Mandate are important, since they are coming from within the Democrat party, and from a Congressman in Obama’s own home state. I have been very hard on Democrats who pay mere lip service to being pro-life, and that is not the case with Lipinski.

  5. It’s great that Lipinski is pro-life, but I’ve heard a rumor that he’s also pro-gay-marriage. I hope it’s not true. Does anyone know for sure? Please say it ain’t so!

  6. He voted for the Stupak amendment which provided for aborting rape/incest babies. And which enabled Obamacare. Not prolife in my book.

    Don’t tell me Chris Smith did same. He also says Christie is prolife and he’s got rape/incest exceptions too.

    Lipinski was just lucky his vote wasn’t needed to put Ocare over the top – the dems counted carefully and excused every dem that had done duty on other fronts.

  7. “Not prolife in my book.”
    Yes, but strongly pro-life in this frame of reality.

    “excused every dem that had done duty on other fronts.”

    Rubbish. Lipinski has been outspokenly pro-life since he got into Congress and his votes have matched his speech. I am very cynical about pro-life Democrats, since almost all of them, like Stupak, crumbled under pressure. Lipinski has not.

  8. I don’t understand how anyone can be against abortion but be a member of the pro-abortion party. Things have to make sense and that doesn’t make sense. Catholics who go to Sunday Mass and stand to profess their faith in which they say they believe “in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life,” and stand again and pray the Our Father where they pray for God’s “will be done on earth and (they be)delivered from evil” have to have something wrong with them if they turn around and give their name identification and votes to the pro-abortion party? What? Do they think God creates life for it to be aborted? Is God in contradiction with himself, or are Catholics who are Democrats? Fifty-four percent of Catholics who voted in 2008, voted to elect the first pro-abortion, pro-infanticide President ever! Things have to make sense, or there is something wrong. Such Catholics don’t make sense, and there is something seriously wrong with our country because of this President and those Catholics who elected him.

  9. I am a committed, prayerful and very active Catholic. I have had the honor of voting in the past three presidential elections, since becoming a citizen. I must say that I have voted for members of both parties, and that I cannot in good conscience label the Democratic party as the “abortion” party, any more than I can label the Republican party the “death-penalty, white-collar-crime, feed the rich” party. Both parties have policy stances that are horribly devaluing of life. I feel that we do the debate a great disservice when we rely on cheap labels and branding instead of engaging each other in the meaningful but challenging dialogue.

    As long as we allow ourselves to remain stuck in the cheap politics of labeling and insulting, we will never lift our country to a true life-affirming culture, no matter which party is in office. As long as members of either party see defending themselves and their part as the only option, they will never engage in authentic dialogue . . . which is the only action that has the capacity to move hearts and minds.

    I pray for an end to abortion. I pray for an end to poverty and the increasing wealth gap. I pray to an end for the corporate greed that has dehumanized so many. I pray for an end to the military machine that has killed so many. I pray for an end to the divisiveness that has devalued so many.

  10. @RAS
    “I must say that I have voted for members of both parties, and that I cannot in good conscience label the Democratic party as the ‘abortion’ party….”

    And why is that, RAS? The Democrat Party supports the Roe v Wade decision that ended any state restrictions against the medical procedure of abortion. The Democrat Party Platform supports abortion-on-demand remaining the-law-of-the-land for over 37 years. The overwhelming number of Democrat elected officials at all levels of government are pro-abortion. Every Supreme Court nomination by a Democrat President since Roe v. Wade has been supportive of the Roe v Wade decision. And Democrat Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committees have attacked any Republican Supreme Court nominee suspected of being supportive of overturning Row v. Wade and have voted against almost every one of them. The Democrat Party is not ashamed of their support for murdering unborn babies. And this President we now have, thanks to 54% of Catholic voters, is even on record as being supportive of infanticide if a baby happens to survive his or her abortion. So, I don’t understand how you can deny that the Democrat Party is the pro-abortion party. The Democrat Party opposes a Right To Life Constitutional Amendment. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable voting for Democrats, of which I used to be one until they became the pro-abortion party and I left them because I didn’t want to become a hypocritical Catholic. In other words, I believe what I profess and pray for in Sunday Mass and that is more important to me than thinking I am “morally superior” to those other people in that other party that you mentioned. By the way, what intrinsic evil is committed by the “prudential judgment” issues you attributed to that other party? In fact, which of them are even sins?

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