Librarian: The Perfect Job For a Retired DI

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The National Rifle Association is going all out this election and the video above featuring retired Marine Drill Instructor R. Lee Ermey is a good way to kick off their campaign.

Unsurprisingly, Ermey is not a big fan of the current administration:


Sometimes I think this nation collectively needs a dose of this type of therapy:




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  1. My kids’ Catholic high school has a real-life Conan the Librarian working in its library.

    He is about six-foot-four and wide as a barn door: all muscle. He competes and generally wins caber toss competitions at Scottish games. He trained one son in caber. He was nationally ranked in discus and helps with weight training and coaching the weight men on the tracks teams. He coached all three of my sons.

    His heart is a big as his shoulders. He was an airborne ranger in the US Army, too.

  2. I’m a big fan of Gunny Ermey.

    Lock ‘N’ Load is must viewing. My kids are fascinated by the development of the technology. And even more so by the big explosions in slo-mo.

  3. Notice the ring tone and ending tune is Ted Nugent. Not a surprise when you think of it. I’m sure it was loyalty free too. 🙂

  4. Easy, now! A great many Catholic Keyboard Commandos resent their angry denunciations about some government miscreancy being responded to with a very easy question: “Did you vote?” You can cube and square that hissy-fittiness when the screed is about a school and the question is “But did you vote in your last school board election?”

    Many people, I fear, will applaud Gunny’s plea — um, direct order — to register but won’t actually show up and do so.

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