Gingrich and the Fourth Estate

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No one is better than Gingrich in pointing out the wretched double standard of the Mainstream Media:


I want to make two quick points, John. The first is there is a legitimate question about the power of the government to impose on religion activities which any religion opposes. That’s legitimate. But I just want to point out, you did not once in the 2008 campaign, not once did anybody in the elite media ask why Barack Obama voted in favor of legalizing infanticide.

Newt was referring to Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a state senator in Illinois which would have mandated medical care for infants who survived abortion.  Go here and here for the nauseating details.  Imagine living in a country where the Mainstream Media played it straight and where most of it did not serve as unpaid press agents for one of the political parties.    Frankly, after living in America for the past half century I find that hard to imagine.

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  1. “If you don’t read the papers you are uninformed. If you read the papers you are misinformed.” Mark Twain


    I go into my “wife-listening” mode until the sports and weather come on.

  2. Unfortunately, there has been little evidence of non-partisan journalism ever in that mean estate. From the days when you knew which paper in your city supported which candidates, through the yellow journalism of a century ago all the way up until today, that concept is tough to conjure and tougher still to maintain.

    The culprit is the consumer, of course, who wants to be titillated and shocked. Straightforward, unbiased reporting has a favorable demographic that’s way too far at the high end of the bell curve to be profitable.

    I submit that the closest example we’ll see is CSPAN.

  3. The thing is I have no problem with partisan journalism. All I ask is that you fly your flag. Please don’t tell me you (the media) are objective. I am not stupid.

  4. I like the comment of flying your flag, but that just polarizes the nation. The pundit reporting is almost like hate/rumor-mongering. It serves little purpose, except to brainwash stupid people (the majority of the US). Instead, we need un-biased reporting and we’re simply not getting it. Everyone is biased….maybe CSPAN, maybe NPR (at least they provide two perspectives).

  5. Don

    The incident that resulted in the “Born Alive” bill was not a botched abortion. The pregnancy was carried to normal term then the baby was shelved to die of lack of nourishment and care. .

    What I don’t understand is why needed the law, it seems to be homicide carried out with intent and malice, which I thought was already illegal with a hefty punishment. But I’m not a lawyer, what do I know.

    Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

  6. Hey folks, could someone running this blog please email me? I wandered over to a progressive web site and found myself literally in a den of vipers. I was curious and I learned a few things. I thought things would go more or less like they do here but boy, was I mistaken. I wanted to share them in more detail through email and get your thoughts if you don’t mind.


    Big Gar, aka TemplarofTruth…

  7. Progressive Web Site = Den Of Vipers. This is a fair and open blog, but please try to limit the redundancy.



  8. It seems like many years ago that journalists were more objective in reporting the facts than they are today. They may have leaned either to the Left or Right but it wasn’t as so blatantly obvious as it is today with reporters playing partisan politics.

  9. Prior to the Sixties Teresa reporters were often of blue collar origin, many without college degrees. As a group they tilted to the Dems, but they often had varied experiences, including military service and working at a variety of jobs that made them a fairly eclectic bunch. Today, most journalists come out of college with similar life experiences and a standard pattern of ideological beliefs.

  10. Also, as I’m fond of pointing out, reporters at the LOCAL level (weekly or small daily newspapers) do not tend to skew to the left as much as the NATIONAL or large city media do. Covering the police or city council beat in a town of, say, 10,000 or fewer people — especially when you and your spouse and children (if any) live in the town you are covering — is a far different animal from covering Congress or the White House. Plus, most journalists at the local level make very little money, sometimes barely above minimum wage (that was my situation for several years). They are nothing like the pampered talking heads you see on TV.

  11. I have noticed that as well, Elaine. Even when the local reporter covers politics its for a brief minute or two so they don’t have time to spin the story like the national media reporters do.

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