The American Catholic in Good Company

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We get a fair amount of drive by troll comments here at The American Catholic.  One such comment appeared in the Apologias thread from a William L. Zimmerman.  Here is the comment by Mr. Zimmerman:

Mr. Obama’s apology over the burning of Korans was entirely appropriate.  If you really think Muslim outrage over the incident is insincere, think back to when Mapplethorpe’s “Piss Christ” art work was enough to enrage the Christian world.  I truly wish you web site would stop posing as a “Catholic” publication.  It isn’t.  It’s at best a political rag for the American right.  Stop misrepresenting my religion to the world.  You are as out of touch with the message of Jesus Christ as I can imagine.


In regard to the comment, a hint for Mr.  Zimmerman:  If you are going to bring up a red herring, it should have some relevance.  The banally blasphemous Piss Christ of Andres Serrano, not Maplethorpe, aroused ire largely because it received an award partially funded by the National Endowment of Arts, a taxpayer supported institution, and no one lost their life or suffered any injury in the subsequent completely peaceful protests by Christians and those art lovers who could distinguish art from a con job.  As for his critique of The American Catholic, we seem to be in good company when it comes to Mr. Zimmerman’s attempt to drum us out of the Faith.

At the site Our Common Thread, the web site of Catholics United, a George Soros funded astroturf group of Catholic Anti-Catholics, Mr. Zimmerman left this observation about the Bishops:

We Cathoics are like scared school children, even as adults; awaiting Father’s or Sister’s approval before making moral decisions of the sort that can only be done on an individual level.  What is right in one situation is wrong in another context. There are no short cuts in moral decision making.   But there are a million shades of grey.  Catholic Bishops should learn that.  But, of course, they are not theologians — they are politicians, interested primarily in retaining their own power, wealth and position at the expense of “their sheep” (us).  There is no theological basis for the notion that life begins at conception than there is that it begins at ejaculation.  But these right thinking old fools are intent on imposing their views on all of us.      

William L. Zimmerman, Sacred Heart Parish, Altoona, PA

I do wish to thank Mr. Zimmerman for his contribution to The American Catholic.  He has well performed the essential purpose of any web troll, which is to add a bit of unintentional buffoonery to lighten the proceedings.  Well done sir!


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  1. Has Mr. Zimmerman ever bothered to read the Bible, or the Catechism, or anything else that is remotely Catholic? Morality is absolute. But the devil’s favorite color is grey. And Adam and Eve made a decision on an individual level whose repercussions we still deal with today.

  2. “Sincere outrage” for them not for THEE!

    The honorable ways to dispose of the American flag, Holy Bibles, religious materials, etc. are to burn or bury them.

    Here’s another lying liberal false comparison. As usual, they reward evil and assault virtue.

    No one: not Marplethorpes, was murdered – “SINCERE OUTRAGE” – because of his distasteful, faux art. He’ll be eternally dealt with.

    I don’t advocate killing all filthy pagans, just killing – “SINCERE OUTRAGE” – the ones that will murder us because someone 8,000 miles away mistakenly burned books or drew cartoons of the profit Muhammad.

  3. I ga e up Facebook for Lent for the second year in a row this year. Last year it took until September for me to revert to arguing politics on the internet. “Troll” is an appropriate name for people who do what Mr. Z does, in that it is ugly and creates anxiety in the knowledge that somebody could be both so wrong and so steeped in the absolute surety of his own correctness.

    The giveaway is the implication that The Church is just another set of robber barons, pilfering from the poor to line thier own pockets. It’s the standard left/prgressive/neo-fascist rant against everything that isn’t driving down the street in his neighborhood throwing $100 bills out the windows.

    If I had a chancer to ask him, my question to the conflicted Mr. Zimmerman would be: “Why are you still calling yourself Catholic? If you disbelieve all of The Church’s tenets, why stay? The Unitarians would love you. If you miss the Liturgy, there are some Episcopalian dioceses in New England that would love to have you aboard. Your bleats, err, opinions are as substantial as those of an Orthodox Jew complining about how he can’t enjoy his baby back ribs. Please, go find peace, and when you do, your return will be heralded as with The Prodigal.”

    We must pray for Mr. Zimmerman and all those misguided and deceived souls like him. “St. Anthony, pray for us.”

  4. Keep posting, Mr. Zimmerman. It’s important to preserve for posterity a certain ossified type of smug, leftist Church Lady emoting which identifies as “Catholic thinking.” Health warning: constantly patting yourself on the back for your enlightenment is potentially dangerous to long term rotator cuff health.

    Let me guess–you attended Catholic school, too.

    There’s no nice way of putting this, but you are a willfully obtuse twit immunized against any facts which might pierce your leftist bubble.

    Such as the lack of a body count from ANDRES SERRANO’S “Piss Christ” display. Good Gaia, Zimmerman, you can’t even get your artist straight in your preening vents. I know Donald already pointed it out, but watching you flail about trying to denigrate others with your alleged superiority is a lot like watching a one-legged cat determined to bury turds on a frozen pond.

    So, yes–keep it coming.

  5. Let me guess–you attended Catholic school, too.

    I’m guessing he was an altar boy too. The question is, however, did he go to seminary?

  6. ” What is right in one situation is wrong in another context. There are no short cuts in moral decision making. But there are a million shades of grey. Catholic Bishops should learn that. ”
    These men are Bishops because they know the Word and Laws of God, the black and white, and how to apply it in moral decision making and in other areas where grey enters to confuse. I’ll stay with them for safety. Otherwise, it’s a life of trying to digest the fester and rot from ‘millions’ of grey views.

    ” But these right thinking old fools are intent on imposing their views on all of us. ”
    [Correct: Right thinking/ men of God]
    [Incorrect: ‘fools’ are found in grey areas, ‘imposing’ as does government,
    ‘views’ are personal opinions such as above, in contrast to applying God’s Law]

  7. All trolls and William L. Zimmerman are free to go to hell. What the trolls and William L. Zimmerman are not free to do is to take other people with them. Then the state and the Church must step in and prevent innocent persons being drawn into the hell forever and forever by the likes of trolls and William L. Zimmerman. Moral relativism only begets more moral relativism making us all lost. Any shade of gray is good if the person consents with full knowledge to having gray. Having gray shoved down our throats on our way to hell with a troll is not exactly what Jesus wants for us in freedom. Thomas Aquinas defined the human being as “an individual substance of a rational nature”. God’s name is “I AM WHO I AM”, HE WHO IS, HE WHO WAS AND HE WHO WILL BE, GOD IS BEING, GOD IS EXISTENCE, God is the theological basis for the notion and truth that the human life of another person begins at conception, when two become one, with the will of HE WHO WILL BE. As far as ejaculation, one must be concerned with every cell of the human being as it is precious in the eyes of God, WHO made every one. How dare you speak your vile tongue for me? Who are you to speak for me? Did you get my permission? No, I do not give you permission to speak for me. Plagiarist. Liar.

  8. Dale Price,
    “Good Gaia” the exclaimation caught my eye and I thought I may start using it. Gaia is an idea, but her priestesses refer to humans as parasites on the back of Mother Earth, so I do not know if this is good. The idea of God as Mother is treated at “Nature is not our mother. Nature is our sister.” GKC

  9. Dale Price.

    ….like a one legged cat determined to bury turds on a frozen pond.”

    Priceless – 😆
    Couldn’t help picturing this in my mind.

    Maybe, Don, you could encourage Mr. Zimmerman to keep commenting? Would arguably raise the level of mirth on the blog 🙂

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