A Voice for the Voiceless

My state’s senior Senator has just achieved a milestone that has put her in the record books.  Barbara Mikulski is now the longest serving female member of Congress in American history, having served her 12,892th day in Congress last week.  There’s this touching piece in the Washington Times discussing how beloved she is among her colleagues.  It features this quote from Olympia Snowe, “R” – Maine:

“She gave voice to the voiceless, power to the powerless”

Three paragraphs later:

The 4-foot-11 former social worker has looked out for her state as a member of the Appropriations Committee and has been a tough advocate for NASA and space programs. She has favored abortion rights and pushed for health care coverage.

Well, perhaps not all voices.

This is also serves as another reminder that Ms. Snowe will not be missed.


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  1. She gave death to the most silent, and death to the least powerful. Of course she is another Roman Catholic Democrat politician, a graduate of Mount Saint Agnes College, who has never come under episcopal sanction for being a complete pro-abort throughout her political career.

  2. Social justice (for favored classes) is ever the alibi for all sins.

    She represents an off-shoot of the “Fatal Cult of Antihumanism” (Robert Zubrin – title fragment).

  3. “ON BECOMING A PERSON” a series taught in Catholic grammar school after Vatican II said that the soul was created and endowed by the community. Personality, not sovereign personhood, is engendered by the community. The rational, immortal soul of the human being in created and endowed when two become one, a new DNA, a newly begotten sovereign person comes in existence. Barbara Mikulski believes that if the community generates the human being’s soul, the community may reposses the immortal, rational human soul. In short, Barbara Mikulski does not believe in the human being’s soverign personhood, immortal, rational soul. It is quite likely, Barabara Mikulski does not believe in God, or believes that God is a state social worker. As an atheist, Mikulski accepts God’s Divine Providence, but refuses to share God’s beneficence with all other people. Mikulski is a politician. Mikulski is not a statesman.

  4. If we are to love fools like this, then shouldn’t we do all we can to correct them? Given that information is received according to the mode of the receiver, shouldn’t we employ language that they understand?

    These people only understand sentimental emotions and power. Our Bishops have power, but they seem to not use it (I respect our bishops and do not presume to know what they know, nor anything given as a charism.) As for emotions, well, from what I understand pain elicits all sorts of emotions, can’t we apply the humane methods they use on the voiceless to them? Is it just to stab them in the back of the head with scissors and then vacuum what little brain matter they may have? I mean if our elected idiots, especially Catholics, can vote to legally murder babies; then, can’t we use the same methods to abort Congressmen and Senators? Of course, I am not suggesting that we do it ourselves, that would be barbaric. It must be safe, humane and rare – we can get Kevorkian to do it in a sterile environment, right?

  5. Mary-

    Your comments got me curious, so I Googled then Amazoned. I do not disbelieve you, but I would like to find the administrator responsible for any grammar school curriculum that contains this garbage and thrash them soundly. Here’s a review from the amazon.cmo page:

    “I was given this book in 1973 when I was a senior in college and wished to attend graduate school in clinical psychology. The book transformed me. I went from page to page recognizing that Roger’s spoke directly to me and the way I experienced my relationship with my inner self and soul . . .”

    And another . . .

    “Welcome to the world of humanistic/existential psychology. This is the book I buy as gifts for close friends, as it has forever changed me. I too am amazed that as a clincal psychology doctoral student, this book is not a Required read in our program. If you’ve been considering reading about humanistic psychology or Carl Rogers, this is the book to start with . . .”

    “Humanistic psychology.” Can there be a more selfish, self-centered or self-destructive delusion? “If I look at myself in the mirror long enough I will become God.”

    If despair were not a mortal sin, I would probably be wallowing a bit right now. Unbelievable.

  6. My children were exposed to the series “ON BECOMING A PERSON’ in Catholic school (5th-8th grade). I did not know there were adult books as well. Our pastor told them to use the Baltimore Catechism. They refused. Pastor sent them packing but not before they (Oh these indivduals were nuns) they created a schism in our parish. Some parishioners left to teach this in private settings at home schooling. Looking back, I remember how vapid the lessons were.There was no substance. If the Holy Spirit, working through the community, creates the human being’s soul, then the Holy Spirit is the Creator, not the Sanctifier. The Three Persons of the Holy Trinity are distinct. Jesus Christ was full of grace and wisdom, therefore, Christ grew into the fullness of grace and wisdom that were His by dominion. The idea that Christ did not know that He was God, or what His mission was is an effort to strip Our Lord of His Divinity. (my own thoughts) Jesus, like Our Lady, could not have given informed consent if Jesus and His Mother did not know. The nuns ought to have given obedience to our pastor. They were forced to by our Bishop and they left.

  7. It was the American Psychiatric Association that “normalized” homosexual behavior. It is psychiatrists in Baltimore, Md last August (B4UACT) who are trying to get the court’s permission to have adult-infant intercourse “normalized”. Legalized rape without informed consent of minor children. “The Professionals” Your response enlightened me as to where this evil is venting.

  8. “If I look at myself in the mirror long enough I will become God.” How long will it take for you to become infinite? Infinite has no beginning. I think this is what Satan offered Adam and Eve in the Garden: to become infinite, like God. God, our Creator, then ceases to exist. …and humankind, mankind, ceases to be human.

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