Quiz Time!

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Go here to take a quiz on religion from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.  I found it very simple and scored 15 out of 15.  Unfortunately that means that I scored better than 99% of the people who took the test.  Take the test and report the results in the comboxes.  After you have taken the quiz, go here for some grim reading on the results of the Pew US Religious Knowledge Survey.

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  1. In the words of Maxwell Smart, “Missed it by that much.”

    14 out of 15 – The Great Awakening tripped me up.

  2. Donald,

    I commend you on staying married to someone with as thick a black beard as your wife. I am rather jealous of it. (And to her, on staying married to a lawyer.)

    15 of 15 here – I find it disturbing that (apparently) Catholics know so little about things.

  3. “I commend you on staying married to someone with as thick a black beard as your wife.”

    Mere internet trickery Jonathan as we are both clean shaven in real life! 🙂

    My spouse does deserve accolades for staying married to an attorney for three decades, especially to one with a mercurial temperament. As I have often said to her, putting up with me no doubt has shortened her stay in Purgatory considerably!

  4. My wife has only had one decade to the lawyer – so many years to go, poor thing.

    Donald, are you familiar with John C. Wright’s blog – http://www.scifiwright.com/ – ? He’s a law grad, convert, and science-fiction / fantasy writer. Very good stuff.

  5. Gall durn Awakening. Thanks for helping me bone up on my faith and the faith of others. Learn a lot from this blog.

  6. 15 of 15, but – on the SCOTUS ruling questions, kind of used educated guesses, and the Great Awakening question I recalled from another survey, or that would have been a 50/50 guess (knew it wasn’t Billy, but might have guessed Finney if I hadn’t seen the question before).

    Not surprised by the results nationwide – these are questions regarding religious doctrine and history (SCOTUS rulings aside), and most in this country are “spiritual,” not religious.

  7. (Guest comment from Don’s wife Cathy:) Joe, got 14 of 15 correct on the Catholic Quiz (missed the question on the cardinal virtues). This would be a great quiz for Confirmation students in CCD to take!

  8. 14/15. Missed #4 – didn’t read it correctly.

    However, #15 was a complete guess that hit.

    I’m thinkling age and public school miseducation are factors in the low scores.

  9. I hate to gloat, but I just got double 15’s. (Actually, I love to gloat, so I guess I’m smart but vain. I’d rather be dumb and modest.)

    The Confirmation question was interesting. That’s the sacrament that I understand the least.

  10. 13/15, missing Particluar Judgment & Cardinal Virtues . . . hmm, maybe I’m being told something more subliminally.

  11. 14/15. The annoying thing is I missed the Jewish Sabbath thing even though I knew the answer was Friday night. Somehow just clicking Friday didn’t seem quite right.

  12. Got 15/15 on the religion quiz and 14/15 on the Catholic quiz (Sanctifying Grace threw me). Really shocked on how badly most people did. Very interesting that atheists know more about religion then those who profess a religion.

  13. I missed Friday begins Sabbath even tho I knew better

    could we here could be called to catechesis? hmmm the upcoming Year of Faith seems to call us all–

  14. The Holy Bible as just literature gets me – and I even took a course called Literature of the Bible at a public u, also being unawakened: 87%.
    Do people not swear on the Bible any more? Dickens? Shakespeare?
    Second test: 100%. Good thing for my Gregorian calendar back page.

  15. I always wondered about those Bible as Literature things. I mean, the Bible is interesting as literature, so you’ve got to be able to learn something, but the most interesting question about the Bible is whether or not it’s just literature, and that kind of course has to be coy about it or I guess reject it entirely. Right?

  16. Only missed the last question – haven’t seen or read about the Great Awakening in nearly 50 years. I wonder how media journalists did.

  17. 15/15 – just “logic-ed” it on the SCOTUS questions, so maybe Divine Inspiration? 😉

    Now for Joe Green’s test.

  18. Doh – Shucks!

    15/15 in the Catholic quiz too.
    Do I have to admit that I’m studying for the Diaconate?

    Just as well I got all right – otherwise would have to hide the results from my tutors and spiritual director. 🙂

  19. 15/15 – I took an educated guess and got the Great Awakening question correct. Sad to see that Catholics don’t rate too well, though I guess with the state of catechesis, it’s not surprising.

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