It Is An Ill Wind

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Hattip to Instapundit.   As faithful readers of this blog know, I am, for my sins no doubt, an attorney.  My bankruptcy practice has grown 20-25% each year of the Obama administration:


Tax refunds being used to pay for bankruptcy filings. “More than 200,000 money-strapped households will use their tax refunds this year to pay for bankruptcy filing and legal fees, says a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

The Obama administration has been a disaster for the country as a whole but it has been manna for heaven for the bankruptcy bar.  And I’m working hard to get Obama out of the White House?  What is wrong with this picture!  🙂



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  1. Former FDIC Chairman (was possibly the only competent person in DC since Bush left) has a modest proposal (Swiftian) in the Wa Post.

    She wants to end income inequality and stimulate the economy by providing to the American household the same loans Bernanke, Geithner, and Obama have been giving to Goldman Sachs, AIG, JPMorganChase, et al since late 2008.

    The Fed has been handing Trillons $$$ in basically interest-free loans to banks to spark the recovery.

    Ms. Bair suggests that each American household receive access to the Fed printing press by be granted a $10 million interest free loan.

    This way Main Street gets a piece of the action as well as Wall Street. And, no bureaucrats are involved.

    Makes as much sense as handing interest-free trillions to billionaire banksters.

    Tell me again why you voted for Obama . . .

  2. Two of my daughters lost their homes and are now renting. One’s husband’s overtime was cut off. The other daughter’s job was sent to Japan (where their product was inferior because they did not know what they were doing) Now, she is making sandwiches in a Seven Eleven while trying to put her children, my grandchildren, through college. The bank refused to take the key to the house back, leaving her with a mortgage forever. My son and the famly all helped. Her house was sold, but there was only so much we could do. Do not let Obama tell anyone that the stimulus package was anything but to get him reelected. Obama is pretty sure of being reelected, but not with my vote.

  3. Middle class manufacturing jobs have been going overseas since the ealry 80’s.
    We started loosing jobs well before Obama came into office. It’s not him nor was it Bush. It’s the rules that allow the highest top 5% to run things the way it benefits them. Corporations have been getting breaks long before Obama and we were not getting those breaks before him either.
    We need strong middle class and a viable third political party.
    We can’t spend $trillions on poorly strategized wars that provide no clear winners and expect the economy to shine. It’s all of us – keep buying your goods from overseas, but keep complaining about the economy…my car was made in Indiana…how bout yours?…what percentage of durable goods in your household were built in America?
    Our policies stink and are counter to growing a strong middle class. Don’t need a president for that.
    We need to generate the political will to make the changes required. The republicans have the house, but what bills have they produce or gotten into law that help the middle class? This shouldn’t be us vs them…it should be how we are going to get together to solve the root causes of the problems you’re all complaining about. Certainly Mitt isn’t the answer…

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