This Country is Going to the Dogs

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A playful video about our dog eating President.  In the meantime the humans behind Dogs Against Mitt believe that Romney is disqualified from being President for having his dog ride in a cage on top of the family car in a 12 hour trip to Canada.

The late Ray Walston gives the appropriate commentary as to how the general election campaign is beginning:

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  1. Good stuff, Don. Can anyone remember when LBJ pulled his beagles up by their ears? The nation howled.

  2. ‘Madison Avenue’ PR needs the arms of the Angels because they seem to be the mouth of the fallen one.

  3. Now if the only issue were that the President had eaten _cat_ and Gov Romney had made it ride on top I’d vote for Obama 🙂

  4. I am confident my dog, Buddy, can do a better job than Obama, the Bernank, Clinton, Tax-Cheat Tim, Holder, Panetta, Reid, et al of creating jobs and restoring peace and prosperity.

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