Has Rome Overreacted to the LCRW?

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So, you think you’re a calm and balanced guy, and you read all these news stories about how the nuns are just “stunned” that Rome would investigate them. I mean, “stunned. How could the mean old Vatican investigate nuns?

Well, Thomas L. McDonald of God and the Machine gives us a little bit of an idea. He takes a look at the upcoming LCWR Assembly 2012 (to be held in August), and notes the keynote topic: “Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now” which will be delivered by Barbara Marx Hubbard. He takes a look at Barbara Marx Hubbard’s site and finds the following:

It has become obvious that a creative minority of humanity is undergoing a profound inner mutation or transformation. Evolutionary ideas are not only serving to make sense of this change, but also acting to catalyze the potential within us to transform. (Thought creates; specific thought creates specifically.)

It is the planetary crisis into which we were born that is awakening our sleeping potential for transformation. Planet Earth has given birth to a species capable of choosing whether to consciously evolve ourselves and our social forms, or to continue the course we have set toward our own extinction. And the choice is clear.

All great spiritual paths lead us to this threshold of our own consciousness, but none can guide us across the great divide — from the creature human to the cocreative human. None can guide us in managing the vast new powers given us by science and technology. None of us have been there yet.

What we can envision

The enriched noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth, is now replete with evolutionary technologies that can transform the material world. Within the next 30 to 50 years, we could transform our physical bodies, our minds, our social structures, and set in motion the emergence of a new civilization.

Science: It is said that the power of quantum computing may increase exponentially in the next 50 years bordering on silicon-based life. At the same time biologists studying aging, cloning, and stem cells tell us we may reverse aging and gain a sort of immortality. One scientist writes, “We may live 600 years and only die by accident.”

Moving deeply into the nature of matter, students of zero point energy believe that we can tap into and use the infinite sea of energy that underlies everything. Furthermore, with nanotechnology we can build as nature does—atom by atom.

Expanding beyond the earth itself, space engineers envision the formation of an extraterrestrial sphere, much as hundreds of millions of years ago the biosphere was formed. We can live in an integrated Earth/Space environment restoring the Earth, freeing ourselves from hunger and poverty, exploring the vast untapped potential of human cocreativity.

Social systems: As we shift from maximum procreation to cocreation, the Feminine would be liberated from its restrictive roles, as men and women cocreate in a balanced way for the good of the larger human family. The Masculine would be released from its long-standing roles of patriarch and protector to discover the peace and ease of true relationship and cocreation.

Patterns of unification are set in motion already, as nonprofit, corporate, and governmental alliances are built around countless initiatives. Those that are successful are already witnessing the melting of borders and boundaries that have prevented successful compromise and negotiation in the past. Political events, like the fall of the Berlin wall, are foreshadowing the possibility of unification around the globe, and creating the hope that seemingly insurmountable problems may find yet find solutions.

Spiritual grounding: Jesus said, “These and even greater works shall you do.” We may actually be on the threshold of those abilities that Christ was able to do and that He foresaw as possibilities for us all. Specifically, the ability to use conscious intent, perhaps in conjunction with scientific and technological capacities, will allow us to create bodies sensitive to thought. We may find ourselves transforming the human body from its physical, animal, degenerating phase to a regenerating and evolving phase.

This capability would be the fulfillment of the words of St. Paul: “Behold I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump; for the trumpet shall sound. This corruptible will become incorruptible. This mortal will put on immortality and death shall be swallowed up in victory.”

This would also be the emergence of what Alan Lithman calls, psyche materialis, and what the Bible calls, Adam of the quickening Spirit. [And so it was written: the first Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. (1 Cor. 15:45).]

Sri Aurobindo named the human being with this ability, the gnostic being; Teilhard de Chardin called it the ultra person; and I have selected the name, universal human and universal humanity. This type of human is a quantum jump beyond the species Homo sapiens. It is a new species that is incubating in millions now.

This is a Naissance; this is new for Earth — but it is not new for the universe. The name universal human is good because it connotes the reality that we are entering the phase of universal life.

Although we may never know what really happened, we do know that the story told in the Gospels is that Jesus’ resurrection was a first demonstration of what I call the post-human universal person. We are told that he did not die. He made his transition, released his animal body, and reappeared in a new body at the next level of physicality to tell all of us that we would do what he did. The new person that he became had continuity of consciousness with his life as Jesus of Nazareth, an earthly life in which he had become fully human and fully divine. Jesus’ life stands as a model of the transition from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis.


Now millions of earthly humans from every spiritual tradition, from many social movements and scientific lineages of human inquiry, are evolving to the stage at which they recognize their soul, their higher self. They are becoming willing, even passionately desire, to be one with that Self. And as a critical mass of humans evolving toward their new capacities arise, humanity will undergo an unprecedented shifting in our entire way of being on this planet.

We are the generations born into this moment in history. Our powers are immense. We can destroy the earth as we know it, or alternatively, transform the material and societal limits of human life. We or our children may actually live to experience either the destruction of our life support systems (with unimaginable consequences for billions of people), or the literal transformation of our bodies from creature human life cycle to cocreative human life cycle. The choice is ours. [emphasis added]

Thomas McDonald aptly observes, “that’s not merely crazy: that’s weapons-grade crazy”. I concur.

So. Is Rome over-reacting in thinking that there may be a few screws loose over at the LCWR? Nope. Not a bit.

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  1. She sounds like a Scientologist.
    “Planet Earth has given birth to a species………”
    I thought God, not planet earth created us – “Gaia, we thank you for our being” [sarc]

    We are told that he did not die.
    Nup, Jesus died alright – otherwise he could not have had His victory over death.
    I should just leave it at that.

    Yes, this one is certainly one for the men in white coats to take away.

  2. So she’s saying we didn’t really NEED Jesus, He was just pointing the way toward the brave new future awaiting us. He didn’t REALLY suffer death and rise from the dead. And we, the human race, will someday achieve this here on earth. But the question at the back of my mind, after those future humans come to the natural end of their 600 year lifespan, is what will they find? Endless death or endless life with Our Lord?

    Perhaps what the good sisters need to hear at their conference is someone who will preach Christ crucified. Surely they didn’t vow their lives to their Bridegroom to betray Him by filling their minds with this scifi trash. Their leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. “Planet Earth has given birth to a species capable of choosing whether to consciously evolve ourselves and our social forms, or to continue the course we have set toward our own extinction. And the choice is clear.”

    Now there’s a real Social Darwinist.

  4. After Obama’s election, Barb the snakeoil saleswoman delivered herself of this gem on November 21, 2008:

    “Our recent presidential election clearly reflects the evolutionary shift that we have been talking about and sensing. Many of us appreciate that President Elect Obama is already a universal person, transcending race, and striving for a world that works for everyone. This could not have happened if there was not a rise in consciousness in the United States and throughout the world. The 33% of “cultural creatives” that Paul Ray speaks of are acting now, making this the time for our greater connectivity and cocreativity.

    This Thanksgiving, as we continue to move forward in our evolutionary transformation, let us give thanks together for being alive at this precise moment of moments. It is my prayer that enough of us will join together in this season of thanksgiving to continue to support the evolution of America that is now underway.”


    Two observations:

    1. The powers that be at LCWR obviously have long ago surrendered any belief in what the Catholic Church teaches for Leftism with an incomprehensible New Age wrapper.

    2. They are too dumb to see an obvious charlatan when they come across one.

  5. Does that “evolution” talk have anything to do “Social Darwinism”?

    And, isn’t “Social Darwinism” one of them liberal swear words?

    In the sense that the LCWR is a small, heretical cliche nearing extinction, Rome likely is overreacting.

    This morning’s suggested reading: St. Paul, “Romans.”

    The Saint writes about wrong-headed people who do not worship The God of creation but idolize the creation of God.

  6. I didn’t think anyone did Teilhard anymore. I know the fear was always that his stuff wasn’t sufficiently grounded in othrodoxy. But I’m sure this lecture would resolve any lingering wariness.

  7. I too had heard that Teilhard was frowned on for being doctrinaly unsound. (I tried to read a bit of his stuff at one point, being interested in evolution-related issues, and honestly found him fairly unreadable.) That said, the new-age transhumanist stuff that this speaker has going on is very much of the now, now something she got from Tielhard.

  8. This stuff from the keynote speaker’s website makes me think of, I don’t know, maybe Battlestar Gallactica kind of stuff. This stuff is choice material for a TV mini-series like that. OH MY GOODNESS!

  9. Commander Adama captaining the Galactica would hopefully know better than to give credence to freaks like this. The gnostic heretics should simply be publicly excommunicated and the LCWR handed over to orthodox women religious. They aren’t going to repent. They are simply too full of themselves. PS, why don’t they just go to Bishopress Schori in the ECUSA (or TEC as it’s otherwise known) where they belong?

  10. Paul, you’re absolutely right ~ Commander Adama wouldn’t abide with this garbage. I agree they should just be excommunicated, those who will willingly agree and adhere to this kind of stuff. EVERYONE within that group should be asked to assent or not to the truths of our Faith; then be done with it. You’re in or you’re out. They’ve been given YEARS of leeway apparently. Enough is enough, with these supposed nuns as well as heretic priests and bishops.

  11. I think that we all need to take it on ourselves during this time of the Vatican looking into the “sisters” that we all not only PRAY but do MAJOR PENANCE for them! It’s God’s timing to uproot the weeds growing in his “transformative” garden!

  12. I dunno. I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense. I wouldn’t want to judge the individuals who attended these conferences. You go to a conference for the expressed purpose of meeting people and drinking wine in the mid-afternoon, not to listen to speakers. I do think that the schedulers of this stuff shouldn’t be allowed to schedule any more conferences, though.

  13. When one attends Mass and the priest gives a homily on “our mother, God” they need to be corrected, now, not later. By the way, Gaia is goddess earth and people are considered parasites on the skin of mother earth. In another post unborn babies are considered parasites. LCWR are parasites on the faith of the people, whom they lord it over. I am embarrassed for them.

  14. Hey, if my religious community had the LCRW’s median age, I’d be hoping to transcend my animal self and live for 600 years as well.

  15. Pinky,

    I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense. I wouldn’t want to judge the individuals who attended these conferences. You go to a conference for the expressed purpose of meeting people and drinking wine in the mid-afternoon, not to listen to speakers. I do think that the schedulers of this stuff shouldn’t be allowed to schedule any more conferences, though.

    I think there’s a bit more of an expectation that the annual conferences of a conference of the heads of Catholic religious orders would actually be substantive, but I would not be at all surprised if many who are members of the LCWR don’t buy into any of this silliness — it’s just that their orders have belonged to the LCWR since it was founded 60 years ago, and they don’t have the time and energy to kick out those who make of hobby of running the thing.

    Hopefully with the bishops the CDF asked to keep an eye on things now being in charge of supervising publications and speakers, there won’t be any more of this silliness.

  16. The Vatican is not over reacting. Given that it has take the Vatican 30 years to act I think it is safe to say that the Vatican has greatly under-acted.

    It is truly sad to see how far these nuns have drifted into the New Age heresies. Satan never sleeps! Personally I would require them to either recant in public, renew their vows to God and Church, and move back into actual religious life or I would show them the door.

  17. “I dunno. I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense.”

    I was in a Diaconate program where the faculty babbled this nonsense. They gave us books to read that were similar nonsense.

    These people know what they are doing. And its not God’s work.

  18. The smoke of Satan. I was thinking this morning after Mass, and I had been once lost in the folly of drug induced mysticism and eastern religion, that the smoke of Satan is in that Gnostic pride which makes us think we are among the “chosen” with special more highly evolved knowledge, remember Genesis”you shall be as god”. I believe it is much better for us to consider ourselves as blind, stupid and in need of God’s mercy and His grace to show us His way or we may be tempted to, as Jesus said, to follow other shepherds. As for those in LCWR who are deluded, let’s pray for them as I was once lost, stupid and blind too.

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