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Well the Obama re-election team has its campaign slogan:  Forward!  Congrats to commenter cmatt who guessed that would be the slogan:




Keep Moving Forward

It’s the perfect slogan.  Simple, for the simple minds; sound bitish-y; pretty much devoid of content while sounding positive; implies progress was made, but does not disclose to what we are moving forward; offers abilituy to point to vague accomplishments; cultural tie-in to cute, upbeat animated film.

Hmmm, I guess Team Obama isn’t as fond of old movies as I am, because they might have recalled another movement that used the slogan Forward! as the video clip from Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) indicates:




Update:  I came across another Obama campaign video as part of its Forward!  campaign:



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  1. “It’s the perfect slogan. Simple, for the simple minds; sound bitish-y…”

    Don’t you mean:

    “It’s the perfect slogan. Simple, for the simple minds; sound british-y…”

    “british”, not “bitish” – unless another word denoting “female canine” was intended.


  2. also makes the obvious implications that the President’s opponents are “backwards” or “reverse”

  3. ” Dare to think, dare to act” was the slogan of Mao’s Great Leap Forward from 1958-1960. Since Barry seems to have appropriated “Forward” it might be interesting to see if some variation of Mao’s slogan shows up this year. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. The last speaker at Judgment at Nuremberg indicted Churchill, the Vatican, even the Russians. The speaker does not differentiate the purpose and the intent of these people in trying to protect life and freedom but lumps them all togetrther with an aggressor of unmeasurable evil. Many individuals knew what was going on. To speak against Hilter was a death sentence. Some died. Some merely survived Hitler.
    Obama is the most retrograde individual ever to come forward. Accepting atheism, “inalienable” rights that come from the state and the United Nations when a person is given birth, Life, Liberty and human rights come from the state, rejecting sovereign personhood of the begotten, not believing in our founding fathers reliance on their “CREATOR”, endower of “unalienable” human rights. Denying the human being as composed of body and immortal soul will bring us forward to Nuremberg, to savagery, uncivilization. FORWARD into meaninglessness, cultural darkness, cannibalism. Forward to being tyranized. Human rights begin at birth for Obama. Human rights begin at human existence.

  5. I’m not surprised.

    “Fore!” was already taken.

    I think the GOP should use, “We Can Do Better!”

    Fact: More (than God my son was not one) gallant young Americans died in Afghanistan in Obama’s three years in control than in the seven years President Bush led the Land of the Free.

  6. One of the favorite Party slogans in the USSR in the 60s & 70s was “Forward to Communism!” (Vperyod na kommunismu!)” The theory was that while rule by the Vanguard of the Proletariat was still necessary, Russian society was still in the stage of “socialism,” with “communism” the Nirvana toward which they were working. I saw it as a summer college language student (among 150 Americans), on red banners festooning buildings in Leningrad and Moscow in 1973. In view of President Obama’s approach to the economy and religion, as well as his tactics against opponents, I think his 2012 motto quite appropriate if completed according to the Party’s old slogan.

    Jim Cole

  7. “Bitish” as in “sound bite.” Unless, of course “Sound Brit” or “Sound bit(h” was intended. Then, I got nothin’.

  8. “bitish” as in sound bite was the intent.

    Two things – (1) wish you had corrected my typos (now out there for all the world to see) 🙂
    and (2) wish I had copyrighted (copywritten?) the slogan.

  9. Human rights begin at birth for Obama

    Unless, of course, you were the failed attempt of an abortion – then not even at birth.

  10. The “Guaranteed Contraception” and “Stem Cell Research Funded” comments are aimed at a particular opponent, eh? Way to stick it to the Catholics….publicly, Mr. President.

    The line in the sand is drawn. Will Catholics line up with their Church or with the President? I don’t see how voting for this man is not a grave sin, in light of his anti-Church comments and actions.

    You cannot be both pro-Obama and pro-Catholic.

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