Surprise: Anti-Catholic Bigot Heads Pro-Abort Organization

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Anti-Catholic bigot, homosexual activist and Episcopalian minister Harry Knox is back in the news.  Long time readers of this blog will recall that President Obama appointed Knox to his Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships back in 2009.  Go here to read a post on that appointment.

Knox has recently become the head of  the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  He has a post on the Huffington Post explaining why religious people should support the slaying of children in the womb, a post which proves, once again the truth of Socrates’ adage that an unexamined life is a tragedy.  Christopher Johnson, a non-Catholic  former Episcopalian, and a man who has taken up the cudgels so frequently in defense of the Church that I have designated him Defender of the Faith, gives one of the arguments of Mr. Knox a proper response:

A homosexual Episcopal minister named Harry Knox is set to become Führer und Reichskanzler of the national organization of Einsatzgruppen America the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and while explaining why “religious” people should be celebrating abortion rather than mourning it, wrote one of the five or six stupidest statements I’ve read this year:

The harsh and condemning judgments of some religious leaders are troubling. They suggest that abortion is morally wrong, while ignoring the fact that miscarriages and unwanted pregnancies are common.  They deny that God is present in these times

Let’s take that one out for a spin, shall we?

(1) The harsh and condemning judgments about dropping a nuclear bomb on Tehran are troubling.  They suggest that the complete annihilation of Iran’s largest city and every single man, woman and child in it is morally wrong while ignoring the fact that hurricanes and tsunamis regularly destroy cities and kill innocent people.  They deny that God is present in these times

(2) The harsh and condemning judgments about setting off that bomb in a crowded city are troubling.  They suggest that terrorism is morally wrong while ignoring the fact that volcanoes regularly explode, killing thousands of people all over the world.  They deny that God is present in these times.

(3) Your harsh and condemning judgments about me boinking your wife are troubling.  They suggest that adultery is morally wrong while ignoring the fact that more men and women have sex outside of so-called “wedlock” than in it.  They deny that God is present in these times.

Go here to read the brilliant rest.  I rather think that Christ will have a word or two to say to all unrepentant pro-aborts about their treatment of “the least of His brethren” come Judgment Day.  One can only imagine what He will have to say to a purported minister of His Gospel who adopted such a stance.


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  1. “One can only imagine what He will have to say to a purported minister of His Gospel who adopted such a stance.”

    He may not say anything. “…Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground.” John 8:6b

    And their response will be as follows, “…they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest…” John 8:9.

    The only place they will have to go away to isn’t Heaven.

  2. Harry knox’s mother thought abortion to be morally wrong for she brought him to birth, uinknowing who or what her son would become on earth. Also, Harry Knox’s father ought to have been involved in his son’s destiny. Harry Knox dishonors his parents. To be a minister of the Word and disobey God’s commandment to “Honor thy mother and thy father that thou shalt be long lived upon the face of the earth.” is an indication to what kind of job Harry Knox is going to do. Our tax dollars deserve better use.

  3. Paul,
    The reason Christ wrote in the dirt that second time is found in the Douay Rheims version in Jeremiah 17:13:
    ” 17:13 O Lord, the hope of Israel:  all that forsake thee shall be confounded:  they that depart from thee, shall be WRITTEN IN THE EARTH…”
    In my opinion, Christ, who wrote Jeremiah 17:13, was writing each man’s name in the dirt with a clue to each of them ( e.g. name of a female) that told each of a hidden sin in their past.
    That is why they walk away one by one and in order of decreasing age because Christ writes each name and clue in order of descending age. But there is mercy here ( not in Jer.17:13 context) because each man may repent after having their self righteousness removed. Each already knew their hidden sin that was not hidden from Christ because Jeremiah 17:1 reads…”  The sin of Juda is written with a pen of iron, with the point of a diamond, it is graven upon the
    table of their heart…”

  4. Gosh Mr. Knox, thanks! I can now stab my annoying neighbor in the chest and call it a heart attack! Woot!

  5. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that condoms do not prevent HIV/aids. The FDA says that HIV/aids and all viruses pass between the molecules of the material, a scientific fact. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that SOME protection is better than none. The only way to use a lethal condom properly with HIV/aids is total abstinence as Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed. Read: “Do Condoms leak HIV?” Does Harry Knox accept that he is guilty for every person who has contracted HIV/aids through his advocacy? Does Harry Knox accept that there is an Eighth Commandment that says: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”? And a Fifth Commandment that states: “Thou shalt not kill” even through HIV/aids advocacy? If Harry Knox is a minister of the Word of God, He needs to minister to the Word of God by telling the truth. Concealing and withholding the scientific truth about HIVV/aids and condoms from the taxpayers is criminal. Distorting scientific fact does violence to the common good and to the will of God through abortion, promiscuity and disease. Our tax dollars deserve someone who is who he says he is. If Harry Knox takes an oath of office he is a perjurer.
    My immediate response to Harry Knox’s indifference to HIV spread is that he is infected.

  6. This can be an amusing and diverting activitie.

    Here’s my corollary to Knox’s moral deviance.

    Everyone will rightly condemn the following: “Make the World a better place. Shoot a liberal in the face.” Let’s give it the “Knox Treatment.”

    The harsh and condemning judgments of some religious leaders are troubling. They suggest that shooting liberals is morally wrong, while ignoring the fact that shootings and armed assaults are common. They deny that God is present in these times . . .

    Knox is either dumber than dirt or so controlled by evil as to be unable think rationally.

    A religious person might contemplate miscarriage and ascribe it to God’s will.

    God is not present with baby murders. The baby murderer violently acts against God’s will and denies the victim God’s creative act.

    What an evil idiot.

  7. Is a homosexual taking the lead in an antiabortion mocment somwhow equivalent to a blind mind taking charge of a gun club? Perhaps he sees his new role as advancing the gay anti “breeders” hate campaign.

  8. I do hope this is not to off topic but did anyone else notice the man with the bag on his head?

  9. Valentin says:
    Sunday, May 6, 2012 A.D. at 7:29pm
    I do hope this is not to off topic but did anyone else notice the man with the bag on his head?
    That was no bag.

  10. Yeah it was a bag. The bag guy who was on the panel to the side of Knox in the video was called “Moses” and supposedly was a homosexual from Nigeria fleeing persecution. The bag over his head was a media attention getting device, although the purported reason was to protect his identity.

  11. I think the whole coexist unitarian is not a group to trust at the school I go to there was once a couple of boys whose dad ran the local unitarian church and he would not let them eat meat (how tolerant) because he was a vegetarian so at the school the staff members would let them eat the food that they had there so they eat tonnes of meat at the school and eventually started looking like shining Adonises and their decided to pull them out and move his whole family to Mexico because he was inspired by nature and when they got there he left them there and ran off with some mistress.

  12. I am sorry there is supposed to be a “dad” in between “their” and “decided”

  13. Harsh and condemning judgements trouble Harry Knox. Murder of babes, soaking the earth with blood, cannot be morally wrong when the cause is so common. Abuse of Free Will is God’s fault. He shouldn’t have given it to the human race because it doesn’t want to be held responsible for justifying its insanity. If the kids want to cheat in school, then take risks with the lives of others for what they’re supposed to know; well cheating is common, so tragedies of failure and error should be allowable, not accountable. Blame whoever sheds light on – yes, even Harry Knox – right and wrong, good and evil, up and down, sane and insane. That’s the way it goes.

    Just wondering about the root of the word Episcopal – is it tied to Epistles, such as are found in the Holy Bible?

  14. Donald, it is not a surprise that Obama has appointed yet another “Chief Advocate of the Culture of Death”. You should all have seen it coming. By now, Obama’s Evil design on Humanity is as clear as the Sun at Noon. He is mocking God with every breath he takes and each beat of his heart. Yes, and Jesus HAS WRITTEN IN THE EARTH about him and his cohorts. He wrote and continues to write IN THE EARTH for those Sinners whom He knows – as only God can know – who will never, ever repent because they sold their souls to the Devil a long time ago.

  15. Huh. Minor mystery.

    The NAB translation of Jeremiah 17:13b is very different most other bibles:

    “The rebels shall be enrolled in the netherworld; they have forsaken the LORD, source of living waters.”

    Virtually every other translation has something along the lines of “those who turn away from you shall be written in the earth, for they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living water.”

    There is almost always a good reason for the word choice in NAB, but this one is escaping me.

    The Hebrew verb is ‘kathab’ and the various meanings are shown here, mostly supporting the translation ‘written’ where NAB uses ‘enrolled’:

    The Septuagint uses ?????????? which I would suspect also supports ‘written’.

    Also, NAB’s choice of ‘netherworld’ where other translations use ‘earth’ or ‘dust’. But what’s really baffling is that NAB’s footnote to John 8:6 references RSV: “Cf. Jer 17:13 (RSV): “Those who turn away from thee shall be written in the earth, for they have forsaken the LORD, the fountain of living water”; cf. Jn 7:38.”

    Anyway, thanks again to Bill for bringing this up.

  16. He’s not just anti-Catholic; the guy is also anti-sequitur. I read the original column of his at HuffPo and every bit of it was as poorly-reasoned as the example given above.

  17. We can do these all day: The harsh and condemning judgments about beating my wife, perhaps to death, are troubling. They suggest that wife-beating is morally wrong while ignoring the fact that wives are beaten, occasionally to death, all over the world. They deny that God is present in these times. Call it the Harry Knox defense.

  18. Episcopal (episcopos) and Epistle (epistole) are only related in the Greek – linguistically – by their preposition starting the words. Epi… has several meanings but upon or over are a basic hit.

    Their root words are different – EpiSCOPOS is related to seeing, thus the bishop’s office is one of oversight. EpiSTOLE is related to the word “to send.” Thus it is something sent to (upon).

    They are both in the New Testament because functionally for the faith the ARE related, as the Epistles are letters which the teaching office (magisterium) of the Episcopacy sent to their “flocks.” Thus, to use them correctly in a sentence: I certainly hope the Episcopal conference in the U. S. would send more epistles with the quality of the recent document on our first freedom!

  19. And yes – I noticed I’m not perfect with my grammar. I’ll blame it on the construction happing in my office right now.

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