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Will Smith, Obama supporter and proponent of the rich paying more in taxes, is stunned to learn that under the tax proposal of the newly elected Socialist President of France,  Francois Hollande, he would be paying 75% of his income in taxes.  Hollyweird celebrities do tend to live in a bubble, and it is amusing to see their reaction when they catch a glimpse of outside reality.  Ah well, I’ll probably still see Men in Black III Memorial Day weekend:



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  1. Love it! Great look on Will Smith’s face!

    I have to say, I didn’t see an earpiece for a translator. He looks to be fluent in understanding French. Well done Mr. Smith.

  2. The Beatles paid 95% of their millions to taxes for which they were given the “MEMBER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE” which John Lennon sent back. They wrote the song “Taxman”. I cannot comment on Will Smith right now, I used to like him.

  3. I do like Will Smith. I don’t know or care what his views are about marriage or anything else, I just enjoy his movies, or a least I enjoyed many of them. Anyway, I love this clip. His reaction is hilarious! As I said, I don’t know what his political beliefs are, but he came across as (like many people making many millions) feeling pretty good about himself and patriotic because he is willing to pay 30% or whatever in taxes. He still has millions but hey, no complaints! But 75% on anything over a million Euros? WOWZA! His face is priceless. I love the way he says, “God bless America!”

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