Meet one of the Church militant’s young members…

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Watching those “20-something” Occupy Wall Streeters opine time and again on cable television about all that’s wrong with the United States—the fellow Sean Hannity interviewed on his show was particularly disturbing—it’s pretty easy to succumb to the temptation to believe that “every thing’s going to Hell in a hand basket” and the current crop of young adults won’t amount to very much.  In short, the nation’s future is bleak.

But, The Motley Monk thinks, the picture that’s being portrayed by cable television is, at a minimum, a distortion.

For example, consider Miss Delaware 2011, Maria Cahill.  Maria grew up in an Irish Catholic family in Newark, DE, the second oldest of seven children.

As Miss Rehoboth Beach, Maria spoke about her genesis as a pro-life Catholic.



Given her public stature, statements like these have transformed Cahill into a lightning rod for the pro-choice lobby.

According to an interview in Townhall Magazine, she’s accused of being “conservative,” “close-minded,” and “brainwashed” due to her Catholic upbringing.  (The Motley Monk can only recall the statement “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”)  Yet, Cahill maintains that’s completely the opposite of who she is:

That’s the most hurtful thing people could say—like I’m not my own person!  It’s the farthest thing from the truth.

Insofar as The Motley Monk is concerned, Cahill not only “gets it.”  But’s she’s also witnessing to the real war on women that’s being promulgated by the pro-choice lobby.  For Cahill, the root of the problem is that people aren’t focused upon the fact that it’s another life that’s at stake.  She said:

No one likes to think of themselves as selfish.  But whenever those terms get thrown around like “My body, my choice,”  you’re just bringing it all back onto yourself, and, to me, that’s selfish, whether people want to believe it or not.

Worse yet, Cahill believes that selfishness is causing the current assault upon the nation’s unborn:

This topic of abortion and birth control and all these things are so taboo now. And why is that? These young people in high school, its something that we don’t talk about anymore…and I think the reason for this is…is because this is murder we are talking about. You know, people don’t use that word anymore…that’s a bold word…but that’s what it is. It’s murder.”

And it’s bold of Cahill to use the “M” word for what so many others characterize as a “choice” and a “right.”

Maria Cahill
Pro-Life Catholic and
Miss Delaware 2011


As in most things concerning “cable television,” it’s the case that it’s not who’s being interviewed but who’s not being interviewed that’s important.

And, in this regard, The Motley Monk thinks there’s very good reason to be full of hope.  God renews each generation through the Church militant and there are many fine young Catholic adults who belong to it.



To read about Maria Cahill in Townhall Magazine, click on the following link:

To read The Motley Monk’s daily blog, click on the following link:

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  1. God bless and protect this wonderful, young woman.

    That is all they have.

    The baby-murderers can do nothing other than “kill the messenger.” I guess smart people call it, “ad hominem.”

    They cannot refute the Truth.

    Jonah Goldberg: “Cliches: How the Left Cheats in the War of Ideas.”

    I like this quote.

    “Every woman carries within herself a secret most sacred, mysterious, and sublime. This secret is life. Eve means “the mother of the living.” In the mystery of the female body, human life finds its beginning: not in the male semen but in the fecundated egg, hidden in the cavern of the female body. There God creates a new soul which is exclusively His work, and in which neither father nor mother has a part. This creation takes place when the male seed fecundates the female egg. Thus at that very moment a closeness exists between divine action and the female body which marks the latter as sacred ground. This is why the way a woman dresses, the way she sits, walks, laughs, should always be marked by a note of holy reserve. A woman conscious of her unmerited privilege will necessarily adopt a bodily posture- what is today called body language- which adequately reflects this calling.”

    -Alice von Hildebrand, from the book Women and the Priesthood. I did not read the book.

  2. Good on her!

    Sadly, many of those who disagree with her will write her off as an airhead instead of, you know, actually refuting her statements.

  3. fellow Sean Hannity interviewed on his show was particularly disturbing

    How disturbing is it? A friend out of the PI shared it on LJ….

    On the upside, he and those attacking the lady can only exist due to having enough money and enough isolation to be comfortable. The pretty standard but better dressed psycho guy from Hannity will probably run out of cash and have to deal with reality soon, and those attacking Miss Cahill are already uncomfortable– with role models like her, may they become even less comfortable with what they’re promoting and defending.

  4. Thank god for such a beautiful girl for the people of Delaware to look up to especially since so many in Delaware are dissenting Catholics at least there will some glimmers of grace in the state I live in where lots of people get sucked up by pop culture and the cops act like jerks.

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