We Are Catholics And We Will Be Heard

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Bravo to The Catholic Association for the fine video above to help us kick off Fortnight For Freedom.  People don’t truly appreciate their freedom until it is threatened.  I think that is also true for many Catholics in regard to the Church.  Time to stand up.  A time for choosing is here.

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  1. I just discovered your website and I live in Australia. Be great if there was a FFF campaign down here.
    A big issue for us (and I assume in your country) is the campaign against same sex marriage. There is a por SSM campaign at the moment that is cringeworthy in the way it has become trendy and a lot of celebrities have become involved. It is the “hula hoop” concept the latest fad. Roman Catholics (i like to put the Roman in front for extra emphasis as I strongly believe in the traditions of the Church) around the world need to fight this. I especially resent the way that “Marriage Equality” is the term used as opposed to same sex marriage. Talk about Newspeak!

  2. One man and one fake wife or one woman and one fake husband has got to be perjury in a court of law. Perjury cannot be codified, sanctioned or legalized anynore than gay-marriage, as gay-marriage is assault and battery of the other. Religiously though, gay-marriage denies the human beings’ immortal soul.

  3. Must Jehovah Witnesses employers include blood transfusions in coverage for Catholic employees? Can Muslim employers insist on Sharia law in the workplace? Must Christian Scientist employers provide health insurance?

    This slippery slope is coated with ice.

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