Vote on a Design for Religious Freedom

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My wife and I are creating decals to defend religious freedom.  The decals can be placed on bumpers or the rear windows of cars.  These decals will show Catholics our resolve to defend religious freedom.

The designs were done by a friend of ours who is entering the seminary and we would like to have your input on them. The design is that of the sign, the Chi Rho, that Constantine saw right before the battle at Milvian Bridge with the words right above this sign that said, “In Hoc Signo Vinces”.

We will be offering them for sale at a date to be determined.  These designs fall under creative commons.

The deadline to vote on them is on July 25 at midnight.

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  1. I like them and have a suggestion: make the words “Religious Freedom” more readable from a bit of a distance or a quick look.. probably a nice sans serif font, fairly blocky

    or maybe just the same font as Christ the King

  2. I agree. The words ‘Religious Freedom’ should stand out more. I like the design with the shield but if I saw it on the back of a car I would assume that it was the name of a school and I wouldn’t look at it more carefully. In fact, the first three designs which feature the words ‘Christ the King’ at the top all strike me that way. I’d go with the fourth design and put the words ‘RELIGIOUS FREEDOM’ above the Chi Rho. Maybe see how that design would look with the Chi Rho within a shield.



    Thank you..GOD BLESS YOU….

  4. I concur with the above recommendations–have “Religious Freedom” in the same font as “Christ the King.”

  5. what I think when I see that on a bumper – “Oh, someone’s child goes to Christ the King Academy.”

    what the average Christian thinks when he sees that on a bumper – “King? Crown? Definitely a theocrat. Some lunatic who wants to do away with government.”

    what the average Christian would think when he sees that sticker with Religious Freedom in larger, more readable font – “Is this some kind of joke? You know that the driver of that car would want Billy Graham or the Pope or someone to run the government, and then they say ‘religious freedom’? Any freak with a royal crown on his bumper sticker would be the first one to lock you in prison for heresy if he took over. ‘Religious freedom’ my keister.”

  6. “Pinky” is a very apt name for someone with your atheist leanings! I agree with all of the other comments – MUCH larger “Religious Freedom, and #3 design!

  7. Pinky: Jesus Christ was crucified for blasphemy in a theocracy. The First Amendment still applies to atheists, although the atheist does not know what that freedom means. Separation of church and state means that what belongs to the freedom of conscience of the individual extends to all people, who in their immortal soul constitute government. Without the acknowledgement of God, the Supreme Sovereing Being, “their Creator” there is no government, only chaos.

  8. Religious Freedom is the reign of Christ the King. The peace sign is a corruption of the Chi Rho. Take away the sovereignty of God and settle for man’s fallible blessings. The infallible TRUTH will set you free. The US. Contitution is the only state document outside of the Roman Catholic Church that guarantees FREEDOM of conscience, FREEDOM from tyranny, FREEDOM to be who man is created to be. What state of man can guarantee spiritual maturity in a relationship with God, with Jesus Christ, our brother? I like the crown for visual expression. The crown and Christ’s name and the Chi-Rho for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

  9. Pinky: Have you ever seen the Seagram’s Seven crown or the Royal Crown
    cola crown. The crown is a symbol for sovereignty, the sovereignty of each individual over himself, a sovereignty with which every person constitutes government. Without the crown, no sovereignty, no government. If you believe that there is freedom without the crown, a freedom to practice sovereignty in the virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, plaese know that Obama gained office of President of the USA by hanging onto the virtue of HOPE which he fails to appreciate. The crown of the monarchs rule by the sovereignty of the people. Without a people, a man is still his own sovereign, a nation of one, a majority of one, and gives his voice as you do.

  10. Anzlyne says:
    “I like them and have a suggestion: make the words “Religious Freedom” more readable from a bit of a distance or a quick look.. probably a nice sans serif font, fairly blocky
    or maybe just the same font as Christ the King”
    “Religious Freedom” the same font as “Christ the King”

  11. Mary and Edie – I understand the sentiment behind the designs, and I don’t much care for having my faith questioned. Communication requires sending a message in such a way that the recipient can understand it, and with all due respect to Tito, his wife, and their future seminarian friend, these designs won’t be effective. I want to see religious freedom protected, and Christ is my king. The thinking required to reconcile those two statements may be too involved for a bumper sticker. A bumper sticker that reads “Christ the King” with “religious freedom” in small print doesn’t promote religious freedom. A bumper sticker that reads “Christ the King” with “religious freedom” in equal-sized print will be too difficult for the person unfamiliar with the contraception debate to understand. If it is possible to create a design that would promote religious freedom, this isn’t it. May this analysis help steer Tito to a better path.

  12. Hi Pinky, thanks for the clarifications.
    I think there could undoubted;y be a whole variety of reactions item #3 with RELIGIOUS FREEDOM’ But I do think people will get it. We seems to always be dumbing down and making smaller and smaller sound-bites until they are truncated right out of existence.
    If the best teacher in the world were to give a coherent and thorough explanation of some things, some people would still not get it or react badly to it… there is nothing we can do about it. We just keep trying in lots of different ways to get a message across.

  13. All four are good. The Idea to have a bumper sticker that sticks up (pun intended) for each and every single person every created, and Jesus Christ begotten, is excellent. Like a procession that cannot be denied in the public square because the sign is on a private vehicle. Excellent.

  14. Would you consider making a shirt too with the design placed on the front chest area where a person might wear a badge? Just a thought.

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