I Built This

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Hattip to commenter Phillip.  A truly devastating reply to Obama’s remarks here.  Put me down for building my law practice.  Did I do it alone?  Certainly not!  My right hand woman, Chris, my secretary for 27 years and counting, deserves a large share of the credit, as does my wife, with her love and support, along with helping out at the office.   My parents, who taught me that with hard work I could be what I chose to be, will always get all the credit I can muster for anything good I’ve accomplished in this world.  Finally, my clients, who have blessed me with their business over the years, will always have my humble thanks.  All that having been gratefully acknowledged, I think my usual 50 plus hours a week that I put in at the law mines might have had a wee bit to do with it.  Most owners of successful businesses take a fair amount of honest pride in what they have accomplished, and the denigration by Obama of this, and his blindness as to what makes the American economy go round, the drive and hard work of millions of entrepreneurs, is truly the biggest political blunder I have seen in many a moon.

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  1. Ungrateful serf! You couldn’t even write this blog post without the gifts that President Antiochus Epiphanes has so graciously bestowed upon this nation. He and his tireless team of experts even provided you with an alphabet and punctuation, which you now misuse out of your grumbling and unappreciative contempt for the charitable bounty he has provided. I suggest you begin your mandatory contraception immediately before you pollute the land with additional parasitic Catholic organisms. And forget about using your lawyerly wiles to avoid it. If you can’t use the law as it was intended, the law will be taken away because you are not worthy of laws, and you’ll just have to do what you’re told.

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