Can You Smell the Panic?

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Well this is interesting.  In the video above meet “Jenni” who is alarmed that Mitt Romney might take away her precious right to slay her offspring.  This of course goes along with the War on Women meme pushed by Obama, and also the condescending view of women taken by Team Obama, portraying women as helpless waifs, think “Julia”, unless Big Daddy Government takes them by the hand and leads them through life.

What makes this ad interesting  is that usually the Democrats reserve their pro-abort ads, unless they are running in icy blue states, for a last-minute 48 hour blitz before an election, and often they are targeted internet ads.  The reason for this is obvious.  Abortion is a net loser for the Democrats in most of the country as a political issue, and therefore pro-abort advertising has to carefully targeted, and usually is used as part of a final get out the base drive strategy.  Going with this ad this early in a presidential election, indicates to me that the Obama campaign’s internal polls show Obama beginning to lose his advantage among women  nation-wide and thus the abortion “scare the devil out of them” card is being played very, very early.  Interesting.

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  1. I guess the DNC pros know what they are doing, but I really wonder whether ads like this don’t actually help Romney in battleground states. These states not only include a lot of socially conservative independents and Dems, they also include some pro-lifers who are flirting with staying at home (or voting third party) because they are not convinced that Romney is really pro-life.

  2. The Democratic Party lets you punsh the innocent child for the sins and the crimes of the father in rape and incest. The Democratic Party demands that we punish the innocent victim of incest and rape for the sins and crimes of the father. Vote democratic and Justice will have as much chance to flourish as a snowball in hell. If a man can get away with rape and incest by aborting the real evidence, and an unborn child with his DNA is real evidence, as every person is real evidence of love between a mother and a father, and the unborn, newly begotten in moral and legal innocence, is the standard of Justice in America and in the world, Justice is no more, for the unborn, for their mothers and for the criminals. There can be no FREEDOM without JUSTICE. There can be no JUSTICE without FREEDOM.

  3. You might have a point Mike. Obama is certainly more pro-abortion than Romney is pro-life, so his supporters should be more energized by the abortion issue. But then I’ve been saying for many years that pro-life voters who vote Republican will be disappointed.

  4. I was on the Verizon site to check my webmail but before I could login, a video started playing with the usual no man (in this case Romney) can tell me what to do with my body, especially in the case of rape or incest, pro abortion message. It was almost hysterical. I couldn’t close the offensive ad until until the third try.
    I doubt that the slow response was my computer.

  5. It’s tragically comic (or comically tragic) when a pro-Obama ad looks like a pro-Romney ad. People should be saying “If President Obama wants to lose, why doesn’t he just not run for a second term?”

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