Intolerant Jackwagons!

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I know that the Marine Corps will be here forever; this administration won’t.

Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey

One of my favorite character actors is R. Lee Ermey.  A gunnery sergeant and drill instructor in the Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged from the Corps in 1972 as a result of injuries he sustained in two tours in Vietnam.   Since that time he has built an acting career, playing off his DI personae and his flair for comedy.  Recently he was a spokesman for Geico, but was fired for giving vent to his views about the current administration during a Toys for Tots program in Chicago last year.

After being asked about his GEICO commercial wherein he played a psychiatrist calling his patient a “jackwagon,” Ermey said, “GEICO fired me because I had, I wasn’t too kind about speaking with the, about the administration, so the present administration. So they fired me.”

“So they fired you because of political reasons?” asked the TMZ representative.

“Yeah,” Ermey answered. “If you’re a conservative in this town, you better watch out.”

Here is the program and a transcript of what he said.

I got to tell you, folks, we’re having a big problem this year. The economy really sucks. Now I hate to point fingers at anybody, but the present administration probably has a lot to do with that. And the way I see it, they’re not going to quit doing it until they bring this country to its knees. So I think we should all rise up, and we should stop this administration from what they’re doing, because they’re destroying this country. They’re driving us into bankruptcy so that they can impose socialism on us, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And I’m sick and damn tired of it, and I know you are too. But I know the Marine Corps is going to be here forever – this administration won’t. Semper Fi. God bless you all.

Of course Geico is free to hire and fire whomever they wish.  I am also free to make certain that I never give one thin dime’s worth of business to Geico in the future.  I can’t help but envision a future commercial by a competitor of Geico:

 A Gecko with a British accent appears in Ermey’s kitchen as he is fixing a sandwich.  The Gecko, who appears to be nervous, says, “I hope there is no hard feelings Mr. Ermey.”  Ermey looks up from his sandwich preparation, smiles, and says, “Naw!  I’m just getting my insurance now from ——.  No hard feelings at all!”  The Gecko visibly relaxes.  Ermey then says, “Now where is the gecko meat for this sandwich?”  The last shot is of the Gecko, frozen in horror!



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  1. Sarge, if re-elected Barry Soetoro and that crowd are going to destroy everything.

    Pray for Salvation. Prepare for the worst.

  2. Way to take the tiger by the tail: teaching by drill, loving peace and quiet, having real charity.
    But at this point in degeneration, it’s a long way to go.

  3. I bet he still handles an AR pretty well . .

    He’s recently done some cable shows on weapons, so yeah, he’s still bustin’ caps.

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