A New Low

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Just when you thought the Obama campaign couldn’t sink any lower in its shamelessness, you realize there really is no bottom. Yesterday the Obama website posted this letter from “Brittany,” a 25-year old woman with Downs Syndrome.

Hello! My name is Brittany and I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I am 25 years old (but I will be 26 on October 3rd!). I am a registered Democrat and I have been voting since I was 18. I am one of the 47% of Americans who fall under Mitt Romney’s definition of “entitled” and “unable to take responsibility for my life.” I have Down syndrome.

. . . I have also included my picture, not just because I’m cute, but because I wanted to give you a face of one of the 47% to share with Mr. Romney.

Patterico helpfully points out that this is rich coming from the website of an admirer of Andrew Sullivan. But that’s not the most infuriating aspect of this letter.

Brittany says she is the face of one of the 47%. But you know what – she is the face of an even smaller percentage, and that is the percentage of children with Downs Syndrome who are actually carried to term. The statistics vary from study to study, but anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of parents who receive news that their child is going to have Downs Syndrome choose to abort. That means that a child with Downs Syndrome has as little as a one in ten chance of surviving until birth, assuming their parents have advance notice. (To be sure, many parents refuse to test in the first place as they have no intention of aborting a child with Downs Syndrome.)

The idea that an administration that has no problem with the mass destruction of human life in the womb, and that promotes the sort of cultural rot that encourages people to view precious human life as disposable, is nauseating. And yet one reads the comments underneath this letter and you learn that Republicans are the heartless ones. And yet how many of those gleefully cheering on Brittany and using her words as a cudgel would abort their very own Brittanys? Moreover, how many of them would expect the government to fully fund those abortions, as they are proposing to do in France?

But that could never happen here.


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  1. The idea that an administration that has no problem with the mass destruction of human life “in the womb”

    You didn’t need to limit yourself that way since Obama is cool with the same result if it somehow they make it out of the womb.

  2. All they have are dirty tricks and lies.

    Another new low: A group calling itself “Catholics for Obama.” – as if! – is making phone calls saying, “How can you vote for a Mormon who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ?”

    Imagine if they said that about an atheist, a Baptist, a gay person, or a Muslim?

  3. PZ says “Moreover, how many of them would expect the government to fully fund those abortions, as they are proposing to do in France?
    But that could never happen here.”

    Well, France is an overwhelmingly Catholic country and America is not (at least not majority Catholic.) So clearly that would not be the obstacle to the US funding abortions. Are there any protests going on in the streets or churches in France? Which by the way is just about bankrupt itself with a tax rate Obama would be delirious about. One must have priorities in life. Not to mention death.

  4. Can someone help me find the video where Romney uses the words quoted: “unable to take responsibility for my life?”

    I saw the original video released, but did see those words appear. Must be another video. I am just wondering if he used the word “unable” or “unwilling” or the quote at all. Huge difference between “unable” or “unwilling.” And if he used “unable,” I would like to see context.

  5. How do you explain to Brittany that she will never get to meet most of the people like herself who have Down’s Syndrome because of militant pro-abortion Presidents (and others) who would rather not see them alive except for when they can USE you in a re-election year.

    (Many evils in this world come back to the dignity of the human person, don’t they??)

  6. Rozin

    In France this year, the traditional prayer for the nation, composed each year by the hierarchy for the feast of the Assumption, pursuant to Louis XIII’s Edict of 1638, was considered by many to be more “political” than usual.

    Having dealt with the recession, It included a petition “for those recently elected to legislate and govern that their sense of the common good of society overcomes the requests of special interests [les requêtes particulières] and that they have the strength to follow the promptings of their conscience.”

    In what many felt was a reference to gay adoption, it asked that children, “cease to be objects of the desires and conflicts of adults and fully benefit from the love of a father and a mother.” This was strong stuff, by French standards.

    Finally, it commended the future of the country to God, asking “through the intercession of our Lady for the courage to make the choices necessary for a better quality of life for all.”

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