Debate Advice-Round Three

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I gave debate advice to Mitt Romney for his first two presidential debates here and here.  Here is my advice for the final round tonight:

1.  Foreign Policy -This debate is about foreign policy.  Normally Americans are only interested in foreign policy if we are at war or Americans are getting killed.   This probably would have been the debate with miniscule ratings but for the excitement of the first two debates and the Benghazi attack.  As it is I think viewership will be about as high as for the first two debates.

2.  Things Fall Apart-The Obama foreign policy is beginning to resemble Yeats’ Second Coming:

You have used the phrase unraveling in describing Obama’s Middle East Policy.  Hit that hard.

3.  Libya-New revelations have come out that our ambassador was constantly calling for more security in Libya.  Why didn’t he get it?  Why were we relying on Libyan mercenaries for security instead of US Marines?  The questions almost ask themselves.

4.  Bob Schieffer-If he tries to pull a Candy Crowley and assist Obama, do not take any guff, but point it out.  My guess he will not due to the negative flack that Crowley has gotten, but be prepared.

5.  October Surprise-It looks like one of the October surprises will be direct negotiations between the US and Iran.  Be prepared for Obama to make some sort of reference to it in the debate.  Respond that you are always in favor of talking, but serious progress must be made and not a mere endless bout of hot air while Iran gets ever closer to nuclear weapons.

6.  Bin Laden Dead, Al Qaeda Alive- Congratulate the President for getting Bin Laden, but state that the Benghazi attack demonstrates that Al Qaeda is very much alive.  Hit Obama hard on the fact that his tactics against Al Qaeda simply are not working in removing this threat to America.

7.  Arab Winter-The Arab Spring thus far is succeeding in bringing to power Arab regimes that are hostile to the US.  Emphasize that in a Romney administration regimes hostile to the US will not get one Lincoln penny from us.

8.  China Trade-Your comments about ensuring that China plays fairly with us regarding trade is resonating well with the American people.  Repeat it as often as you can.

9.  Aggressive Obama-Although I doubt if the Obama inner circle is satisfied with the results of the second debate which gave Obama no bounce, my guess is that they were happy with the reaction from their left-wing base which was very positive.  Watch for opportunities when Obama is going over the top in being Mr. Loud and Angry.  You have held your temper well in both debates and the contrast is working for you among the voters.

10. Gamechanger-Obama is on a trajectory for defeat.  This debate is his last best opportunity to alter that trajectory.  Don’t give him any openings and attempt to keep him on the defensive.


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  1. Having watched a recording of the first debate, I can only say that it is a good thing for Mr Obama that he does not have to face the equivalent of a a weekly Prime Minister’s Questions. Any Prime Minister who responded in that way in the House of Commons would not have been listened to; he would have been simply howled down.

  2. 5. How’z that “smart diplomacy” stuff working for ya’ in Libya, bub?

    An ambassador died and Obama lied. US Drone observed the four-hour attack. USAF fighter-bombers from USAFE would have been on scene in one hour. What gives?

    I asked my son, these days, what does the infantry call the USAF. He said the “Chair Force.” However here is what this airborne ranger thinks about the “chair force.”

    “I saw how busy those guys were in Afghanistan and witnessed first hand the hurt they bring to the battlefield. There is nothing like the sound of a fast mover and a voice coming over the radio saying “thirty seconds to impact, find cover” when dudes around you are getting shot. It’s the kind of thing that can brighten a shitty day. In the grand scheme of things the branches that carry the most weight executing American foreign policy are by far the Air Force and Navy. Besides, I could never have become an Airborne Ranger without a plane to jump out of.”

    Of course, “executing American foreign policy” is the last thing on the mind of President “I-Hate-America.”

  3. No such thing as a foreign policy debate. China=debt. Middle East=gas prices. Central/South America=immigration. War=neighborhood kids getting killed.

    A foreign policy debater should be very familiar with the details of foreign relations, but it’s also important to show people why they should care about it.

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