Obama, Bovine Droppings and Defeat

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Most losing political campaigns tend to give off a reek of desperation as election day approaches.  We see this in a Rolling Stones interview given by Obama on October 11, and published today where he refers to Romney as a bullsh—-r.    One of the advantages of being an incumbent President in a race for the Presidency is the dignity that high office tends to bestow upon even the most unworthy of occupants.  Obama has decided to eschew this advantage in a desperate, pathetic (?), attempt to drive up the youth vote.

Rick Wilson at Richochet has some thoughts on the Obma campaign as a losing and increasingly desperate campaign:

The aura of a losing campaign is unique, and Ross Douthat pegged it today:

Losing campaigns have a certain feel to them: They go negative hard, try out new messaging very late in the game, hype issues that only their core supporters are focused on, and try to turn non-gaffes and minor slip-ups by their opponents into massive, election-turning scandals.

Sound familiar?

Obama senses it, but can’t quite believe it. He seems confused by how easily Romney started punching over his weight class on October 3rd. He seems surprised that the last two debates didn’t drop Governor Romney’s numbers like a rock. He’s frustrated that Romney is a happy warrior now, and it shows. He’s visibly irritable because all the press hits and ads and field work … and so, so much money … haven’t reduced Mitt Romney to dust.

After spending nearly a billion dollars last cycle, and what will be more than a billion this time, Obama must sense the palpably declining political utility of his most familiar tools.

For months, according to Team Obama, there was no path for a Romney victory. The Blue Wall states were immutable, the swing states were susceptible to his women-and-seniors-and-immigrants-and-students mojo. Everything that worked in 2008 would work now. Everything in the hard-hitting Chicago political tool box would be deployed, and by the end Mitt Romney would want to be in the Witness Protection Program.

But now, as the President’s options have narrowed and as the weight of Obama’s failures from the economy to the Libya fiasco come crashing down on his campaign, I’m feeling increasingly optimistic that we’ve passed an inflection point in the campaign where Obama’s familiar tools can’t help him pull off a miracle.

Obama was the candidate of the inevitable, unbeatable wave, not of the grind-it-out, cut-and-thrust of a motivated, funded, and determined GOP and conservative base. Unlike McCain, Mitt Romney’s team won’t get hit and stand there with their jaws hanging down at the ungentlemanly conduct of the other side.

The daily polling — beyond just the head-to-head numbers — shows GOP intensity solidifying, Romney’s favorables growing, and the battleground states becoming smaller in number. There aren’t any swing states showing significant movement away from Romney, but a number are moving to him. Yes, we still need to pick the electoral lock by driving wins in some combination of Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Virginia, but I’d rather be in our shoes than Obama’s.

Go here to read the rest.  Throughout his political career Obama has had a charmed life.  His general elections have always been foregone conclusions.  Except for a defeat in a Congressional primary in 2000, he has attained every office he has ever sought.  Now he sees himself losing to a man he despises and he is not dealing with it well.  My heart bleeds.

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  1. Wasn’t it Obama who self admiringly said he believed his own BS? Leftists would have nothing to say if you took away all their (psychological) projections.

  2. I swing between being cautiously optimistic and thinking that some way, they will steal this, like Putin in Russia and Chavez in Venezuela. Hoping and praying that this tragedy does not happen. (Sorry, I’m just a Irish born pessimist!)

  3. Here’s what the stench of desperation from a losing campaign looks like:


    When you have to make such base appeals (pun intended) this late in the game just to get a modicum of the turnout from your true believers that you got 4 years ago, you’re in BIG trouble. Romney is out there making a play for the middle by talking about the economy and jobs, while Obama has spent the entire campaign talking about sex. (I don’t EVER want to hear again how conservatives are obsessed with “bedroom issues”.)

  4. It appears they’re not “buying” the obamessiah’s spucatum tauri this time.

    They can’t steal it if it isn’t close.

    Get out and vote.

  5. In one way the appeal to infantilism is amusing. But it is chilling as well since it reveals the Left’s real attitude about the citizens. They do believe they are little babies or feral children to be treated as such.

  6. Don, the Irish on my side of the tracks tend to be manic depressives! I guess it’s been built into our genes because of our history. I enjoy your site because it gives me hope measured with realism, and today this is so needed for those of us who haven’t lost our common sense and wish to maintain our sanity. May our Good Lord hear our prayers and Obama is dismissed on November 6th, though I have a feeling that if he is defeated, he’s going to continue in some other capacity – perhaps head of the UN? He won’t be out of our lives. (There I go again!)

  7. What is the effect of this ‘early voting’ whatever it is and for whom?
    A neighbor asked, having heard a 5:00 news blurb. Who is doing the counting etc. and how does it differ from absentee ballots, were the questions.
    (Mom called for an absentee ballot due to manuevering problems, and was sent two applications.)

    Is the D party trying to do its worst? Obama supporters may begin to wonder whether he takes them and their children for nothing more than cheap votes rather than humans with minds and hearts during this next long week. It would be so good for them to hear about the care for them in Paul Ryan’s speech posted here today.

  8. By contrast, from a campaign email that speaks more respectfully of we-the- people than, well … the incumbent wrecker does. The words, national movement, are heartening, Siobhan.

    ” With less than two weeks to go, we’re feeling the momentum.

    The debates have supercharged our campaign. We’re seeing more and more enthusiasm — and more and more support.

    This has become more than just a campaign. It’s become a national movement. Americans recognize we can do better as a nation than we’ve done over these last four years.

    Paul and I have a plan to produce a real recovery for America. We’re going to take back this country with good jobs, rising take-home pay, a strong military, and better opportunities for all Americans.

    This is a time to call on America’s greatness. We need your help — because it matters. It matters for your kids and their kids. It matters for 23 million Americans struggling for work. And it matters for the future of our nation to have a strong economy.
    . . .

    Mitt Romney “

  9. Of course O’Bummer wants people to vote early – so that he can get votes that he won’t get in a week’s time when his ratings go sub-terranean, and some negatives against him become public knowlege.

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