Storm Prayer

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Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace. † God became man, † and the Word was made flesh. † Christ was born of a Virgin. † Christ suffered. † Christ was crucified. † Christ died. † Christ rose from the dead. † Christ ascended into Heaven. † Christ conquers. † Christ reigns. † Christ orders. † May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning † Christ went through their midst in Peace, † and the word was made flesh. † Christ is with us with Mary. † Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Judah, the Root David, has won. † Holy God! † Holy Powerful God! † Holy Immortal God! † Have mercy on us. Amen!

Stay safe all our contributors, commenters and readers who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  God guard you and keep you!


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  1. Minimal damage to report here in my little piece of Pennsylvania. God be praised and thanks to all the prayers sent out to us. I fear our friends on the Atlantic did not fair as well. They will need our prayers.

  2. This is such a wonderful powerful prayer. I do not live on the east coast but I do live in Oklahoma and have prayed this often against tornadoes and thunder storms. I make a sign of the cross at each cross in the prayer. Keep a copy handy to use whenever there is bad weather. Jesus Christ is King!

  3. My brother lives on the Chesapeake, south of Baltimore, in the Pinehurst area. Yesterday morning, I was in Atlanta coming back to Indiana from a Christ Renews retreat in Sarasota, and texted him to ask what I might be able to do. He simply said “Pray.”

    I got the members of my seed team together and asked for prayers. Then on the plane I spoke with a very nice lady who’s a dedicated nurse in the worst hospital in the city of Indianapolis, and we evangelized together.

    Last night at about 8, my brother sent me the storm track map that showed how Sandy had taken a hard right and swerved from the course it was taking, a course that would have put the eye about 2 miles north of his seawall. It happened when I was between Atlanta and Indy.

    It is too bold to claim anything, and to suppose that New York City is going through what it is going through because I got The Lord to spare my brother’s house is an arrogance I will not put on. So, simply, let this be said: “Thanks and eternal Glory to The Most High.”

  4. Thank you for posting the hymn, ‘Eternal Father, Strong to Save’, and offering the prayer yesterday. The picture alone brought peace and calm.

    I had just gone out into the wind blowing from every direction, cyclonic they said, to see a tree which fell onto a power line pole (wires intact). We had little rain, but it was hitting all sides of the buildings. To just find the picture in all its meaning after that walk, was great.

  5. When I went to our Oratory late Saturday night for my assigned hour, I found someone had prominently placed a copy of this same prayer on the back table. Naturally I prayed it, and suppose most others did too. And it is true that we had less damage than the past 2 hurricanes (Isabel and Irene) here on the western shore of the Chesapeake.

    Unfortunately, we just received a message that the Oratory received water damage, and adoration is suspended until repairs are made. Happened in Irene too.

    I’m only now reading this old post because we just got power back today.

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