Election Schadenfreude

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No national polls today because of the disruption caused by Hurricane Sandy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see any more until last-minute weekend ones.  To tide over political junkies, there is a fun story in SFGate about California liberals petrified over the prospect that the Southside Messiah may not be reelected:


Uncomfortable 1st debate

Edelman hosted a bunch of friends to watch the debate over dinner. But after  the first five minutes unfolded, nobody ate. Few spoke. “And right after it  ended, everybody just got up and left,” she said.

Berkeley resident Jim  Blume yelled at the television while he watched the debate with family  and friends.

“C’mon! Say something! That’s wrong what he (Romney) is saying,” Blume  recalls telling the leader of the free world.

Alas, Obama didn’t respond to Blume’s pleas. And for the next two nights,  Blume didn’t sleep. A man who has voted for only one Republican in his life –  when the  Beatles were touring – found himself questioning Obama and the state of  the campaign.

“What was happening? Who was this guy?” Blume asked.

Zuzana Ikels knows the pain. Since the first debate, the Albany resident has  done a lot of poll checks at 3 a.m. And rechecks.

She tried to convince herself that the first debate wasn’t as bad as it  looked. Maybe, she said, it was like how you thought you bombed a test but you  really didn’t do that badly.

Go here to read the rest, and try not to snicker while you read.


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Keeping a Promise

As faithful readers of this blog know, I was a very reluctant, and late, supporter of Donald Trump in 2016.  I grudgingly


  1. I love it! “walking off the anxiety…”
    They should be anxious!
    They backed an inexperienced arrogant Marxists that is finally transparent.

  2. Yes, I do enjoy this too. I said that night that I thought Romney won, but I thought it was fairly close and both candidates did fine. Romney had a few memorable remarks (to Obama’s none) and demonstrated the level of seriousness necessary to rebut the Obama campaign’s effort to portray his as an extremist. But the conventional wisdom that Obama faltered terribly came not from the right, but from the left (like these poor pathetic SFGate souls) who could not fathom how a messiah could not take down a mortal. Their post-debate hysteria is what gave rise to the meme that Romney clobbered the president, when what he really did was perform marginally better than the president — something that most presidential challengers tend to do in the first debate — which while important is not necessarily transformational. I believe that the Left’s exaggerated response helped turn what would have been a bounce into a surge. This fact is like dessert to the schadenfreude.

  3. It’s interesting to look at the maps on various polling/prediction sites. When the Republican Party is on its game, the Democrats look like the party of the West Coast and New England. But in the past 20 years, it’s been like watching a storm front move down from New England to the Great Lakes region.

    Now, look, it’d be great if Romney wins every single state that he’s close in. Personally, I think that nobody wins this race with more than 275 electoral votes. But the interesting thing to me is that in the last four years, the GOP has started to look like a viable party, from top to bottom, in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Remember, McCain lost Indiana! We don’t have to win PA this time, at least I hope not, but then again even if Obama wins the party has a lot more prospects than it used to.

  4. Right now my prediction is that Romney takes all the states of the Old Confederacy, all of the Great Plains states. All the states of the West except for New Mexico and Nevada. In the Midwest, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. Add on Kentucky, West Virginia, New Hampshire and the Congressional District in Maine. That comes to 296. It might go higher but I doubt if it will go lower. Romney might well also take Nevada. I have a gut feeling he will take one of Michigan or Pennsylvania. Outside shots at Minnesota and Oregon. If Romney were to sweep all these states he would be looking at 355. That would be close to the 365 that Obama ran up against the hapless John McCain.

  5. I agree with your prognosis, Don, entirely.
    I have a hunch that PA will be too close to call that night, which means it won’t matter.

  6. “If Romney were to sweep all these states he would be looking at 355. That would be close to the 365 that Obama ran up against the hapless John McCain.”

    As much disdain as I have for McCain, I have to admit that I’m not sure Romney would have been able to win against Obama in 2008.

  7. What matters most is the children.
    That they are witness to the fragility of freedoms within our own borders.
    That the media can try to sway votes however the truth be told. That freedom is not free.
    Let us all please continue our prayers that the above predictions come true. That the efforts of God fearing men and women who don’t debate the placement of God in their political platform, will avenge anti-patriots.
    In God we trust.

  8. still might be an O surprise pulled out of the hat. These people are not without intellectual and economic resources, and are very strong willed.

  9. “have to admit that I’m not sure Romney would have been able to win against Obama in 2008.”

    Probably no Republican could have won in 2008, but most would have put up a better fight than McCain, who seemed to lose all energy for the contest after he got the nomination.

  10. I tend to think not Anzlyne. Pride is a singular master, it permits no competition from the intellect.

    If Obama had anything left in his bag of tricks, he would have used it to slow the slide in the polls. I suspect we will continue to see more of the same; Obama’s campaign team relying on the MSM to withhold information from the public and pipe-dreams.

    I try not to watch political cartoons but, during lunch, I accidentally watched one of Obama’s. Where does he get off by calling his aspirations “plans.” He says something like “during my second term I plan to invest in eduction, I plan to reduce the deficit, I plan to rebuild the economy.”

    Those aren’t PLANS you twerp! Those are goals, aspirations, dreams even, but not “plans.” Plans tell you how to get from one point to the other. The things Obama aspires to in his ads are to plans what artist’s renderings are to architectural drawings.

  11. “Probably no Republican could have won in 2008, but most would have put up a better fight than McCain, who seemed to lose all energy for the contest after he got the nomination.”

    McCain never really had the stomache to go after Obama. Maybe if McCain pretended Obama was a conservative republican, he would have went after Obama. But instead surgically planted his lips on Obama’s backside.

    I do think Obama was beatable in 2008 if the re[publican establishment took the time to show who Obama really was and still is.

    As far as my predictions as to what to expect from a Romney presidency, I would say a couple of things. On foreign policy, I think he will be a somewhat emasculated version of George W. Bush, unless of course, events force his hand the way 9/11 did with Bush. Since Romney has explicitly stated there are parts of Obamacare he would keep in place, I would interpret that as key elements of Obamacare will remain. The HHS contraceptive Mandate will be gone. If Romney doesn’t abolish that, Paul Ryan had better threaten to resign the Vice Presidency in protest. But I think it’s safe to say it will be history.

    In any event, I predict that under Romney, there will be and will remain, greater government control over health care than there was when Obama took office. And that will be a victory for the left.

    I believe the one time Obama wasn’t lying was when he said that he would rather be an effective one term president. And from the perspective of advancing leftist ideology as policy, he will have, unfortunately, achieved that.

  12. The Philly and Detroit machines prefer not to lose. There are a lot of names on the voter lists, and there’s been a lot more early voting and mail-in voting. And there are millions of people who really believe that the President has pulled us out of a near-depression despite the obstruction of the Republicans, and that Romney wants to raise taxes for the middle class. I’d love to see Romney take Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, but looking at that RCP map, he only needs Ohio if he takes FL, NC, VA, and CO. That’s my bet. Romney/Ryan 275. Ohio still scares me, though.

  13. This morning’s 7 of 7 news blips on the msn internet explorer landing zone includes a headline: O visits victims, R campaigns … while their tv heads pathetically berate the candidate for asking for aid for the American Red Cross. More twisting than I can tolerate.

    If O were a Republican, then the copybook would have some real investigative journalism on tap.

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