Come to TAC for all of your End of the World Blogging!

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According to wacked out devotees of the so-called Mayan Prophecy the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.  We Catholics of course believe that the world will end at the time of the second coming of Christ, and that Christ will come like a thief in the night on some date which is unknowable to us.  For all I know it could be December 21 of this month, although I don’t think I will cancel my house and auto insurance as of that date.  In the very unlikely event that the world does end, please come to TAC for our special end of the world blog posts:

1.  How to make that emergency confession that you have been putting off lo these many years!

2.  Remember, it is goats on the left, sheep on the right!

3.  The impact of the world ending on the mid-term elections.

4.  What will be the effect of the world ending on Obama’s job approval rating?

5.  National Catholic Reporter claims that the end of the world is a papal conspiracy!

6.  What if Gabriel is off-key?

7.  Was the re-election of Obama the last of the seven signs?

8.  I knew the world would end before the Cubs won a World Series again!

9.  The end of the world is yet another reason not to go to law school.

10. Abraham Lincoln and the end of the world.  (You knew that one was coming, didn’t you?)


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  1. December 21 !?!? Dang, that’s my last day of work before I leave for vacation! Maybe I should take the 21st off too?

  2. According to Wikipedia, the Mayan long count calendar will enter its 13th cycle this December 21, but the cycle repeats 20 times before it returns to zero. The actual startover date is October 13, 4772. Mark my words: the world will end on October 13, 4772! Brace yourselves!

  3. Before the world ends, the seven plagues must fall. And before the plagues fall, every person’s fate is sealed, either with the seal of the living God, or sealed with the mark of the beast. Impossible for all this to happen in less than two weeks. But the bible does say Jesus will come as a thief in the night, not to say He comes secretly, no! but He comes unexpectedly, and the sad thing is most (Christians) will not be ready to meet Him.


    When the apocalyptic readings make end times seem near,
    we should examine our conscience to alleviate fear.
    Peace and mercy are ingrained in every righteous soul,
    but their world is an alien place with a base free-will role.

    Humans failed God’s very first test – that should give you a clue.
    Evil entered the scene, and that points a finger at you.
    Life is an intended trial that you alone must pursue.
    Eternal bliss greets those who obey what God wills they do.

    But temptations of the world abound to devour your soul.
    To send your soul to hell is the devil’s abysmal goal.
    God always allows you to make a choice for joy or grief.
    That you would accept grief is beyond logical belief.

    You were given an angel to guide you on the right path.
    If you always seek his help, you can avoid Satan’s wrath.
    God’s love and mercy don’t require impossible demands.
    The most important decision in life rests in your hands.

    God’s Mother is the best friend we can ever have in life.
    Place total trust in her hands if you want to avoid strife.
    Listen to her, and she will make the future perfectly clear.
    If you trust God and do His will, there is no one to fear.

    Bob Rowland

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