“Work like a Third World dictator and Just put all These Guys in Jail.”

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“Harry Belafonte is still alive?’ was my first reaction to the above video clip in which Belafonte calls for the jailing of some Obama opponents.  I guess I would cut Belafonte some slack since he is 85, except that throughout his career he has had a soft spot in his head heart for left wing dicators.  Go here for some of his comments over the years.  I am always bemused by the fact that hard line communist fellow travelers like Belafonte are not treated with the same disdain that Nazi fellow travelers received in this nation.  Unfortunately there is a large segment of the media and academia that can always be relied upon to support any tyrant so long as the dictator mouths leftist cant and is opposed to the United States.  As for Harry, well we will always have this moment when he reached the pinnacle of his career:

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  1. How un-American Harry. And the violence in Michigan!
    After watching the Irish Brigade video on another page of this site I can’t believe how thoughtless and careless of life and American ideals some people can be.
    ” Obama isn’t reprimanding them, either. He wants to do it.” I agree with you Paul. O has gone to Michigan to cheerlead and rile the crowd.

    …and about NBC contributor saying religion mucks the whole thing up… I think her statement reflects the fact that really the war on Christmas is over. They won. Any normal store 30 years ago had a nice selection of christmas cards, wrapping paper etc with religious themes– no any more. Many places only show snow men and grinches etc… my grandkids program at school made me think of the Eskimos– how many different ways can you sing about snow. They were NOT singing about Christmas. Also most stores used to have lights on the outside of the building, displays of Christmas scenes, decorations.. the grocery stores and cafes had lights and wreaths and the bushes outside had lights draped all over them. I don’t see that now.

  2. Most of us missed the symbolism in Obama’s “Plunder the Prosperous!” trip to Detroit.

    Detroit as symbol of Hope and Change: Were 2,00,000 people now 700,000 supine and desperate slugs who can’t drag themselves away. Median house price now $10,000. Yes! Best president since Carter!

  3. Belafonte might be an outwardly “extreme” example but this really does sum up the Left’s “liberalism is synonymous with good” politics, where no disagreement can be in good faith.

    i don’t think there’s really a parallel on the Right, which will readily characterize its ideas as conservative as opposed to posing as nonideological.

  4. If Youtube isn’t wide-reaching enough to get the message out, perhaps Father Pfleger could give him an additional guest-speaker spot on Saint Sabina’s ambo.

  5. What is it going to take?
    I do not wish it, however will America have to become a third world in order for the majority of libs to get it! I pray not.
    As for Pauls clip; shame on her. One more example of demonic influence in msm.

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