Introducing the Newest Pro-life Member of the Senate

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Congressman Tim Scott (R.SC.) has been chosen by Governor Nikki Haley to take the seat of Senator Jim DeMint, who has resigned from the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation.  Congressman Scott is a down the line pro-lifer and one of the most conservative members of the House.  He will be the only black member of the Senate, and the first black Republican Senator since Edward Brooke III of Massachusetts who served in the Senate 1967-1979.

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  1. Ha. I’d love to see how the LameStream Media handle this one. But, since I don’t let such filth enter my brain, I’ll have to check back here to get the reports from those of stronger constitution.

  2. OMG! How wonderful and refreshing and hopeful it is to listen to Mr. Tim Scott! God bless Mr. Scott and welcome to the new role he has in making America a better place for us all. It gave me such a lift to see this video of him. I have high hopes for this man!

  3. This gives us a welcome breather from their massive, lying “bullying” on guns.

    Already, they’re charging he’s a “Token Black” and “House Negro.”

  4. Those jealous, insecure, bullying, racist jerks. I hope Scott has a thick skin and can ignore their taunts. This means that we, who want to support him, better do so and be vocal and active about it.

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